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E-mail 1:

From: Sakurablossom133

To: Violeteyes24

Hey Hinata,

Oh my god, did you see Sasuke today? I swear he is the hottest thing I have ever seen!!! *squee* But then there was Ino. Can you believe the nerve of her? I mean, how can she call herself my friend and then go flirt with the guy I'm crushing on?! I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work like that!!!

On that subject, have you found someone to crush on yet? I mean, I know you are waiting for prince charming, but if you don't put yourself out there you will never find anyone!!! Besides, crushing is fun. You're def. pretty enough, you could totally get a boyfriend. You should find someone.

Want me to set you up? I know some guys that would be thrilled to go out with you. *coughkibacough* Just lemme know.



Hinata sighed, clicking to reply to the e-mail. She loved Sakura, she did, but sometimes she just didn't understand her. Mainly her obsession with boys, or, more specifically, finding Hinata one.

It wasn't that she didn't want a boyfriend. Actually, having a boyfriend did sound fun, and it was definitely something she was looking forward to. It was just that… well…it would be her first boyfriend. The first relationship was held to higher standards, had to be special.

She wanted that wonderful, fluttery, excited feeling. The one that makes you want to squeak and dance around when you just so much as hear his name.

There just wasn't anyone she knew that gave her that feeling.

From: Violeteyes24

To: Sakurablossom133

Dear Sakura,

I'm sure Ino didn't mean anything by it. She has a crush on Sasuke too remember? Maybe she couldn't help it. Not that that's an excuse really, but maybe an explanation? You shouldn't be mad at her, I don't think. I mean, she is you oldest friend, since kindergarten. Old friends shouldn't fight.

As for me, it's okay. Thank you for the offer but I'm alright. I will find someone when the time is right. I'm sure of it. In the mean time, maybe steer Ino towards Kiba?

Anyways, what was all that at lunch? There was a big crowd around one of the tables. Do you know what was going on? I didn't.

Best Wishes,


And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the important part. Hinata's computer had been having problems ever since her little sister was playing on it and had caught a nasty virus. As she hit the send button some freaky stuff started happening on the screen, flashes of light, the whole screen sliding to the left. Frantically, she clicked around in an effort to stop the madness, when suddenly a box appeared. An address book, though whose she wasn't sure. The highlighted name scrolled down against her will and she accidentally clicked on a name. She was still clicking frantically, when it all stopped.

The screen changed to the ordinary one that displayed that the message had been sent.

But to who, she didn't know.

Uh-oh...who on earth is Noodlefox49 ?


Who on Earth is Violeteyes24?

"Hey Kiba!" Naruto called, swiveling around in his chair. His friend Kiba lay sprawled out on his bed reading a comic book.


"I just got an e-mail from Violeteyes24. Do we know anyone with that address?"

"I don't", he replied, sitting up and throwing his legs over the edge of the bed to look at the screen.

"What do I do? Read it?"

"Why not?"

"It's not mine!"

"It's in your in-box."


"So it's yours now."

Naruto glared at his friend. "But this e-mail wasn't meant for me" His eyes got wide , " What if it's a love letter or something?! What if it's someone's husband apologizing for running away with the secretary and saying that they love their wife and wants to come back to her?! What if the wife never gets this message?! They could be broken up and it would be all my fault!!!! What if they were supposed to have a kid that would grow up and find the sure for cancer?!! Because of me that kid would never be born!!!"

He was speaking quickly at this point, his arms waving frantically in a desperate attempt to get his point across.

"I'm sure -"

"I'm the enemy of St. Jude! I know it!"





Kiba was standing now, his hands clasped on Naruto's shoulders forcing him to pay attention.

"You're not killing small children" He said slowly, as if speaking to someone mentally challenged. Hey, this was Naruto after all, so hey, he kinda was. " With or without cancer. It is an e-mail. Whose e-mail we don't know, but if you read it you could probably figure it out."

"But isn't reading other people's mail an invasion of privacy?"

"Not if it's in your box" he growled in frustration.

"Well, alright" he replied, spinning the chair around and reaching for his mouse. Kiba hovered over his shoulder, now curious about the potentially life-changing email.

Dear Sakura,

I'm sure Ino didn't mean anything by it. She has a crush on Sasuke too remember?

"Sakura?" Naruto read, "You think they mean Sakura Haruno?"

"The pink haired girl from homeroom?"


"Probably", he shrugged, flopping back onto the bed." Considering it's also talking about Ino and Sasuke."

