Sorry for the wait. I didn't have any inspiration lately. This was a text message conversation between me and Frankie.

Written by me (Rebecca).


I sat at the Hexagon table facing Frankie who was trying to fold back up her cardboard box so that it would fit in her pocket.

"Robby was making weird sounds at lunch again," I said to her, my hands folded together in front of me.

Frankie looked up from her task with the box. "I apologize for Robby's behavior. He didn't get his pills this morning."

I sighed. "It's okay. He only flung a fork at a girl at our table by accident and he said sorry," I paused, "and Jessica slapped him at the start of lunch."

Frankie stood and cheered, raising her hands in the air in triumph. "Yesh! She said she would for me!"

I laughed. "He glared at her, and then after she left, we all had to explain to Briana the whole thing with Robby licking you, which made you lick Jessica."

Frankie stared wide-eyed at me. "She slapped him 'cause he showed me something and I replicated it in front of Jessica. She told me it was dirty and she avenged me."

I nodded in acceptance. "You are the finest example of military training the Irkan army has to offer. Good for you." I pointed my finger at her.

Frankie shook her head in disappointment and put the folded up box into her pocket. "Too much 'Invader Zim' will lead you to a successful life. Watch yourself."

I stood up and slammed my hands onto the table, making it shake. "Do not mock the almighty REBECCA! I will send the vampire piggies to get you!"

Frankie's eyes widened. She shook her hands in a 'no' gesture in front of her. "ANYTHING BUT THAT! Please, I'll do anything!"

I nodded in acceptance and sat back down, folding my hands back together. "Make me a samich."

Frankie looked confused. "…that's al- I mean yes! Right quick ma'am!"

I smiled. "Good and deliver it to my house on Planet Irk. It's the red one with an Irken flag in the top window, and on your way, can you pick up my packages on Callnowia? They were too big to ship. Kay, thanks.

Frankie bowed. "Yes, Lord Rebecca-Sama!" Frankie pulled out her box and opened it. She hopped feet first into the box and disappeared to wherever she was going to make me a sandwich. The box disappeared with her.

It was a month until I got a call to go through to Frankie.

"Damn it, Frankie," I said into the phone. "I told you a thousand times. No side trips for tacos!"

"BUT I NEED TACOS!" Frankie shouted back. "I need them or I'll explode! That happens to me sometimes," she said calmly.

"Damn it, Frankie." I facepalmed.


So, until next chapter. I have something thought out, I just need to write it. And that was a conversation between me and Frankie as well. Well, the idea was XD

Until then,
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama