Summary: When Kagome's mother dies, suddenly and mysteriously, she's sent to live with a friend of the father she can't remember, who's she's never before met. Oh yeah, and his 3 sons bent on making her life a living hell at home and school. And if that wasn't bad enough, the people who took out her mom are now after her. Yeah, that's just how she wanted to spend her Sophomore year...

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Chapter 1 :

Do you remember how it felt to first ride a roller coaster? Frightening, shocking, exciting, getting twisted and dipped all over the place and at the end, when you staggered away, the only thought in your head was, "Let's do that again!"

This was a little like that. Except for the whole repeat performance thing.

Yeah, she was pretty sure she could live with never doing this again.

One look at the giant, blue, mansion before her, and she was positive about that.

"Well, this is it dear."

Tired, she looked up into the weary face of her mothers old friend. Her eyes were kind and sad, tears glittering in their depths, her mouth pulled up in a pathetic attempt at a smile. Her hair hadn't seen a comb in quite some time and was hanging limply around her shoulders like a flimsy, red, curtain. Under most circumstances she'd be a little put-off. After all, even in the midst of tragedy she'd still found time to bathe. But yet, standing here, she couldn't muster anything but longing. The longing to sleep, the longing to run, and most of all the longing for her mother.

Settling for the next best thing, she turned to embrace the woman besides her. The one who'd always been there, helped out through hard times, and stepped up when her father died. The mother of her best friend, Ayame.

Just as distraught, Kameko held on tightly to the girl not wanting to let her go. Not wanting to leave her here, in this strange town, with strangers. So what if her father knew them once, that wasn't grounds to leave his daughter here. She should have stayed back home, with her. She'd have taken care of her. She already loved her as much as her own daughter.

"I love you baby", she whispered, "You just know that."

"I do."

Pulling back, Kameko looked down at Kagome. "Well, it's not too bad", she said, trying and failing to sound cheerfully optimistic. "You won't be too alone. You'll see Ayame on the weekends."

Kagome nodded. Ever since the divorce Ayame spent the weekends with her father. She supposed she should feel lucky that out of all the towns she could have be stuck in it was the one that housed her friend part-time, but she couldn't. She did however, paste on a fake smile for Kameko's sake.

They stared at each other a little longer before Kameko too a deep breath and headed towards the car. Popping the trunk, she gathered Kagome's suitcases from the trunk and handed them both over. She then stared sadly at them.

"I'll see that the rest of your stuff gets here babe, soon as I can."

She reached out and petted her hair affectionately before forcing herself to step away.

"Be good baby" , she whispered again, "I'll see you soon."

"Yeah. Alright." She mustered up another fake smile, wishing she could cry or something like Kameko. But she couldn't. She just stood there, staring at Kameko and wishing she could jump back into the car. Instead, she just let the woman kiss her cheek and sadly drive away.

Turning, she faced the place she was now supposed to call home, and slowly started up the walk.

"I still don't understand why she has to live here. Why can't she stay where she is."

"Because we don't live where she is."

"But why", he complained, "does she have to live with us at all?"

Exasperated, Taisho turned to his wife. "You take this one. I'm through."

Heaving a frustrated sigh, Izayoi repeated what had been said multiple times that night. "Her mother died! Don't you get that? And her father died a long time ago. She's just 15, Inuyasha, so you tell me. What the hell is she supposed to do, live alone? That's just a little, oh I don't know. Illegal!"

Cautiously, the boy took a step back. Even as displeased as he was, he knew when he was toeing the line, and something told him he had just almost crossed it. Very rarely did his mother curse, even a word as mild as hell. He'd only seen her temper a few times in his entire life, and been on the receiving end even less. Either way it wasn't an experience he cherished and decided to, for the time being, back off.

"Alright, alright", he replied, his voice laced with sarcasm, holding his hands in front of him defensively. "I get it."

Another voice answered him from the doorway. It was deep and smooth, and irked the hell out of him.

