This was written by Frankie a long time ago (June 2009 O.o) and got lost in the sea of cyber space until I recently found it.

Why did I do it?

Rewind's POV

I can't even go into public with these guys. Down a few blocks from Frankie's house lays the Southgate Pharmacy. Great place for cheap candy.

"Rewind how much cash did Frankie give us?" Nozomu-sensei asks while scanning the ice cream along side me.

"She only gave us five dollars. We're all restricted to one candy bar. The rest of the money goes back to Frankie." I pat the bill in my back pocket. Mello and Black Star both run up to me and hand me their desired candy.

"Black Star you do realize this is liquefied sugar right?" I hold up the red tube filled with blue goo.

"Frankie and I are gonna use it for a prank on Ian!" He happily announces a little too loud. He does know that Ian is a vampire with super hearing? I dunno if he can hear this far but it's not my problem. Nozomu and I pick out our ice cream and I head to the counter to buy the stuff. The girl at the counter looks incredibly bored as she sets down her magazine. I politely smile at her and place the sugary treats down and give her the five.

"You have pretty hair." The girl lazily says and pops her gum. I run my fingers through my longish, spiky red hair.

"Hehe, thanks. Can I get my change?" I ask, a little embarrassed.

"I bet your hair would look great if I tied just a bit of it into a ponytail." She pushes the change and candy into a brown paper bag. Then takes a hair tie off her wrist.

"No thanks. I'm all set here." I pick the bag and just 'bout ready to call the other guys over until she grabs my wrist.

"If you let me tie it I won't call the cops for theft." She speaks with a sly smile. I throw her a wry look. Nozomu-sensei and Black Star grab their stuff; Black Star takes Mello's chocolate bar, and runs towards the card aisle. I return my attention to the girl.

"Your tranny friend has been stuffing chocolate bars into his pants for the past five minutes. Now turn around and let me do your hair." She reports and I listen to her demands. I turn 'round and let her pull my hair up. Once she is done, she hands me a mirror she pulled out of her purse.

"I have to admit, it looks pretty good." My bangs and some of my hair still stick out but it kinda made me look like the one twin from Vocaloid.

"So~~, you gotta a girlfriend?" I stop admiring my hair and face her. I'm just 'bout to explain to her that I'm not available until Mello runs up to us all in a rush.

"I've got a golden ticket! A golden ticket! My wildest fantasies have been realized!" Mello waves the shiny ticket in to air as he jumps up and down. A small smile spreads over the cashier girl's face.

"You're excited too, huh?" Mello briskly says. The girl's smile fades away.

"Nope. I've been holding in that fart for hours." She plainly states.

"Everyone we're leaving now…" I walk out the door with the three guys on my tail. Mello still ranting on and on 'bout how he can't wait to tell Frankie. I don't even know why I left Frankie's backpack in the first place.

The End.

So, this chapter has a normal name until further notice because Frankie never gave me a name to use. C/O list:
Mello: Death Note
Rewind: guy that lives in Frankie's bra
Nozomu-sensei: Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei
Black Star: Soul Eater
Southgate Pharmacy: pharmacy

Until next time,
~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama