This was written by Frankie.

Al's Secret and Death the Kid's Obsession Part Two

Frankie's POV

"Hey Frankie. Come on out. No ones gonna hurt you." Kankuro's voice can be heard from within the box I have secluded myself in. I shake the box giving him my answer.

"Please come out! I haven't seen you since Death the Kid tried to make you symmetrical! Besides, Kid and the Thompson sisters said they wouldn't make any more attempts on you!"

"I'm sorry Kankuro, but… I don't wanna risk it! These bracelets are like babies to me!" I hold my arms to my chest as I hug my hands. Kankuro gives a heavy sigh and lifts part of the box up. He peeks under the opening and scoots into the box.

"If you're trying to hide from Kid, you're not doing a very good job." He tells me plainly as I take his hat.

"Why would you say that? He hasn't found me yet, right? So it must be a good hiding spot." I adjust the hat on my head and pull my knees to my chest.

"You're in a neon green box… That's in the middle of the football field! I could see you from the Bio Pond! Kankuro exclaims loudly. I tilt my head to the side, slightly amused by his irritation.

"Green is my favorite color! And I didn't want to miss the football game…"

"That's it. We're leaving."

"I can't though, what about—"

"Mello has locked himself in the freezer with a plushie of you and he's speaking in tongues! Laszlo has been sitting in a pine tree nibbling on buttons! He thinks he's a squirrel! A squirrel for Christ sake!" Kankuro reclaims his hat and stands up. This made the box topple over, exposing us to the outside world.

"Hiissss!!! The light!! It burns us! It burns us! Shut up Frankie! Get back into the box! Well, you don't have to be mean about Frankie! Just get back in there and make me a damn samwich, woman! Why are you so cruel to me?! Know your place woman! And that place is in the kitchen!" I begin to yell at myself and scratch at the air while I roll around in the grass field. Kankuro just stands above me with a blank expression. He then picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. Kankuro then takes a walkie-talkie out of his pocket.

"Chouji, this is Kankuro. Frankie has been found and we're reporting back to headquarters. You tell the other two husbands that she has been found…. What was that?........ You can't remember what tree Laszlo was in?............ He's not in her front yard?.......... Then check---……… O' I see….. Well get a microphone and start calling out for him!......... What do you mean he took it?!......... He did what with it?........ Okay, okay stop! That is just too nasty! Kankuro gags a bit after hearing whatever Chouji had to say. He's so disgusted, he throws the walkie-talkie into the Bio Pond. With a heavy sigh, Kankuro adjust me so I'm now piggybacking. We begin to walk towards Flossmoor Road so we could begin searching for Laszlo.

************* Later At Frankie's House*********

"Kankuro!! Kid's here!! Quick! Emergency box!" As soon as I spot Kid leaning against my front door, I pull out the emergency box from my pocket. It inflates into a neon orange TV box on the driveway. I jump off Kankuro's back and scurry into my shelter. I then begin to move the box into an unknown direction trying to get away from Kid.

"No! Not again! Get your ass back here now!" Kankuro's irritated voice booms through the whole street. I move the box even faster as my heart rate rises. I suddenly run into something, must be one of the statues across the street. I try to get past it, but end up running into it repeatedly. I sneak a peek of the outside world, hm, the world looks like a shoe. What?! The well-polished Italian shoe begins to tap, as if the owner was waiting for a train. The foot kicks my box a good ten feet. I attempt to retrieve it, but Kankuro already has a strong grip on my collar.

"Kankuro let go! You know all too well that I will wriggle out of this shirt and run away!" I state as I still try to free myself. Kid and Kankuro exchange wary glances and shake their head in unison. To prove them wrong, I do manage to get out of my shirt and run down the street. ( Not to worry, I have a tank top underneath my shirt. So stop thinking dirty thoughts male readers…)

"Yesh! Sweet, sweet freedom!! Hey Lou!" I exclaim in excitement and wave to my neighbor watering his plants.

"Frankie! You've returned!" I turn my head back to see who is pursuing me. I stop in my tracks as I realize it's Mello. His arms are out wide, waiting for a hug.

"Mello! I missed you so much!" We both run to each other, arms spread out. We finally catch each other in a huge hug. Mello's hug is just a little too tight and I have trouble breathing.

