Author's note: Hi everybody! so i was looking through some of my notebooks and scribbled in a corner was "What if Kouichi never regained his memory?" and when i saw that i immediatelythought of this. i know, i know the last thing i need is another story but hey what the heck! so yeah haha. the poem kinda relates but it's where i got the title so i have to incorporate it somehow. oh and by the way my computer crashed so i lost like three or so chapter of "Things to Come" so that set me back a little anyway enjoy!

To Remember the Fallen

to remember the fallen
is not to remember how they fell
but to remember why and for what

to remember the fallen
is not only to remember their actions
but to remember the dream for which they fought

to remember the fallen
is not to remember how they fought
but to remember who they fought for

to remember the fallen
is to remember their reason
to remember their dreams
and to remember those they fought to save

to remember the fallen
we continue their fight
we carry their dreams
and we finish what they start

~Analissa Range

"Kouichi?" he heard a voice say but he was too bright to open his eyes so he simply nodded his head.

"Do you know where you are?" Kouichi slowly opened his eyes and let them slowly adjust to the light. When he didn't respond the doctor's face fell a little and he continued; "You're in the hospital. What's the last thing you remember?"

Slowly Kouichi pulled himself into a sitting position and thought for a moment. "Groceries, I was with my grandma buying groceries."

A shocked Ms. Kimura turned to the doctor and mouthed "She's been dead eight months."

The doctor nodded and turned back to the boy, "Ok Kouichi, what month is it?"

"October" he answered without a second's hesitation. His mother and the doctor turned to each other and exchanged worried looks.

"Just get some rest." the doctor said as he closed the curtain around the bed. Kouichi sat in a daze for a moment and tried to rationalize what was happening.

"Did I pass out?" he thought and tried to remember the last few hours, though they were a blur. "Why did mom have that look when I said I was with Grandma? Where IS Grandma?" Kouichi sighed heavily and laid back and tried to stop his throbbing headache.


"Retrograde amnesia is common with head injuries," the doctor explained to Ms. Kimura and the worried group of friends. "To him the last eight months never happened. We need to slowly, and gently, bring him up to speed. If it would help I'll tell him of his grandmother."

"Thank you, but I need to do it." Ms. Kimura said slumping into a chair and burying her head in her hands.


"So he won't remember us?" Kouichi heard a male voice ask, the voice sounded hesitant as though he didn't want to know the answer.

"If you met after October than I'm afraid not." the doctor answered.

"There's a chance though, right?" Kouichi heard another boy ask. This boy sounded about the same age as the first only his voice was more energetic.

"Seeing you might jog his memory but I don't want to get your hopes up." the doctor replied solemnly.

"Will he ever remember us?" a female voice asked, and she sounded as if she would burst into tears at any moment. The doctor's silence was enough for the girl and she let out a soft sob.

"Can we see him?" a younger voice asked.

"Not today, Ms. Kimura you should talk to him; the rest can see him tomorrow, visiting hours start at nine." The doctor said as he and Ms. Kimura walked around the curtain to Kouichi.

"Hey honey, are you feeling ok?" she asked, stroking his hair.

"I guess," Kouichi mumbled. "What's going on?"

Ms. Kimura sighed and pulled a chair up to his bed. "You had an accident. I don't know why, but you fell down the stairs at Shibuya Station and hit your head. It's June 27th." Kouichi sat stock-still and tried to let it all sink in.

"Where's Grandma?" he asked after a while. Ms. Kimura inhaled deeply and grabbed Kouichi's hands.

"She's not…well she…She's dead Kouichi," She said softly. "I'm sorry."

Kouichi stared blankly at his mother for a moment and for some reason this piece of information did not surprise him. "When?" he whispered without breaking eye contact.

"October 20th" She said, stroking his head again. Kouichi's eyes widened and he pulled away from his mother.

"But the last thing I re… It was the cancer wasn't it?" He mumbled burying his head in his head.

Ms. Kimura nodded and Pulled Kouichi into a hug. "You should get some rest. I'll be here in the morning. Go to sleep." and with that she left the room. Kouichi forced a small smile, rested head against his pillow and allowed himself to fall asleep.


Kouichi woke at the first light of the morning "Kouichi?" his mother groaned from the chair it appeared she had slept in. "You're up early. Do you remember anything?"

"No" he muttered sounding ashamed with himself. "There were other people here yesterday right? Who are they?" he asked, trying his best to hide his curiosity.

Ms. Kimura took a deep breath and gave Kouichi a remorseful look. "One of them was…he's your brother."

Kouichi just sat frozen in his spot. "No…but I don't have…" he trailed off looking confused.

"I'm sorry. He's your twin; he lives with your father. I-we never should have lied to you."

The two sat in silence and Kouichi refused to look at his mother until there was a knock on the door and the doctor entered.

"Feeling better?" the doctor asked and Kouichi shrugged. "Well you have some visitors if you're up to it." Kouichi immediately perked up.

"Yeah of course!" The doctor smiled and exited the room.

"I'll leave you guys alone. Don't tire yourself out," Ms. Kimura said as Kouichi reluctantly allowed her to kiss his forehead and follow the doctor from the room.

The room was silent for a moment before he heard shuffling outside of the room and he held his breath until the door was slowly pushed open.

Once the five kids were inside the room they all muttered greeting and stared intently at Kouichi who returned their gazes with curiosity.

"You have no idea who the hell we are do you?" Takuya asked a little crestfallen.

Kouichi just hung his head solemnly. "I know he's my brother but that's all. Sorry." the others exchanged glances and pulled chairs up to his bed.

"I'm Takuya, the little one's Tommy, that's J.P., she's Zoe and you're brother's Kouji." Takuya said, pointing to the others as he said their names. They all smile at him except Kouji who was staring intently at his lap.

"Do you guys know what happened to me?" Kouichi finally asked after an uncomfortable silence. The five exchanged nervous glances before answering.

"You fell down the stairs at Shibuya station," Takuya began.

"You were just trying to catch up to me," Kouji mumbled, still not making eye contact with his brother.

"Oh," was all Kouichi could say, it just seemed to his as if they were holding back a little.

"How do I know you guys?" Kouichi finally asked after a brief silence.

J.P. couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Now that, my friend, is were things get messy."

"Do you trust us?" Zoe whispered leaning towards Kouichi slightly. He was a little taken aback by this but nodded none-the-less.

"We met after you fell." Tommy said bluntly. Kouichi just stared incredulously at the group.

"Have you ever heard of a place called the Digital World?" Takuya asked with a slight smirk.