"Well it took you long enough."

Turning, Inuyasha glared at the source of the voice, a tall, long haired man who was leaning on the doorframe. Carelessly, the man crossed the room, fully ignoring his brother as he disappeared into the kitchen. Still, feeling the need to argue, Inuyasha yelled at the kitchen door, to the air where his brother once stood.

"You can't honestly tell me you're happy about this!"

After a moment, the voice drifted in from the other room.

"Frankly, I don't really care. She can't possibly be any more annoying than what I already have to deal with."

"Well, I don't want her here either!", shouted a much smaller voice. Looking over, Izayoi saw her smallest son approaching, and angry frown on his face. As he walked in, he was scooped up by his father, and easily settled into his arms, his head resting on his shoulder comfortably. But his eyes and mouth still showed his anger.

"Come on little buddy", Taisho replied, swaying slightly, "What've you got against her?"

"She's a girl!", he exclaimed, stressing this very important detail, "I don't want a girl here!"

"Excuse me." Izayoi raised one eyebrow.

"Yeah", Taisho pointed out, "What about you're mom?"

"What about her?"

"She's a girl."

His small face contorted in confusion. "Nuh-uh. She's not a girl. She's a mom!"

Fighting back a grin, Taisho caught Izayoi's eyes over his son's head.

"Oh really?', he asked, amused.


"Moms are girls dipshit", Inuyasha remarked, still sulking over his unwanted houseguest.


"What? It's true!"


"Fine then, dumbass."

"Inuyasha!" His parents yelled in unison.


"Smooth move, dumbass",Sesshomaru whispered under his breath as him and his newly obtained soda crossed the room, returning to whence he came.

"Did you hear him!", Inuyasha exclaimed, pointing after him, "What about his language?"

"You deserved it", Taisho stated dryly.


"I swear… Inuyasha, for the love of God…just shut up now."

He tried to reply, only to have his fathers hand rise in a silencing gesture, refusing to listen to him. From the safety of his father's arms, Shippo stuck his tongue out at his older brother. Inuyasha was about to yell something offensive and highly derogatory, his mother's wrath be damned, when the commotion was broken by the ringing of the doorbell.

The room was instantly silent.

Their new houseguest had arrived.

Kagome stared up at the large, intimidating house, feeling, for the first time since her mother's death a week ago, something other than emptiness.


It was as if suddenly the seriousness of the situation had struck her.


With a large, blunt, object.

She shifted with the weight of this sudden emotion, bouncing around in her previously empty shell and waited. She'd rung the bell, she could hear it in the house. Echoing.


This house really was entirely too large. Seriously, who lived in a house this size nowadays? As far as she knew, it was narrowed down to the filthy rich and incredibly privileged, and she had almost no experience with either.

Did watching Cribs count as experience?

Probably not…

Double damn.

What the hell kind of people were these folks anyways? She knew they were supposedly old friends of her father's, but she'd never heard of them before. Hell, she didn't even really know what kind of man her father was. He'd died when she was three, leaving her with just her mother, and, of course, Kameko. The two of them had done their best to fill her in, but that didn't account for much. Especially not now.

She knew how her parents had met, and where they went on their honeymoon. She knew that Kameko was the Maid of Honor at the wedding, and that her sweet tooth was from her father, as well as her blue eyes.

She also knew that none of that helped her now. None of that could tell her what his friends might be like. Sure, they'd told her that he was funny and kind, but really… People didn't always choose friends that were exact copies of themselves.

What if the were drug dealers? It'd certainly explain the money and this uber large house…

The door creaked open and she prepared for the worse. A butler. A large man in a black suit and shades. A gorgeous woman in a slinky red dress with abnormally large breasts. In fact, every bad movie cliché chose this exact moment to run through her head.

This totally wasn't helping right now.

To both her surprise and relief, the woman who answered the door fit into none of them. She was tall and pretty, but in a nice, under-played way. She was slim, in a long blue dress that she wore casually, probably worn every day. Her eyes were warm and brown, reminding her uncomfortably of her mother's, and her hair was black and incredibly long. Her mouth was curved into a welcoming smile.

"Hello Kagome", she greeted warmly, "Please come in."

She gestured into a large room that she then led Kagome into. It was apparently a parlor of some sort. The carpet was a rich mahogany, and there was a dark red couch on the wall by the window. On it, sat a man holding a child. He was smiling too, with bright silver hair hanging loosely to his shoulders.

"Hello Kagome", he smiled with the same welcoming warmth as the woman. Setting the child down on the couch by himself, he stood and approached her. He had a handsome, if somewhat aged, face, with bright amber eyes with small crinkles at the edges. They made him no less attractive. His gait was lazy and relaxed as he made his way to her and her initial impression was good natured.

He seemed good natured. He held out his hand and she shook it somewhat stiffly. His hand was strong and warm and she found herself feeling a little more relaxed. Not much, but just a little.

A quick scan around the room, however, quickly diminished any small amount of relief. Along with the little boy sitting on the couch scowling at her, there was another boy in the room she hadn't noticed. He was leaning against the far wall, fixing her with a shriveling glare.

The sudden lack of warm pressure on her fingers drew her attention back to the people at hand. She looked back at the man she was assuming was her father's friend. She couldn't for the life of her remember what they'd said his name was.

"I'm Taisho", he started off, conveniently clearing that up, "I'm sure you've already been told, but I'm an old friend of your fathers."

When he didn't say anything more she figure that was her cue to speak.

"Um, yeah.", she replied awkwardly, "they, um, they told me."

Coming to stand besides her husband Izayoi hand her hand out too. Apparently this was a big thing in this family. Somewhat helplessly, she obliged.

"I'm his wife, Izayoi. It's nice to meet you."

"You too", Kagome replied. In all honesty, it was nice to meet the people she'd be spending the next three years with.

Izayoi cast a look towards the door. "Are you alone?"



"Kameko dropped me off", she explained, not bothering to go into detail, "She left. We said goodbye outside."

Izayoi frowned slightly, obviously wondering what kind of guardian would just abandon her ward with strangers. Not that Kagome cared. She knew Kameko had wanted to come inside and meet them, but she'd refused. She hadn't wanted to deal with it. To sit in the kitchen and drink tea while discussing uncomfortable and personal topics.

Really, all she wanted was to see which room would be her's and go to sleep. She was tired.

Apparently getting over it, Izayoi motioned towards the little boy sulking on the couch. He looked nothing like either parent, with reddish-brown hair and large green eyes.

"Let me introduce you. This is Shippo, he's the youngest of the three boys."

"Um, hi", she waved lamely. The boy's eyes narrowed and he made a point of turning away from her, arms folded over his small chest.

Well that was certainly welcoming…

Apparently Izayoi shared her opinion because her eyes narrowed as well, her kind voice taking of a warning tone. "Shippo."

If possible the boy's glare grew colder, oozing undeserved hatred. "Hi", he replied mockingly, sarcasm dripping off that one word.

Sighing deeply, Izayoi turned back to Kagome, her eyes apologetic. "I'm sorry. He's in this rebellious stage…he's usually very sweet."

Somehow Kagome doubted this, but nodded anyways. At least she was nice enough to try to lie. Apologetic as well, Taisho went to talk to his son, obviously displeased with his rudeness. And speaking of rudeness…

"This one over here", Izayoi continued, pointing to the boy leaning against the wall, "Is Inuyasha. He's the second youngest, around your age I believe."

Though they looked nothing alike, she could definitely sense the family resemblance between him and his brother. While he had his father's startling amber eyes and silver hair hanging to his waist, his welcome was no warmer that Shippo's had been.

She didn't bother to try, just kind of nodding in his general direction and moving on to try and find the third son. He wasn't there.