"O' Frankie it's been so lonely without you!"

"That's great… but I need to run away now!" I struggle to escape. Kid and Kankuro causally walk to our side. I'm suddenly face-to-face with Kid.

"Frankie, I don't want to cause you any harm. I simply came over to ask you a mere question. What was inside of Al that caused you to blow your cover?"

"That's it? I sure feel embarrassed! But first… Mello let go, please." Mello's reluctant at first but sets me on the ground.

"Okay then—Kankuro stop staring! And give me my shirt! … Perv…" I steal my shirt back, and give Kankuro a disappointing glance. I pull it over my head and fix my hair.

"All right—Hey is that Al over there?" I point a finger in the direction of the hill nearby and see a figure rolling down it. I wave the boy over and explain the situation.

"I guess I'll just see what is inside Al myself." Kid then jumps on Al and swan dives into the empty armor. The whole group suddenly hears Kid gasp.

"O' my greatest dreams have been realized!" Kid's voice suddenly booms through our ears as he makes the discovery.

"What exactly is inside Al?" Kankuro whispers in my ear.

"Hardcore yuri, my dear hubby." My voice is heavy is with disappointment as I lean against Kankuro.

2 Weeks Later
Rewind's POV

"How long is it gonna take us to get there, Rewind?" Mello complains as we trudge deeper into Hobo Jungle.

"We shouldn't even be here! Look at all the trespassing signs!" Laszlo points out the obvious once again. At least Kankuro is being cooperative as he also drags his feet in the dirt.

"Would you guys quit your bitching and follow me! I mean seriously!" I exclaim at the group of guys. Kankuro raises an eyebrow and I shake my head. I stop in front of a giant oak tree that veers closer to the fence. I hit the proper parts of the tree and a door slides open. Collected gasps come from the three boys behind me. So Frankie really hasn't shown her husbands' the hidden lab. We all enter the door and the elevator takes us down. I can't see why Frankie would even like these dudes. For the record, I'm not jealous of them just 'cause they're her husbands and I'm not. No. Here are my reasons for my loathing:

-Mello looks like a tranny (not even a good one at that). All that chocolate will eventually go to his ass.

-Laszlo is 5'2 and is as shaky as a Chihuahua about to be neutered.

-Then there's Kankuro, he has a cat ear hat and wears purple makeup!

What the fuck is up with these guys!? I groan to myself as the doors slide open revealing the lab. The room is very bright with high ceilings and wood flooring. I lead the group as they all stare at the huge room. We go past the five star kitchen, movie room, fish TV room, Water Park, bathroom, another kitchen, bedroom, paintball room, and doodle room. We're almost to our destination until Laszlo stops us.

"May I ask what on earth this is?" Laszlo walks up to the glass tank with caution.

"Looks like the shittiest stick figure ever drawn if you ask me." Mello states as he also walks up to the glass and taps it. Kankuro merely tilts his head to the side. I face palm myself. Inside is a stick figure with little wiggles on its head that are 'posse to be hair. It then has wings on its back.

"This is…was created by Rebecca. Its name is Nüw Guey and it's a shinigami. It's on life support right now. Apparently you need heart, lungs, and a brain to live. Rebecca is in denial and thinks it can be saved. Come on now. We're almost there." We keep on walking until we come to the game room. We find Black Star, Matt, Ryoku, and Frankie in a heated battle of Mario Brawl. By the looks of it, Sheik and Lucario are beating the shit out of Meta Knight and Snake.

"You guys are way~~~ too easy to beat!" Frankie pumps her fist in the air as they beat the opposing team. Matt coolly high fives his partner while Black Star and Ryoku blame each other for losing. Frankie catches me on the corner of her eye and runs up to us.

"It's about time you got here! Come one we need to hurry up!" Frankie waves goodbye to her video game buds and leads us away from the game room. We eventually come to what appears to be an observation room and below (you know the kind you see when the people on House are watching the surgery) the window is a padded room. Inside the padded room is a tied up Death the Kid.

"Now what we're trying to accomplish today is trying to cure Kid's obsession with yuri and bring back his annoying symmetrical thingy back…" Frankie waves her hand in the air and walks towards a cabinet. She pulls out what appears to be 'bout eighteen issues of a manga. She's 'bout to walk off until Mello raises his hand.

