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I sighed, my head was crammed up with details I didn't care for. Gwen was sitting next to me on the table, reading a gardening magazine. She turned her head and smiled.

"Do you want to go to bed?", she asked deviously, her fingers wound up in my hair.

"Not right now, I'm a bit stressed", I replied, disappointed in what I was missing. It was almost 90 years since I met her and each and everyday I love her more. We had gotten married two months after we met. We honeymooned in Japan. We spent our lives traveling, stopping at random romantic places to give more time to each other. These years had been so updated from when I was born, I was confused. Now we are traveling to Washington.

Me and Gwen went to Italy, for Gwen had been a close friend named Felix. As we were there, we met Carlisle, a vegetarian vampire. He had only hunted animals instead of humans. He felt there was no need to kill others when we had another source of food. It was even more shocking that he is a doctor! I had scoffed at that, but it was true. His life style confounded me. Immediately, Gwen wanted to try, how had he convinced a vampire to not suck human blood?

Gwen had suckered me in to going to Washington to meet his family, and try being a vegetarian. It was totally absurd, but what she wants, she gets. It isn't difficult to get the tickets to Washington without using money. Gwen had also taught me how to sway woman into having what I want. What would my life be without her?

Hmmm, a disaster.

Gwen rubbed my back as I called Carlisle.

" Hello?", Carlisle said.

"Hello, is tomorrow a good time to come visit?", I asked, going straight to the point.

"Well yes, I could have you introduced to the family"

" Thank you, we'll be seeing you in a bit", and with that, I hung up.

" You didn't have to be that rude!", she scolded.

" I wasn't ! I was just being quick", I shot back. I felt guilty, so I held her hands, and kissed the tip of her nose. She smiled, and sighed.

" You are so against this type of thing, we need change!", { A-N_ omg I sound like Obama- I want change though - go obama!!,

" Of course I am, we are vampires, we drink blood!"

' Yeah, but we could also stop that and leave lives be!"

"That's not who we are"

" But that's who we are going to become", she said firmly.

I sighed, she won that battle.

2 days later

Gwen's Pov

My excitement hadn't faded since the day I persuaded Nick into letting us meet Carlisle. I had always been a bit disgusted with myself when ever I drank blood. I was taking a father, husband, son, child, or mother away from their life. I had been firm about this. Carlisle's way of life was beautiful. I wished the tears I would have shed came out now. Nick thought it was impossible, he didn't want to waste his time on trying to do something he think he cant do. Oh well, because we are doing it. He cant do anything about it.

We arrived at the SeaTac airport at noon[ A-N- I LIVE IN SEATAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!.

Nick drove us to the Hoh forest to attempt to hunt. I took a deer, and Nick took a black bear. He seemed truly disgusted. I just smirked. The deer wasn't bad, it kept me from my thirst, which was just enough.

It was an hour drive to the Cullen household, Nick kept one arm around me and the other on the wheel. We discussed where to stay.

We were planning to stay with the Cullens till we gain enough power to not hunt humans. Then we would find a house for ourselves. We could live like humans, or attempt.

Nick parked in their driveway, which I might add a long one, and we got out. Holding hands, we walked up the driveway to their door, and knocked gently.

Carlisle answered the door, a warm smile on his face. We shook hands, and he let us inside.

" It is good to know the word of being vegetarians has spread", he said as we settled on the couch.

" Yes, but is it possible that vampires that have been drinking blood for decades can make this changed?", my soul mate said abruptly.

" Yes it is possible, my son Jasper had done it. I haven't even introduced you to my family",

" This is Jasper", he pointed to a blonde male.

" Rosalie, Edward, and Alice", he rattled of.

" And my wife Esme", he said, ending the rattle and looking warmly at his wife. I smiled.

" My name is Gwendolyn and this is my husband, Nicholas Evenson", I said proudly. Esme looked at Nick oddly.

" Tell more about yourself Nicholas", Esme requested. I squeezed his hand, urging him to speak.

Nick's Pov

" Well my wife Gwen changed me at the age of seventeen. She found me running away from my father, Charles Evenson."

"Where was your mother?"

" I don't know, my father told me that she got shot, or she killed herself"

" Why did you run away?"

" My father had issues, he drank too much and he abused me. I couldn't touch my father so I took the abuse in silence"

"I'm sorry"

" May I ask you one more thing dear?'


"What was your mother's name?"

"Esme Platt"