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Hello! Hello! Okay, so here is the deal. I have major writers block for my story Chat Room. If you have any idea's for the story PLEASE tell me! Anyways, I want to get my mind off of everything, so I'm going to start this story! WhOoT!!!

Warnings: Uchiha incest, language, angst, rape (Maybe…), some attempt at humor, Sakura/Ino bashing, Yaoi (boy on boy lovin)

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Sum: There are only three things Uchiha Itachi wants in life. Money, Power and gay sex. When his younger brother befriends the governess's grandson, everything falls into chaos. But what does Itachi care? He is the leader of the Gay Mafia! But he is lacking two if the three things- and that's not sex. Naruto might just be the key thing to get just what he wants… How far will one man go to get what he wants? (Sasuke x Naruto & Itachi x Deidara) (Mostly Sasuke x Naruto, however.) (Lots of other couples will be included as well!)


Gay Mafia

The Plan


"That Japanese-son-of-a-straight-bitch is going down!!"

A blonde, blue eyed boy stared at their so called "leader" with an amused look in his bright eyes. He shook his blond hair out of his eyes and swallowed a giggle. The boy's eyes raked up the figure of Uchiha Itachi, practically eye raping the man. The taller male was fashioned in a simple tight, black, long sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans. His raven black hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail at the nape of his neck and cascaded down his left shoulder. His bangs angled his beautifully shaped, pale face perfectly. His eyes were hard as usual, but shone brightly in the dim light. His pale pink lips were pulled back into a sneer as he continued blurt out insults about 'that Japanese-son-of-a-straight-bitch'.

Butit wasn't Itachi's looks that made the blond giggle, it was the fact that he was standing at the head of the table, his slender hands presses firmly on the wood, and between his hands laid a picture. A picture of their new x-member. But the thing is, the picture had a black, mini pocket knife stuck right into the face.

Itachi's mini pocket knife!

Deidara grinned. 'He is just like a little Chihuahua!' He mused with a some what of a childish grin 'He looks so cute and harmless, but if you get him mad he'll pull out his mini pocket kn-'

"Deidara! What in all of the gods names are you so giddy about?!" Itachi's voice rumbled through the room, snapping Deidara out of his thoughts, and making the blond blush.

All eyes turned to the blonde. The hot spot light was on him, he knew it, and he loved it! He could just jump on the table and start stripping to rave music, he felt so happy. He didn't though. Instead he simply smiled at his leader, in a not so innocent manor.

"Like, nothing Itachi-sama," Deidara practically purred his name. "I was just, ya' know, thinking about how that fashion disaster is going to get it, yeah!" The blond spoke in a girlish, slightly accented voice and flipped his hair. When Itachi stared at him in disbelief Deidara bated his thick, long, dark eyelashes at him and smiled even wider.

The Uchiha frowned in surprise. Was Deidara flirting with him? … Or was he teasing him?

Itachi rolled his eyes, thinking it best to just ignore the hot headed American boy (1) and deal with him some other day.

A long dead silence followed as everyone turned back to Itachi, waiting for him to finish.

"Huh? Oh! Anyways, you all know the plan- we will strike that bastard down, next Saturday, 7:30 PM shar-"Itachi was rudely interrupted by a strong knocking at the sturdy door. The Uchiha growled.


"Get your ass out here and drive me to school!" Was the angry, muffled reply.

Itachi rolled his eyes again and sighed. All at once he snapped around to glare death at a snickering that came from a red headed boy named Sasori. The red head became silent quickly and flushed a bright shade of pink. He looked down and mumbled an apology.

Itachi was silent for several seconds with a thoughtful look on his face. After about a minute he hissed out, "Meeting adjourned."


Uchiha Sasuke leaned back on his stool and glanced up at the clock for the umpteenth time in the past 30 seconds and sighed, again. Only ten minutes into class, and already he felt like slamming his face into the hard wood table. The young Uchiha has already had enough of all of the girls in class hanging over his shoulder and breathing down his back.

Girls! Oh, how he hated girls. Telling a girl "No." must mean "Reword the question and ask me again." in girl language. They just kept coming back!

Why didn't he just let Aniki (2) put him into an all boys school?

"Oh, Sasuke-kun! That is so pretty! How did you get such elegant strokes in the face?" The high pitched voice made Sasuke cringe and grip his pencil too tight. Slowly, he turned his head to look at the slut of the tenth grade.

"Ino, I would much appreciate it if you would not press your breasts into my neck like that." The boy hisses at the blond through grit teeth. The girl, however, didn't seem to take the hint. She just continued to smile at Sasuke, showing off her perfectly glossed lips and straight, white teeth.

"Umm, Sasuke-kun? I was wondering if maybe you and I could go to the movies tomorrow night." Ino asked innocently while slowly twirling blond strands of hair around her slim finger. Sasuke felt his eye twitch in annoyance.


"Alright, class, quiet down before I shove my swords down your throats!" Everyone went quiet and slowly turned to look at their teacher, wide eyed, none quiet sure if he would really do it, or if it was just a figure of speech. No one seemed to want to find out; everyone quickly sat down and turned their attention to the teacher. "Now," the man started. "Later on today, we are going to be getting a new student, and I expect each and every one of you to be nice to this boy." He paused, taking his take to stare down each of the students, adding a silent threat to anyone who acts against his wishes. "But, first, I need some one to volunteer to show the boy around school and all that noise."

"Oh! Zabuza-sensei!! I'll gladly show the new boy around!" Just as expected, Haku piped up first, waving his slender arm in the air franticly. Zabuza looked over at the cross dresser (3) and nodded with a small smile on his pale lips.

"Alright, Haku-kun, then it's your responsibility to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble." Haku nodded and smiled brightly at the teacher.

Sasuke snorted, and as soon as Zabuza turned away and started to talk about their new project, he turned to look at his friend. "Haku, I really think you should go after men your own age,"

"Shut up Sasuke!" Haku hissed back, glancing nervously at their teacher. "I can have him if I want!"

"Yeah, well I'm only saying that it would be a lot easy-"

"Sasuke-kun!! I was wondering if I could base my portrait off of you!" Ino's high, shrill voice rang in Sasuke's ear again.



Ok, so there's the first chapter of my new big story! I know, it was short, but if you review, then I promise that the chapters will get longer and better! (This one was crap) And, please, if you have any ideas for this story, let me know!!

(1) I am making Deidara an American, because I can, and he is also going to talk in text a lot!

(2) Aniki- the Japanese word for big brother. Sasuke always calls Itachi this.

(3) I made Haku a cross dresser, 'cause that's just so cute! So, all through the story, he is always going to be wearing girl clothes!