"Ok then!" Naruto replied brightly. "Wanna hear the rest?"

Lifting his head, Kiba raised one eyebrow at his blonde friend." What? No qualms about invading privacy as long as you know the person?"

"No!" he argued defensively. "It just makes sense! I mean, I already know it's not going to cause an international incident or anything. If I know who it's from I can tell them what happened."

Kiba shrugged and lay back down, reaching for his comic book. He wasn't interested in whatever it was Sakura and her friends talked about. I mean, so what if you could say "Sasuke is hot" in seven different languages?

Plus, in class, they always did that annoying little talking behind their hand thing. What the hell was that anyways?! Did they think having your hand over your mouth made you invisible? That it made the people sitting two seats away completely miss the fact that you were pointing and commenting on them? Seriously.

"Yes or no?"

"Not really"

"Fine" Naruto glared, "be that way"

"I plan to"

He sent him a dirty look before turning back to the computer, and continuing to read.

Maybe she couldn't help it. Not that that's an excuse really, but maybe an explanation? You shouldn't be mad at her, I don't think. I mean, she is you oldest friend, since kinder garden. Old friends shouldn't fight.

Ok. So it was a friend of Sakura's who was either a hippie or a pacifist.

As for me, it's okay. Thank you for the offer but I'm alright. I will find someone when the time is right. I'm sure of it. In the mean time, maybe steer Ino towards Kiba?

Wait, what?! Naruto burst out laughing, clamping his hand over his mouth to muffle it. Poor Kiba…

Looking up from his reading, Kiba sent him a concerned glance. After all, Naruto was practically on the floor and all but suffocating…

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah!" he choked out between gulps for air, "Never bet-" He was cut off my a bout of laughter.

The look on his friends face clearly stated that he didn't believe that. Naruto really didn't care.

"What?" he asked again, "Is it that funny?"

He moved to look at the e-mail.


He dove in front of the screen minimizing it.

"What the!"

"Oh no!" Naruto replied, "You didn't want to! You didn't want to be any fun! You don't get to see this!"

Even though you really should…

Squelching his loyal-friend urges, he fought with Kiba for a few minutes to keep him from seeing the e-mail. If Kiba felt like being nonchalant and dull than fine. He wouldn't make him read it with him, but he wouldn't share its contents either. Even if they did involve crazy, blonde, psychopaths potentially stalking his best friend.

Especially when that psychopath was the friend of the girl he (Kiba) was majorly crushing on!

Giving up, Kiba sat back on the bed to sulk, shoving his face once more into the comic book. Once he was sure that Kiba wasn't looking, he enlarged the screen.

Anyways, what was all that at lunch? There was a big crowd around one of the tables. Do you know what was going on? I didn't.

Best Wishes,


Well speak of the devil…

What am I going to do?

3 hours later, Hinata stared at her computer, still searching online for a program to download to get rid of her virus. She was nervous enough about the outcome of this disaster. Who knew where that e-mail had gone.

Not that there was anything highly personal in that e-mail, but still. What if there was in the next?

Oh no, that wasn't going to happen. This virus's ass was grass.

I should probably re-send the e-mail, She thought, as she finally located a program. She really didn't know why she'd waited this long to do so. The virus had been a pain in the ass for a while.

Waiting for the program to download, she went to sign into her e-mail account. She'd just wanted to send the e-mail to Sakura, then and now. Last time the computer spazzed out on her.

This time there was an e-mail waiting for her.



I hope this was the right thing to do.

Naruto spun around in his chair, bored. Part of him really wanted to call Kiba. The other part was, for some reason, reserved. He didn't even know why. He just got an e-mail from the girl Kiba was all but in love with, he should have told him the second he knew. But he hadn't.

He wondered why.

It wouldn't be right, he rationalized. Giving out other people's e-mail address without their permission is wrong.

But still…

He'd written her back a while ago, almost as soon as Kiba had left, and was anxiously waiting for her to get back to him. Would she write back to him? He hadn't exactly signed his name.

Fine, he hadn't signed his name at all. He'd decided he'd liked the air of mystery.

I wonder if it freaked her out….

Yeah, in retrospect that probably hadn't been the best decision in the world.

Pulling his legs up into the chair, he leaned back and spun faster.

… God he was bored…

From : Noodlefox49

To: Violeteyes24

Hey Hinata,

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm not Sakura. That being said, she doesn't have anything to worry about. Sasuke couldn't care less about Ino. The only reason he hasn't' told her to beat it is because he thinks having girls fighting over him makes him look "pimpin'" Ha! As if!

