iMeet True Jackson

by scipiomask

[ sorry, this is the first story in a while ]

Spencer looked around the room, searching for his old laptop. It would be the perfect addition to his newest sculpture, called "Technologic". "Where'd I put it?" Spencer cried, looking around frantically for it. "I thought I left it in my room..."

The door to Spencer's Seattle apartment opened. Carly and Sam walked in, Sam vaguely mentioning something about ham. "Hey Spence," said Carly, "what's up?"

"I'm looking for my laptop."

"I thought you had it in your room," said Carly, "isn't it plugged in? On your desk?"

"No, my old laptop."

"Oh, I think its up in the iCarly studio," said Sam, "didn't we use it for that one bit?"

"Um, no," said Carly.

"Hah, then I did!" said Sam. "C'mon, I'll show you where it is."

The girls quickly ran up the stairs. Spencer was about to follow when he got a text. It was his friend Jimmy.

hey spenc. whats up

Spencer quickly responded,


at work. my job is boring

im sorry man. its been a long time since i saw u

maybe i'll get to seattle someday

maybe i'll go to nyc

Sam came down the stairs holding out Spencer's huge old laptop. "Thanks," he said, "you used it?"
"Yeah," said Sam, "I had to smash a bug."

"On iCarly?" Spencer cried out, "when you said...."

"Guys!" Carly came running down the stairs, almost tripping over herself. "Guess what?"