"Sesshomaru's the oldest. He should be around here somewhere… I'll see if I can-"

"Actually", Kagome cut in, "I'd really rather just go to bed. I'm sure I'll meet him tomorrow…really…"

"You'll be here long enough", muttered Inuyasha, only to get an icy glare from his mother. Shutting up, he moved fractionally away…

"I understand", she smiled gently, placing a hand on Kagome's shoulder. "Your room is upstairs, and down the hall to the right. The third door on the left."

Kagome nodded, reaching for her suitcases, when Izayoi spoke up again, smirking.

"Inuyasha," she continued when he turned his head towards her, "do show her the way. And carry her bags."


"You heard me."


"You heard your mother!" Taisho growled from the couch where he was talking with his youngest son.

Grumbling, he walked over and, without sparing her a glance, grabbed her bags and started towards the stairs. Shrugging, Kagome followed him. She was at the doorway when Izayoi spoke up once more, her voice soft, sympathetic, and sincere.

"I'm very sorry about your mother, and I do hope you'll be happy here."

Unable to answer, Kagome continued after her luggage.

Inuyasha grunted as he hauled her bags up the stairs. They weren't heavy, really, but it was the principal of the thing. Who the hell was she to come into his house and be catered to hand and foot. And he was expected to do the catering? Oh no flipping way.

He sent a covert glace behind him, where she was following in silence. This girl just screamed trouble. She wasn't even pretty. She was pale, her eyes dull, her hair lacking in luster. And she was wearing black of all things. All black… From her hair, to her skinny black jeans, to her black hoodie with a picture of some skeletal animal on the back.

There was, in his opinion, something seriously wrong with someone who wore dead animals on their clothing. It just screamed mental issues.

And she was his age…

His grade.

At his school.

With him.


Reaching her room he made a show of grumpily kicking open the door and throwing her stuff inside, carelessly.

"Hey", she snapped, frowning, "I have breakables in there."

"So", he scowled, "you should have carried it your damn self."

"I didn't tell you to", she seethed, the anger suddenly bitter and raw, with no other emotions to dampen it. "I didn't even ask you to. I didn't say a damn thing. So why don't you go vent your anger on your mother?"

"You leave my mother out of this", he growled, straightening to his full height, about a week of pent up frustration fit to explode from him. Unfortunately, she was in no mood to be intimidated. Especially not from some immature high school boy.

"I didn't say anything about your mother. It's you I cant stand."

"You don't belong here!", he yelled, finally able to express his true feelings without his mother there to chastise him. The unfairness of it all burned hot in his stomach, his feelings towards this girl instantly bubbling hatred since his first sight of her.

"I don't", she agreed, her voice suddenly even. Emotionless. "Trust me, if I could be anywhere else in the world I would be, so don't you go around under the misconception that I'm here of my own volition. I'm not, and the second I can leave I plan to. Until then, I suggest you just suck it up and deal."

Then, before he could retaliate, she had him shoved from the room, the door firmly shut and locked behind him.

Outside the door, it took Inuyasha a whole minute to regain his senses. Once he did, however, every ounce of anger returned. He was about to bang on the door, flinging some un- thought out insult at her, but was interrupted.

"Well that was quite a first impression."

"Shut the fuck up", he scowled, facing his brother.

The older man gave him a dry stare. "That's very clever. Did you think it up right on the spot?"

"What are you getting at? Hell, what are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be holed up in your room or something?"

"I could sense your idiocy and came to investigate. You're quite the charmer."

"Me?" he exclaimed, "What about her? She's the bitch!"

There was silence, then a sigh.


"Two things. One, she's not deaf and can undoubtedly hear you yelling these things right outside her door."- Damn. He inched away from the door - "Two, did you ever consider that maybe she's upset over the recent death of her mother? Or maybe because she had to leave all of her friends and memories, good and bad, to live with complete strangers. Hm? Just a thought."