Oh, and feel free to sic Ino on Kiba! That sounds really funny and he's been being boring. That is definitely something I'd like to see!!! He already has someone he likes though, a lot.

Oh, all the stuff at lunch was this crazy protest against the cafeteria food. Tenten was up on a table yelling about it being unhealthy and a violation of our rights. It was really funny, especially when she started doing an interpretive dance with what I think was the cream spinach…

Last but not least, if you do want a boyfriend, I know someone who would be really psyched to be him. Just, so you know.


Me : )

Me?! Hinata all but screamed. Who the hell was 'Me' supposed to be? Breathing in, she held her breath for a few minutes before blowing it out slowly. Ok. There was a simple solution for this. Actually read the letter. She hadn't the first time, just skipped down to the name… Because that had been so helpful…

She went back to the top. By the time she was finished she was somewhat less worried. It wasn't some 40 year old, child molester or anything. It was someone who knew the people in her letter, most likely someone who went to her school. That would make the most sense.

She felt a little stupid for her earlier worries, although they'd been fully justified at the time.

But still…who the hell was he? … It was a he, right? She really didn't know. She tried to think of people who would know Sasuke and Kiba well enough…

That really doesn't narrow it down much.

The two had a lot of friends, really, everyone knew them.

She frowned…this wasn't getting her anywhere.


Last but not least, if you do want a boyfriend, I know someone who would be really psyched to be him. Just, so you know.

Who the hell was that????


Why? Just why?"

"Because someone up there hates us"

"Come on guys it's not that bad."

"Are you kidding me?"


"But really…"

"No buts…sorry. I don't swing that way."

"You do realize girls have butts right?'

"Whatever…It's still not that bad."

"But it…Homecoming Week…"

*Insert creepy music here *

This was the scene, this fine Monday morning. 3 boys , standing in the hallway staring morosely up at a poorly painted, construction paper attempt, at a poster advertising homecoming.

"It's satanic. I swear"

"What's your deal?" Naruto frowned, raising one eyebrow at his friend. "Did you have a bad experience with a halter dress?"

Kiba glared, flipping him off.

"Did you not hear me say I didn't swing that way? Seriously, I said it like, two seconds ago."

Kiba opened his mouth to retaliate, but was beaten to it.

"It's homecoming week. A bunch of boy-crazed high school girls running around in frenzied circles around Uchiha. And then he turns them down they practically flood the halls in tears." Shikamaru looked extremely unpleased at this little scenario he'd painted, "And then, when they're done with all that they swarm every other boy in the school in a desperate attempt to get a date so they can show up and dance in front of Sasuke trying to make him regret ever turning them down. And then, as if all of that wasn't bad enough, the girl Sasuke actually said yes to will inevitably get pissed off at whichever girl happens to the boldest and jump her. Catfight, more crying. Understand?" He looked back at his friend for confirmation.

He got blank stares.

"How do you know this?" Kiba asked with somewhat disturbed astonishment.

"Don't you get it?" he pressed, " They will NEVER SHUT UP!!!!"

Naruto burst out laughing, earning himself a peeved glare.

"Hey" Kiba said, placing a supportive hand on Shikamaru's shoulder, "I feel your pain man."

"I guess", Naruto sighed, reluctantly giving in.

"I know. Plus", Kiba added. "Our school has the weirdest freaking themes."

Every day that week was a different, themed, spirit day, up until homecoming. Normally, this would be a fun, spirited (naturally) activity. But that would just be too simple wouldn't it…

"Yeah… what was it last year? Favorite rodent?"

"Woodland creature" Shikamaru corrected, as the bell rang for first hour.

"How the hell do you even do that?"

"Who the hell would do that?"

"Lee. He came as a squirrel."

"That's screwed up man."

Naruto just sighed as they turned into History. At least we've got class together… Because that was such a rational silver lining.


"What e-mail?"

Crap…that's right. I forgot to re-send it. Hinata mentally smacked herself. She'd been so caught up with the whole Noodlefox thing that she'd completely forgotten.

"I was going to reply to your e-mail…" She replied, quickly filling Sakura in on the previous evening.

"But who the hell is Noodlefox?"

"I don't know!" Hinata cried despairingly ." But…"

"But what?"

"But he wrote me back!"

"No way!" Sakura squealed! "What did he say?!"

"W-what? Um…just that spinach was um...Interpretive dancing and… Sasuke's a pimp and… "

"I'm a what now?"