"Yes~~ Mello."

"Why can't we just send a good friend down there? You know, to talk to him." Mello suggests.

"I thought of that and it ended badly…" Frankie adds plainly.

"What happened?" Laszlo asks as he also raises his hand.

"She asked Patty and Liz to talk to Kid and he kinda demanded that they recite a scene from his favorite yuri….." I inform the group as Frankie then takes an elevator to the padded room. Our group sees her down next to Kid. I point to the TV screen so we can see what she's doing.

"Kid this is becoming ridiculous. Everyone misses you and well... This is for your own good." Frankie is able to get Kid's attention and then she shows him what she has in her hand. Every boy in the observation room, including Kid, gasp in awe at the volumes of 'Strawberry Panic!' in Frankie's hand.

"Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!!!!" Kid gives a feeble attempt to wriggle his way to the manga but Frankie cruelly holds it 'bove his head.

"I'm sorry Kid. This is for your own good—Actually I'm not so sorry. This is the most fun I've had since that weekend at my cousins place!" An evil grin spreads over her face and she rips the first volume of 'Strawberry Panic!' in half.

"Symmetry will always triumph! You remember that!" Frankie throws the pieces of the manga at Kid's baffled face. She continues to rip volume two through sixteen and throw them at Kid.

"You little bitch! I'll rip your damn face off!" Kid screams in her face, his eyes become watery. Man, Kid seriously looks like someone ran over his puppy repeatedly! It's almost funny! The remaining issues of the manga are destroyed and Frankie leaves the room.

"I only have one last resort…" She claps her hands and a giant TV lowers itself into the padded room. The screen lightens up and Kid watches with fascination.

"What's he watching?" Kankuro asks as Frankie and I walk off together.

"A video done by Discovery Channel on the symmetry of yuri." She states and then runs off, prolly back to the game room.

"Why didn't you use this technique before?!" Mello exclaims in Frankie's face. Ooo… Bad move. This should be funny.

"First off, it was fun as hell to do and should you really be yelling at me?" Her eyes narrow and she snaps her fingers. Robotic arms pick up Mello and throw him in the second padded room. He's strapped down and another TV screen comes down.

"Mello is currently watching MelloXNear yaoi and assorted MelloXRod Ross. If anyone dares cross me again you will meet a worse fate." Frankie points to the now screaming Mello. The remaining husbands nod their heads showing they understood. She smiles at their answers and takes my hand. She literally dragged me to the game room. I don't mind. On the way her cell phone rings.

"Hey , hey! ¡Qué pasa! Yeah…. Yeah he's doing just fine! He's watching symmetric porn right now so it may be a while before he can go home……… Okay then! Sounds good! Coffee at your place then!" she hangs up her phone we do our best to ignore Mello's cry for help as we play Brawl.

C/O list. Once again Frankie wrote it:
Mello: Death Note (one of my three husbands)
Near: Death Note
Rod Ross: Death Note (mafia boss)
Rewind: The coolest dude to live in my backpack!
Kankuro: Naruto ( one of my three husbands)
Laszlo: Love at Stakes Series. Scientist. ( one of my three husbands)
Chouji: Naruto
Death the Kid (Kid): Soul Eater
Liz & Patty (Thompson sisters): Soul Eater
Shinigami-Sama (On the phone at the end): Soul Eater
Matt: Death Note
Black Star: Soul Eater
Ryoku: Soul Eater
Sheik: My all time favorite Mario Meele/Brawl character
Lucario, Snake, Meta Knight: Mario Brawl ( I did my best to match the characters up with the others)
Frankie: The idiot who wasted her life for this.
'Strawberry Panic!': Actual yuri. I would like to say sorry if I got the number of volumes wrong. I tried my best to find the correct number but it proved to be harder task than I thought.
Discover Channel: They make a video on everything.
Hobo Jungle: A long patch of trees between a railroad track and school. During free time at the elementary school most of the kids (including myself) would make up stories about the hobo that lived in the trees. Thus the name.
Bio Pond: The pond at my high school.
Al: Full Metal Alchemist
Rebecca: well you should know who she is

I hoped you liked. As you can see…frankie's chapters are strange. XD Review. Next week, Envy's Punishment.