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Written by me (Rebecca).

The Airport

Frankie crept down the stairs quietly so as to not let Envy know that she was there. The only problem was that there was only three stairs going down into the room with the TV and they weren't hidden behind a wall or anything, they were in the middle and anyone down in the room can see the people walking down the stairs.

"Frankie, I can see you," Envy said, still thrashing in his chains.

"Who is this 'Frankie' you speak of, Envy, dear?" Frankie asked.

Envy and Laszlo (who was keeping watch over Envy, thus causing him to have no more buttons left on his coat) sweatdropped.

"And just when I thought she couldn't get any more weird," Envy said.

"Oh~, Enveee~" she gushed. Envy and Laszlo were staring at her like she was crazy.

Frankie rushed towards Envy in the corner of the room where he was chained up and hugged him…tightly.

"Can't…breath," Envy said, kicking his legs out in a futile attempt to get the clinging girl, no, boy…wait, is Frankie a boy or a girl? Anyways, Envy was kicking his legs in a futile attempt to get Frankie to let go; however, Frankie is a strong little person thing and she doesn't like to get go once she latches on…just like a parasite~!

Kankuro heard the yelling and came into the room with a bag of popcorn. He always loved watching Envy get tortured. Frankie suspected that it turned him on, so she made sure to videotape all her torture sessions.

"Ahh!" Envy screamed. Frankie was now crushing his ribs.

And let me mention to all you readers, Envy has yet to realize that he could just change his shape and get out of the chains that bound him to the wall.

Mello walked into the house via the front door, dressed in all leather, carrying a Walgreens bag that was filled to the brim with chocolate.

"What's going on?" Mello asked Kankuro.

"No idea. I just came home from a mission, heard yelling, made popcorn and came in here to watch the show."

Mello sat himself on the couch and put his feet up onto the coffee table.

Frankie immediately froze. She slowly turned her head around in a really creepy way with her eyes wide and her mouth in a thin line.

"Mello, honey" she said.

Mello gulped. "Yeah?"

"What have I said about your shoes?" She had let go of Envy at this point and she was looking at Mello.

"Uhh…not to wear them in the house?"

"Correct, Mello, but, Kankuro," she said and then pointed at Kankuro.

Kankuro chocked on the ball of popcorn in his mouth and had to do the Heimlich maneuver on himself. When he was done, he answered Frankie.


"What are you and Mello doing wrong?"

"Um, we didn't wash our hands before eating?"

Frankie started chuckling darkly. She pulled a bloody pipe out from behind her back and bounced it on her hand a couple times.

"Not quite."

"Where did she get a pipe?" Mello asked Kankuro quietly.

"I have a weird feeling that that's Russia's…" Kankuro replied.

"Kol Kol Kol," Frankie started saying and creeping closer to the duo.

"Eep," Laszlo said and hid behind the TV as best he could.

Suddenly, Frankie's mood changed and the pipe disappeared. She turned back to Envy and unlocked his handcuffs.

"I'm supposed to send you back to Rebecca. She's still in her limo because all the roads were blocked and stuff by flooding. Laszlo, stay with him until he finds Rebecca."

Frankie's mood changed back to 'I-hope-bodily-harm-by-engraged-gender-confused-person-with-bloody-pipe-is-covered-under-your-insurance' mode.

Kankuro and Mello jumped up and ran out of the house at top speed with Frankie on their tail.

"Lets go, little vampire-man," Envy said, walking out of the house.

Two hours later the duo was waiting in a line at the airport to buy tickets and check-in for a flight to…well, anywhere that would get them into the international terminal since Rebecca finally made it to the airport and through security.

"Couldn't you just change into a guard and get through that way?" Laszlo asked, picking a button off of his new coat.

"Well, you see, I'm kind of…afraid of uh metal detectors." Envy started to shuffle his feet in embarrassment.

Laszlo pat the taller boy on the back since he couldn't reach his shoulder.

"That's okay. I'm scared of most things, so you're a lot braver than me."

Envy laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Yeah…"

So, after waiting in the insanely long line, Laszlo and Envy made it to the kiosks. They bypassed them considering that they didn't have tickets yet and tried to get the attention of one of the two people at the front desk.

"Laszlo, get one of them over here to give us tickets," Envy said.

"Okay," Laszlo said.

Two seconds later, an agent walked over and asked for their passports. Envy created two American passports in his hand and slipped them on the desk.