Startled, Hinata spun around , finding herself face-to-face with Sasuke Uchiha…the pimp… apparently.

"N-n- noth-"

"Nothing" Sakura replied, leaning back against the desk. She cast her eyes shyly downward. "Nothing yet, but if you want it to be something…"

"Um… Sakura" Hinata began.

"Well Sasuke?" She looked up flirtily through her lashes…at the blank space where Sasuke had once stood. Once being the key word here. Sasuke, bored with yet another flirtatious girl, had left to sit moodily at his desk and brood over his popularity.

The pink haired girl sighed defeatedly, hopping back to sit on the desk behind her. So what if it was Ino's. That was the least of her problems right now.

Her friend, however, was also dealing with some issues that were admittedly bigger than hers, and so, being the good friend that she was, she turned back to Hinata.

"Try again. What was it he said?" She arched an eyebrow and waited. Taking a deep breath Hinata tried again.

"He, well…he just replied to the e-mail…he said that Sasuke wasn't interested in Ino, and that it would be funny to sic her on Kiba, except that Kiba already likes someone and apparently someone likes me and…" she was talking very fast at this point, somewhat panicked. God, this was sounding like a cheesy teen drama…

She waited for her friend to say something, but she didn't. She just cast her eyes downward, her eyebrows drawing together thoughtfully. Finally, after a long moment, she spoke.

"Well… he - you do know it's a "he" right? - is obviously someone who goes to our school. Which is good. What if it's gotten sent to some old guy or something?" Hinata shuddered at the thought. "But anyways, he's someone who knows both Kiba and Sasuke."

Hinata frowned. "Do you know who it is?"

Sakura closed her eyes, wracking her brain, but for the life of her she couldn't come up with a name.

"Sorry, no." She frowned, "They're both pretty popular…it could be almost anyone."

Hinata sighed sadly. This was true, even about Kiba. While he wasn't rich or unnaturally attractive he was social and friendly. Even if all the girl's didn't want to date him, they all wanted to know him.

It really could be almost anyone…

But surely someone was closer to him than the others. He had to have some best friends, right? There had to be some way to narrow this down…

"Get your ass off my desk Fatty!!!"

Ino Yamanaka stalked over to the two girls, fuming, blond hair swinging wildly in it's high ponytail, with the force of her steps. Enraged, Sakura scowled, shooting back a retaliation, beginning their daily battle.

Quietly, Hinata slipped away from the madness. Really, she wondered, how exactly are they friends?

She just didn't get it.

Silently, she slid into her seat before pulling a book out of the pocket of her large poofy jacket. Sakura often teased her about having a jacket that large but she ignored her...mostly. She liked her big poofy jacket. It was great for carrying things around, or sneaking things into the movie theater, and asides from that rumor about her smuggling pot last year it didn't hurt anything.

Plus it hid what she was sure was a mediocre figure.

She loved her friends, really she did, but she was always so self conscious around them. They were all tall and skinny and beautiful, the object of desire for every straight boy in the school. Really, she was nothing compared to them, even though they constantly insisted otherwise.

She knew they only did it to be nice.

Opening the book she let her eyes rest on the page, but didn't really read. She was too absorbed in the mystery of her secret (unintentional) pen pal. Could she call him a pen pal? Sure she'd responded last night, but did that really make them pen pals?

No, probably not.

Sighing she allowed her thoughts to drift back to his letter.

Someone likes me? She frowned. Who could that be?

Class passed rather quickly, not that Hinata was paying attention. In fact all she'd done was put her book away, as so not to get yelled at, and stare into space. She didn't even hear the bell ring and would have sat there until next hour if Sakura hadn't tapped her shoulder.

Jumping, startled, she looked up. "I'm sorry? What?"

Her pink haired friend gave her an odd look. "I asked if you had a date to homecoming? "

"What?" Hinata squeaked, blushing as she scrambled to gather her things, " No! Of course not! I would have told you if I did."

Not that I would…

Well…someone does like you…

Who are you?

I'm your inner voice. I'm sometimes portrayed as small, shoulder-sized angels and devils, but this seemed less distracting.

How is having a small voice in your head not distracting?

I never said it was. I believe the word I used was " less" But anyways you might want to respond to your odd pink haired friend. She just asked you if there was anyone you wanted to ask you…and now your kinda of staring blankly at her…

But –

Staring blankly…

"Hinata? Are you okay?"

"What! Oh yeah! I'm fine I um...no there's not anybody…um…you?"

She smiled. "Sasuke of course."

"He asked you?"

