Hey, welcome to my first very first fanfic of Athrun and Cagalli. I got this idea one day listening to the song Perfect Match by the A*Teens, so stick around and enjoy :D

*Kira and Cagalli are not related

Chapter 1: Newlyweds

"You got the money, money, she's got the hottie body, we wanna party, party, hook it all up!" Cagalli Yula Atha sang along with Vanessa Hudgens.

"Ha ha, ok Cagalli we get it your a superstar, now get down,"her best friend Meer said, pulling her off the table.

"Your such a buzz kill Meer,"Cagalli said. "Come on, its the last night before we go to school tomorrow, LET'S PARTY!!" She yelled gulping down a shot of vodka.

"Ok, but dude you've had enjoy, literally." Meer said taking away the glass. "You're already wasted, now sit here while I get you some water."

Cagalli laid back on the couch waiting for Meer. "Having fun?"

Cagalli sat up to see Yuna Roma lustfully looking at her. "Ugh what do you want?"

"Nothing, just wanted to talk that's all." He said taking the seat right next to her.

"Sorry, not interested."Cagalli pushed him away but he grabbed on to her.

"Come Cagalli, don't be that way. Your my fiance after all."He said sliding his hand down her legs. Cagalli immediately slapped his hand away and punch him in the face.

"Eww, don't ever touch me again." Cagalli grabbed a can of beer and walked toward the balcony. Cagalli took a drink and inhaled the crisp air of Manhattan. "Ah, this feels great." Cagalli whispered to herself. She silently watched the midnight traffic sweeping the streets below her. She was feeling very anxious and excited. Tomorrow she would go back to Destiny Academy as a senior, and queen b. Oh, how she adored this city.

"Hey bad ass, get in here Sting wants to take us cruising in his father's hummer limo." Lunamaria called.

"Ok, chill dude I'm coming!"

*Monday Morning*

"BRR-RING!" Cagalli threw her alarm clock against the wall and turned in her covers.

"Ms. Cagalli, please you have to get up, you are going to be late." Asagi Caldwell shook her. Cagalli ignored her tyring to get back to sleep.

"Ms. Cagalli, its already 7:45 you only have fiften minutes." Cagalli shot up out of bed at this point.

"Ugh, Asagi why didn't you get me up earlier."

"I tried, but you kept ignoring me." Cagalli rolled her eyes and ran into the bathroom. She couldn't be late on the first day of senior year she thought to herself turning on her shower head. She was still a little bit hungover from last night's party. She had a little too much champagne in Sting's limo.

Cagalli stepped out of the shower and grabbed her towel. "Asagi, where's my uniform?" Cagalli called.

"On the bed Ms. Cagalli." Cagalli quickly dried herself and got changed. She had just finished her fixing her hair when the clock ready 7:55. She had only five minutes until the class was in session. She stuffed all her school supplies in her new Prada bag. She gave herself one more look over before grabbing her phone.

"Cagalli, your going to be late." Her father called from the breakfast table.

"Not even, I'll make it." Cagalli said kissing her father and running out the door. Cagalli ran down the hallway toward the elevator.

"Hey, hold the elevator!" The young business man caught the door just in time.

"Thanks, dude."

"No problem." The ride down was filled with an uncomfortable silence, until Cagalli's cellphone went off.


"Where the hell are you?" Meer said on the other end.

"I'm in the elevator, which is taking forever."

"Well, hurry up the first bell already rang and all the good sets are filling up fast."

"Save me one, I'll be there ok." Cagalli hanged up her phone as the elevator door opened. Cagalli ran passed the doorman and down the steps of the Palace. "Not a good day to wear Jimmy Choos." Cagalli muttered to herself. She finally got to the street and raised her hand for a taxi. It took her five minutes but one finally pulled up.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked.

"Destiny Academy and step on it," Cagalli answered. Destiny Academy finally approached after twenty minutes in the cab. Cagalli paid the cab driver and ran up the steps. Her clock ready 8:25, she was really late. Cagalli swiftly walked into the main office to pick up her schedule and late pass. She went to her locker to drop of her stuff. She found it already decorated, with a mirror, shelves, and pics. She already new it was her friends.

She checked her complexion, and fixed her hair before closing it. Cagalli walked to her first period class, which was chemistry. She stopped before opening the door. "Okay Cagalli, time for you big entrance."

Cagalli opened the door and stepped in. Every eye in the room was on her. She quickly glanced around to find her friends. Meer and the rest were in the back. There was no more available seats back there. "Nice of you to join us." Cagalli turned back her attention to the teacher. She silently gasped, her teacher was a tall gorgeous blonde.

"And you are?"

"Uh...Cagalli Yula Atha." Cagalli said handing him her pass.

"I'm Mr. La Flaga, have seat." Cagalli looked around for a seat, they only one available was between a blue haired kid and a girl with pink hair. She hadseen them before, and recognized them as Athrun Zala and Lacus Clyne. Cagalli slowly walked over giving them a smile. "Oh, great I'm stuck with these kids."


Athrun Zala was the first one to arrive to french class. The teacher hadn't even arrive yet. He took a seat right next to the window so he could feel the gentle wind. He was already sick of this school, and it had only been one hour. Times like this made him it was already time for graduation.

"Hey Zala," Athrun snapped out his daze to find Meyrin standing in front of him.

"Oh hey, finally a friendly face," Athrun said.

"So how do you like the day so far?" She asked taking the seat next to him.

"Its been a drag so far."


"I got stuck sitting next to barbie in chemistry."

"Oh, ouch."

"I was shocked that they let her be a senior, considering the fact she never showed up for class last year."