Inuyasha found himself struggling with words for a while, unable to find a come back. What could you say when your overly annoying, highly sarcastic, brother was right? Well there was really only one thing you could say to that…


"There's that razor sharp wit."


Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, in what was now " her room", Kagome was sitting on the floor, digging urgently through her suitcase. She had to find it! It had to be okay!


Finally locating it, she pulled out the bundle, wrapped in several of her shirts. Unwrapping them quickly, she breathed a sigh of relief to find the object perfectly safe, despite it's rough handling.

Holding it in her hands she cradled it gently. It was a small carousel horse. The kind that could be wound and would play music and twirl slowly. It was gorgeous and old, made of fragile, aged, porcelain. It was originally an off-white, taking on a slightly yellowish tint, the wooden stand brown. The horse was on a striped pole, like on a real carousel. The pole was set in a smooth oval of wood, where, on the back of which, the small winding piece could be found.

It had been her mother's, given to her by her mother, who'd received it from her own. It was old and beautiful and loved. Her mother's most prized possession, cherished by each of it's owners, and now, prematurely her's.

She always known it would be her's, that was just tradition, but she didn't know when. She suspected it would have been her present next year, for her sixteenth birthday, but she wasn't entirely sure.

Either way it was her's now. And that was incredibly sad.

And she would have been mad as hell if that moronic shit head had done anything to break it. It was, officially, her most prized possession.

No longer fretting over her porcelain horse, she became aware of the voices outside her door. Well…of one voice… The one she could hear… The one yelling.

Listening carefully, she could make out a few words from the other person. Probably the other brother.


The next set of words came in loud and clear.

"Me? What about her? She's the bitch!"

She could feel the beginnings of indignant anger rising in her chest, but was suddenly unable to summon it. It had been so long since she'd had any real emotions, not since her mother's death… they were exhausting, and overwhelming and…

Suddenly, looking around the room, hearing the voices outside, made it all seem so real. So solid. She could feel the weight of the entire situation pressing down on her. Squeezing out hot, burning tears, and against her will, she found herself giving in to large, gasping sobs. Something she hadn't indulged in, even at the funeral. She'd cried when she'd first heard the news, sure, but since then, even staring at the casket, it hadn't felt real. She couldn't cry because she couldn't feel sad. And the force of not feeling sad had driven away her other emotions as well.

The misery of it all washing over her, she cried, heartbreaking and desperate, leaning back against the foot of the bed. And it was there, where she fell asleep, the carousel horse tightly in her grasp.

Downstairs, Izayoi sat on the couch, curled up against Taisho, absently stroking her son's hair. Shippo had long since fallen asleep on his father's lap and his face had smoothed back into that of her sweet, cheerful, baby. His thumb was fixed securely in his mouth, and though he was six, and she'd been desperately trying to rid him of that habit, she just couldn't bring herself to remove it.

What would one night hurt?

She kept remembering the stubborn look of hatred on his face earlier and didn't want to believe it. Damn her other sons for corrupting her baby!

"So", Taisho broke silence, rubbing her arm, "that's Kagome Higurashi."

"Yeah", Izayoi sighed. "She really is pretty. He'd told you she was a beautiful baby. We still have that picture somewhere, don't we?"

"Yes, I think we do…upstairs probably."

"What do you think of her?"

Her husband sighed deeply. "Honestly, I don't really know what to make of her. This probably isn't the real her."

She pulled back slightly to look up at him with large eyes. "What do you mean?"

"This is Kagome upset and probably confused and scared. I think it will take some time before she feels comfortable enough here to be herself."

"Well", she replied wryly, "she'll be here long enough."

Chuckling as she quoted their middle son, he drew her closer to him.

"I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I'm not…"

"Don't worry. It will be. If she's anything like her father I'm sure she'll fit in great. It'll just take some time. You'll see."

She chewed on her lower lip, a nervous habit that never failed to catch his attention. "Alright…if you say so…"

"I do", he insisted, leaning down to put her lips to much better use, and dismissing the subject.

For now.

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