"Well…no…not yet… But he will. I can tell."

"But Homecoming is just next week."

"Well…since today's Friday, I've got 6 days until the dance. And speaking of which, did you hear what the theme for Monday is?"

"No. What is it?"

Sakura shrugged. "Dunno. I was hoping you would."

"I hope it's not like last year" Ino sighed, coming up behind them. "That was just weird."

"What was it", Hinata wondered out loud, "Pharmaceutical Appreciation?"

"Something like that" Sakura groaned stopping at her locker. "We were supposed to come as medication…"

Ino frowned. "Am I the only one who thinks that goes against school policy?"

"Did anyone do it?" Hinata asked as Sakura, having received her Health notebook, slammed her locker door shut.

"I did", Sakura pointed out. "I went as Benadryl. It was easy. Just a pink shirt and some white pants." She pointed at her hair. "This didn't hurt either."

"That's cheating" Ino teased, then paused. "And didn't Lee do it too?"

"I think so…"

"What was he?" Hinata asked, confused.

"Um…Dayquil I think" Sakura replied slowly, unsure. "Wasn't he?"

"Yeah", Ino confirmed after a moment, "Yeah. He came all in green. Tenten tried to use him in a protest. She tried to make him act out a stalk of asparagus or something."

Hinata laughed at the memory. He hadn't done it of course, Lee was very strict about rules, but Tenten had put in a good effort.

Yes, Hinata thought. You could always count on Lee to show school spirit, as retarded and weird as the theme may be. And usually, it was very, very, amusing.

Laughing, they turned into health class.





The other boy turned to look at Kiba with an arch stare.


"Nothing" he replied, shaking his head.

"Like you weren't thinking it", he muttered, laying his chin on the desk. It shot up a moment later though. Curious, Naruto followed his friend's gaze to the door where Sakura and Ino were entering with Kiba's object of affection.

The object of affection that he was secretly e-mailing behind his friend's back. He felt a stab of guilt in his stomach at the thought, and yet he couldn't tell him. He didn't want to. He didn't know why.

Maybe because it would be like cheating, to tell him everything she said in a private e-mail. Granted, the private e-mail hadn't really had anything in it…it was the other not private ones.

Well…Could it really be considered private? She didn't even know who she was sending these letters to.

Wait…what letters. He didn't even know if she'd written him back or not. He could check after school but she probably hadn't. She kind of seemed too shy, not really the talk to a stranger type. But then again…

Shaking his head he cleared the thoughts. It was fine for right now. He'd tell Kiba if he learned anything important. Definitely.

He watched Kiba's eyes follow Hinata across the room to her seat, grinning as she blushed at what was written on the board.

Naruto couldn't help but grin as well. You didn't have to be Hinata's best friend to know that she was painfully shy, a fact that didn't really blend with Health class. Especially not when Health class involved group discussions about sex. Her face was already bright red, and the only thing written on the board was the word sex; scrawled in huge, chalk, letters.

The Health room was large and rectangular, with one chalk board in the front, and cabinets lining the back wall, under 4 evenly spaced windows. There was a sink to the left and the door on the right. The whole building was at the back of the campus, sitting somewhat alone behind the library.

In the room there were 6 rectangular tables, 4 seats at each. Naruto and Kiba sat next to each other at the front, center table. Also at their table sat Lee and Shikamaru. The other tables were also in groups of four as follows :

Sasuke, Ino, Temari, Chouji.

Neji, Shino, Ten-ten and Gaara.

Sakura, Hinata, Kankuro, Haku.

There were also many others, but frankly, they're not really all that important and will not ever be mentioned. Really, they might as well not even exist.

Moving on…

That was the cool thing about this class. It was the one class that everyone had together. Unfortunately, they hadn't gotten to pick their own seating arrangement. Oh no, that had been assigned by their teacher Kakashi-sensei, purely for his own enjoyment.

He'd taken special care to seat them close enough to both friends and enemies as to create a nice amount of drama for him to watch.

What could he say? He'd been bored and the next Ichi-Ichi book didn't come out for several months. He needed something to entertain him until then.

So far this arrangement had yet to disappoint.

He raised one eyebrow as he watched Kiba follow Hinata's every move, watched Hinata blush as she read the word on the board. Watched Naruto's gaze follow Hinata before glancing momentarily at Kiba, then quickly down towards the desk. He fidgeted with his hands, seemingly absorbed in thought.

His eyes flickered back to Hinata.


And to think Monday was homecoming week. Let the drama begin…

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