"What did you expect, her dad's donates a lot of money to the school"

"I know, but still."Athrun said looking outside the window. The bell rang and kids poured in. Athrun turned away from the window to see Cagalli walking in with Meer. He glared at her as walked to the back of the class room. He had always hated Cagalli, he felt she was waste of space and air. Athrun couldn't stand how she walked around thinking she owned the place.

"Earth to Athrun."Meyrin said waving her hand in front of his glasses.

"Oh sorry, looks who's in this class."Athrun answered . Meyrin turned her head around to see Cagalli on her phone.

"Just let it go, she's not worth your time."Meyrin said turning her attention to the teacher that just walked in.

""Monsieurs and Madames, please be quiet."Madame Badgiruel yelled over the class. "Now, lets begin French 4, open your books to page two."


Athrun closed his locker and walked out the front door. He and his friends love eating on the front steps. That had been there signature spot since freshman year. He looked around for his friends, and finally found them.

"Hey guys what's up?"

"That is." Lacus said pointing to Cagalli her friends. They had completely taken over their spot. Athrun glared at her before setting down his lunch and walking over to them.

Cagalli was enjoying this beautiful afternoon, chilling with her friends, and having a fabulous lunch. Little did she know her day was about to go up in smoke. She felt a shadow blocking her sun, she looked up to see Athrun Zala.

"Um excuse me your blocking my sun." Cagalli said

"You and your friends need to move, you're in our spot,"Athrun said. Cagalli looked up smirking at him. She dusted off her skirt before standing up to match his eye level.

"Really? I don't see your name, how bout you guys?" Cagalli asked.

"Nope, don't see a thing." Meer chimed in smirking at the blue-haired boy.

"Well,that just too bad."Cagalli said turning back to her friends. Athrun glared at her before storming off.

"Let's go."Athrun said to his friends going back inside.

*Last Period*

Cagalli sat herself in the middle of the classroom. It was the last period of the day and already she had a bunch of homework. Unfortunately, it was her Life Skills class. All her friends had earlier in the day, her only companion was Sting who sat next to her. Cagalli moved her pen between her fingers waiting for the bell to ring. She glanced at the door the moment Athrun walked in with Meyrin.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me."Athrun mumbled under his breath.

"Well, nice to see you too sunshine."Cagalli flashed a great big fake smile before rolling her eyes. Athrun ignored her comment and directed Meyrin to the back. The bell finally rang and all students filed in.

"Settle down everyone."Ms. Ramius said setting her stuff on her desk. "Welcome to Life Skills, my fellow seniors."The class cheered toward that remark.

"This class will teach you how the world works outside your parent's money."She said sternly. Cagalli rolled her eyes, this class was going to be so boring. She looked over at Sting who was already practically asleep.

"Ok let us get started, everyone line up."Ms. Ramius said grabbing a notebook. "Now of all of you will pick a paper out this bowl, this will determine the job you'll have for the rest of the year." One by one each student grabbed a paper. It was finally Cagalli's turn, she grab a piece of paper.

"What do you have Ms. Atha?"

"Ugh...are you serious, I'm a wedding planner."She answered. Ms. Ramius jogged down her profession and moved on. Cagalli walked over to Sting, standing near the window. "What did you get?"

"I'm a piliot."

"Ew, this is stupid and a complete waste of time."

"How about you?"

"wedding planner."

"You know nothing about weddings."

"My point exactly." Cagalli answered. Ms. Ramius finished her notation and started handing out slips of paper.

"All of you have a number, look for the person with same number please." Cagalli slowly walked around looking for the lucky person who had the number eighteen. She had already asked half the class, but nothing. She came across Athrun and Meyrin, knowing her luck it was definitely going to be either one.

"Which one of you have the number eighteen?"Cagalli asked.

"Oh no."Athrun said.

"Predictable."Cagalli said under her breath.

"Now that everyone is paired, ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to your spouses for the remainder of year." A tense silence fell among the classroom, it quickly replace with complains.

"ENOUGH!"Ms. Ramius yelled. "I swear your a bunch of babies, now all of you are going to suck it up." The class fell silence again as the went back to the their seats. "Your first assignment for tomorrow, is give me a rough draft of your financial future." She said."That means you and your partner will be talking during this course and working TOGETHER, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Ms. Ramius." the class replied. She finished up the class by handing each student a packet on their finicail situation.

"Good, class is over." The bell rang and the students filed out slowly, dreading the upcoming year. Cagalli stayed behind gathering her stuff, she watched as Athrun talk to Ms. Ramius."

"Please, ma'am anyone but her."

"I'm sorry Mr. Zala you two will have to get along."

"She's a complete nightmare, rude, selfish, slow, and a huge pain in the ass." Cagalli now was mad, she had been called crude things in the past but he didn't even know her.

"If you have something to say I would appreciate if you said them to my face."Cagalli said walking up next to him.

"I'm sorry, I'll start again you're rude, selfish, not that bright, and oh a complete bitch."

"Like I never heard that before. You're incompetent, temperamental, and a straight up freak." Cagalli replied.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!"Ms. Ramius yelled breaking up the fight. "You two will be partners in this project, you get along oh so help me God, understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

Athrun and Cagalli filed out her room in complete silence. It was Cagalli who finally spoke up. "Let's make this clear, you don't like me and I loathe you. Let's pretend to play nice, pass, graduate, and never see each other again, agreed?"Cagalli asked reaching out her perfectly manicured hand.

"Agreed."Athrun mumbled taking her hand.

"Good, I pronounce us newlyweds handsome."Cagalli said before walking away to catch up with her friends. Athrun stared at her before he turned the other way. What a great way to start a year huh?