This was written by me (Rebecca). Also, this isn't as comical as the others, so sorry about that. But, hey, it's an update, right? And Envy is a lil OOC.

Sunday Morning

"I don't think anyone is going to come," I said to Frankie, resting my head onto my hand.

I sat at my desk in my study back at the Hexagon Village Headquarters. Frankie got back four hours ago from putting up signs for mission requests.

It's only Sunday. I'm sure people will come soon," she reassured me.

I sighed. "No one's even out there."

"Most missions don't come from internal payers."

"Yeah, but business has been slow."

Frankie sighed and patted me on the shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I have to go. My second job awaits."

I nodded absently and she jumped into her green cardboard box.

I sat alone in the room. The early morning air filtered through the open window.

My village was broke. We could barely pay the house payments. No one came to request missions. No one even sent one via carrier pigeon recently. I was lonely and wished for a mission. D-rank would even be welcome.

I stared out at the main square of Iron Country and the streets I walk on a daily basis. People went about their daily lives, not bothering to request missions from the two ninjas in a village full of samurai.

The phone on the desk rang.

"Hello?" I asked. No one answered. "Heeelloo? I don't have all day here!"

"Um, hi," Envy said.

I smiled softly. " Hey, you need something/"

"…I just thought I would call…"


And that's it. Wrote it at the writer's conference thingy. I think we had a prompt to write, so that's why it's all short and such.

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