This was written by Becky…..however, this is a true story and everything in here really happened…except the part about the dog…

Lunchtime Conversations

(Rebecca, Briana, and I observed Robby on November 3, 2010 and this is what our findings are. Regular font is me. Bold is Rebecca. Italics are Briana)

11:37 AM
Eats like a rooster

11:38 AM
Subject looks like having an orgasm while eating

11:39 AM
Eats like a freak
Freaks out randomly, shouts "Ew" repeatedly

11:40 AM
Sings to self.
Slams fists in frustration about Sudoku. (Is someone failing epically?)
Whistles to self, drums with fingers.

11:41 AM
Ready to kill observer by staring menacingly at me.

11:42 AM
Thinks he is someone else.
Smiles like sociopath.
Whistling again.
O.o he's gonna kill us?

11:43 AM
Doesn't like being poked. (But who does?)
Freaked out, threw bag full of crumbs at Briana
Fake apologizes

11:44 AM
Has 'mur' conversation with random girl.

11:45 AM
Sings to self.
...He's planning something...

11:46 AM
Is thinking (That can't be good)
Sudoku is still being worked on (He sure is slow...)

11:47 AM
Looks at me evilly
Counted from 2 to 6
Says "clock" (?)
Hums ode to joy

11:49 AM
Introduced to yaoi:
"It's in the way of Sudoku" (Still working on it... REALLY?)
"They must be good friends." (Referring to the cover. Is he gay?)
Sexual preference: "kaaaaaaaaaaaaa...h"

11:50 AM
Twitches from question asked by Rebecca.
Tries to stab Briana for taking Sudoku

11:51 AM
Stabs Briana and applies pressure

11:52 AM
Still Sudoku (REALLY?)
Has to go back in time.
Messed up on Sudoku

11:53 AM
Can Bible Study (bullshit) his way through Sudoku

11:54 AM
Freaks out at mouthgaurd case. Shakes in fear.

11:55 AM
He will end Briana. Rebecca will want to die. (what about me?)
Murderous thoughts?

11:56 AM
Starts eating bag. NO REALLY, HE IS!
Licks fingers in delight.
Looks angrily at me, I'm gonna die.

11:57 AM
Gets help on Sudoku (wuss. hahaha he's an idiot for needing help. jk)

11:57 AM
I lost my brain cells.
- Bri (After helping subject with Sudoku)

11:58 AM
Plastic bag is still in mouth. Can't seem to swallow it, (TWSS)

11:58 AM
I forgot to feed my dog. AGAIN

11:59 AM
sorry, but its too late, I already ate him.

Freaked out.
Has to start over (Yup, he's slow)

Stands up. (We're gonna die!)
Spits out bag in trash (oh thank jeebus)
Got his period.
Makes weird faces.

12:02 PM
Reads comics

12:03 PM
Declares himself as future king.

12:04 PM
Observer and others were murdered by subject.

And that was what happened O_O it be all true…except for the dog part…and us dying at the end but still, but anything that Robby did was true.

No anime characters, so no C/O list. Until next time~
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama