A/n: Alright so this is a new story!!! its an idea so if you guys don't like it….i might continue it or…I might not. But my dad is a firefighter so he is my inspiration. And Edward of course!

So here goes nothing….!


I was upstairs in my bedroom like any other day. My Ipod was sitting in the doc. I put it on shuffle so I didn't have to listen to them in the boring old alphabetical order.

I walked up to my closet and opened the doors.

What glamorous outfit should I wear today? I asked myself.

Well it wouldn't matter anyways because as soon as I got to Alice and Rose's house they would go Bella Barbie on me. That's what most of my nightmares are about….

But they were like sisters to me and I let them do whatever they wanted to me even if it was like sitting through hell.

I pulled out a blue tank top and a pair of blue and gray, plaid Bermuda shorts, then shut the closet doors and walked over to my bed.

I laid the clothes out on the bed and went to my jewelry box. I picked out a pair of blue earrings with white polka-dots on them and a couple of bangles which were blue and silver.

I changed into the outfit I just picked out and put on all the jewelry. I didn't bother with make-up because for one, I didn't know how to put it on and two, Alice and Rose would yell at me for doing it wrong and would fix it anyways.

My hair just hung loose around my shoulders in soft, natural curls. I tucked a couple of strands behind my ears and grabbed my purse off of my desk.

When I was about to turn the doorknob I noticed it was unusually warm. I didn't think that my parents would have the heat up that high because it was nice out today. I just assumed it was my hand that was warm and not the door knob.

But that was a big mistake.

As soon as I opened the door I immediately was wrapped in a blanket of heat. It smelled like smoke and I noticed the smoke detectors were going off. Then I was coughing. The smoke was filling my lungs now.

I threw my purse back into my room and got down on all fours. I started crawling to my parent's room but before I could reach it flames leaped up and blocked my entrance and possibly my parents exit.

I started crying not just because I knew my parents might die in a couple minutes but because the smoke was burning my eyes. I yelled my mom and dads name as loud as I could.


But I was just answered by the sound of spreading flames.

I mean seriously, in the rainiest town in the Continental U.S. we have a house fire. I mean out of all the days it doesn't rain…it just had to be this one.

But I had no time to think about that. I needed to find a way to escape. I knew that I only had about 10 to 15 minutes or I was a goner.

I continued to crawl around on the floor hoping that my parents had both left for work and they wouldn't die. I could live with dying but I couldn't live with not having them in my life.

I reached the stairwell… or at least I was pretty sure it was the stairwell. Flames were on either side of it and I knew I wouldn't make it in time and I would most likely be trapped. So I turned around and started crawling towards the bathroom where there was a window and a closet full of sheets and towels I could make a rope out of.

I continued coughing and I could barely breathe. I was steadily inhaling smoke and choking each time. My throat burned and my eyes stung.

The room around me was getting hotter as the flames rose. I couldn't see any thing except for gray haze anymore. My pace was slowing and my face was stinging.

I finally stopped and fell to my stomach. With all the energy I had left I rolled over on to my back. My eyes drooped and closed.

I didn't have all those memories of my whole life just the ones that happened recently.

I remembered last night's dinner and how we were all laughing and having fun at the dinner table. Then before I went to bed that fight me and my dad had I didn't say goodnight to him or that I loved him. I just simply yelled 'I hate you!' and slammed my door shut.

A tear rolled down my face. I did love my dad. I didn't hate him at all. But I would never get to tell him that.

Then I remembered yesterday afternoon when me Alice and Rose went to the mall and checked out all the hot guys. Then Alice pulling me into every dressing room in every store then we all went to the salon and got the Spa Special.

I laughed a little at our good times but cried too because I would never see them again.

My life was over and I was only 18. I didn't want to die.

My face was extremely painful now and I was losing consciousness.

The last thing I remembered before I went unconscious was the sound of breathing through an air tank.

That was it for me. My life was over.

A/n: Okay I know its short but that's how I wanted it…

I hope you liked it and want to read more!