She printed two tickets to Florence, Italy and bid them good day.

Thirty minutes later, they were at the front of security line where Envy started to hyperventilate.

"Sir, you're going to need to calm down before we can let you through," the lady who checks to make sure the passports match the people and tickets said.

"I'm terribly sorry about him," Laszlo said. "He's afraid of the metal detectors."

"There's alternate screening in a room over there," the guard pointed.

"NO!" Envy shouted. "I'll calm down!" He paused. "I'll calm down."

The lady nodded as Envy took a couple deep breaths.

"Daddy! Daddy! That lady has purple hair!" a little girl said to her dad. She was pulling on her dad's pant leg and pointing at Envy.

"Eleanor, it's not nice to point," her dad said.

The girls' statement caused Envy to choke on the air he breathed in.

"What…did she…just…say?" Envy choked out and then glared evilly at the little girl, causing her to hide behind her dad's leg.

"Uhh, well…you can't really blame her. You do kind of look like a girl…" Laszlo cautiously said.

Envy switched his glare to the small vampire. "Let's go," Envy said and stalked towards the metal detectors. All of the TSA agents watched with bated breath and Envy stalked forward.

He took a deep breath and walked through the metal detector. Laszlo scurried after him, pulling another button off his coat when he pulled it from the box that went through the x-ray machine.

Envy stood in front of the television screens that showed the planes' departure gates.

"Okay, so she's on the 6:40-something flight and that leaves out of gate….C7," Envy said. "Come on, Laszlo. You want to see me off before the sun comes up don't you?"

"…the sun is up, Envy," Laszlo said, following after the sin.

Envy stopped mid-step, turned around and faced the short vampire, pointing a finger straight into his face. "Then how are you awake? Shouldn't you be dead to the world?"

"Frankie and Rebecca created this new drug that allows us vamps to stay awake with the sun and not be burned by it," Laszlo explained.

Envy nodded, but Laszlo could tell that he was still suspicious.

Envy stalked off to gate C7 and sat down in a chair, waiting for his wife. Laszlo sat down nervously beside him, his feet about five inches away from the floor.

First class was called and Envy stood up and looked around for Rebecca and her parents.

"Do you see her?" Envy asked.

Laszlo hopped up and down a few times trying to see over people's heads. "I *jump* can't *jump* see *jump* anything!" He stopped jumping up and down and was breathing heavily with both his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Envy facepalmed. The small vampire forgot that he would levitate.

Envy pushed his way through the throng of people to the front so that he could see if she boarded.

The gate agent called business class, then the back seats in coach and there was still no sign of her.

Rebecca and her parents came rushing up and went towards the gate, tickets in hand.

"Envy!" Rebecca yelled. She ran faster and hugged Envy as tightly as she could when she reached him. She let him go and looked at him sternly. "What did I tell you about staying away from Frankie when we need to go somewhere?"

Envy hung his head. "She kidnapped me when I was bringing the paper in."

"On Saturday?" She paused. "In the rain?"

Envy shrugged.

"Whatever," Rebecca said. "We need to get on the plane. Change into a snake and wrap around my neck."

"What about…?" Envy pointed to the curled up snake that was there.

"Oh!" Rebecca uncurled the snake from her neck and gave it to Laszlo. Envy changed into his snake form and made his way up to Rebecca's neck, while Laszlo erased the minds of anyone who saw him transform. "Take this back to Frankie, please. And thanks for watching over Envy today." Rebecca smiled and kissed Laszlo lightly on the cheek in thanks before grabbing her computer bag and rushing onto the plane with her parents.

Envy was glad that Rebecca had changed into her pajamas since they were looser than her day clothes and he could hide easier.

An hour into the flight, Rebecca put up a Genjustu around her first-class-pod so no one would see her talking to an unknown person/palm tree thing.

"So, Envy, did you get the videos?" Rebecca asked.

Envy smirked and pulled a box seemingly from no where. "All, right here. Frankie's entire anime collection."

Rebecca towered her fingers in front of her face and smiled. "Excellent."


This was inspired by a conversation me and Frankie had via text message. C/O list:
Frankie: her hair is rly short now, and sometimes I walk up to her from behind and I think she's a boy XD
Envy: FMA
Laszlo: Love at Stake series
Kankuro: Naruto
Mello: Death Note

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