This was written by Frankie a long time ago and got lost in the sea of cyber space until i recently found it.

The Hidden Hexagon Village: A History
Written by Frankie:
A member of the village and Food Alchemist

Now most people have never heard of the Hexagon Village before. Why, might you ask? This is because every single ninja, alchemist, mail person, milk person, and the occasional whale that have not been born in this Hidden Village have all been eliminated. For those who do not understand the big word I had just used, eliminated means to blow to smithereens with a very big paper bomb shoved down their throat disguised as a cupcake.

Of course my humble village has many skilled ninja. Rumors are always flying around the ninja world, and yet, no one has once heard of a ninja bearing the Hexagon headband. This is due to those that have fought against our elite ninja have all died of a horrid death. I other words, no one knows of my village because all outsiders that get wind of our village are all six feet under… Or mounted on our walls. We like to be creative with our house decorations.

This is only volume I of many more books to come! Unfortunately, I have to kill you now that you have discovered our village's existence. This is a summoning scroll and I will be behind you in about… Yeah, you're dead. You can't even read this since I already ripped your eyes from their sockets! Coho, fun times.


Not going to question it. The world this is in is the Naruto universe.

Next story up soon,
~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama