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Pairing: Edward/Bella

Rating: A little dirtier than normal.

Cooking with Bella Swan!

A Collection of Lemony Events

Naked. Covered in chocolate. And so surprised that their muscles had frozen with fear. Who else would manage to get themselves into such a compromising situation besides Bella and Edward? Here's how it happened.


Edward walked into his living room after a game of baseball with his family. At the end of the game everyone had went their separate ways and Edward had ended up being the only one coming home. He sighed and thought of Bella enjoying her vacation in Seattle that Charlie treated them to every few months. She was probably as bored as he was. Just as he had taken off his shoes and prepared to relax, he heard a rattle in the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen and was frozen mid-step by what he saw. Bella stood at his counter, stirring something, wearing nothing but lacy things that could hardly count as underwear.

Bella stopped stirring her concoction when she heard Edward's gasp. She ran her finger along the inside of the bowl. I thought you guys might like some brownies. There's some already in the oven. She turned and looked at him. You guys do like chocolate, don't you? Bella slowly licked the batter from the tip of her finger. She smiled as she watched Edward's gaze drift over her body. His expression was a mixture of surprise and lust.

It seemed as if it took Edward two seconds to close the space between them. So this is you idea of a surprise? Edward whispered in her ear.

He trailed his lips across the tender spot behind her left ear. To seduce me by baking in just underwear?

His tongue gently stroked her earlobe before he took it between his teeth and bit softly. Bella pressed herself closer to him and moaned.

In the kitchen, Bella? Do you want to take you on the counter, or perhaps up against the refrigerator? he whispered huskily in her ear.

His finger hooked under the thin elastic of her panties. Bella let out a small groan. Edward had always refrained from actually talking about the sex they had, but this sudden change was driving Bella mad.

Bella grabbed his hips and ground against him. But this time, I intend to take you. Before Edward knew it, Bella had switched places with him and had Edward pressed against the counter.

I feel like taking the upper hand today. Is that okay with you, Edward? Bella ran her tongue gently along his ear. The rhythm of his breathing became jagged for a second. Mm. I'll take that as a yes. Bella responded. She began to kiss along his jaw slowly, enjoying the taste that only Edward had. She trailed her hands up and down his sides. She kissed along his collar bone until her lips met with fabric.

Take it off. Bella commanded, breathing huskily. It took long enough for Bella to blink before she saw Edward's shirt on the floor beside them. She continued her trek down his chest. She felt his heart beat quickly under in his chest, and the tenseness of his muscles.

Bella was just unbuttoning his jeans when she heard Edward speak. Bella, his voice was also tense, Are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to.

Bella giggled. Of course I don't have to, but I want to. She pulled the zipper down. Now just relax and enjoy yourself please Edward.

Edward sighed and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. She yanked his pants and boxers down in one pull.

Whoa. Bella thought. Wow. She had never been so up close and personal with little Edward. Quite frankly, the size surprised her.

Forget it. Bella thought. Let's do this. She took him into her mouth. She felt Edward twitch under her and began to build up a slow rhythm.

Before long she had gained momentum. Suddenly, Edward's voice broke her concentration and rhythm.

Ah, Bella, if we're ever going to, um, get to the main course, I think we better stop. She noticed his voice was shaky, and a little higher than normal. Bella got up slowly.

Now I can do with you as I please. Bella looked at him confused before Edward swept her off her feet, moved the mixing bowls aside on the counter and sat her down there. Bella smiled.

She was reaching back to undo her bra when Edward interrupted her. Not so fast. I think we can have a little fun before we get carried away. He took his finger and scooped a bit of the batter and put it on her cheek. It looks like you have something on your face. Let me get it off for you. Bella giggled as he proceeded to use his mouth to remove the batter.

Soon both Bella and Edward were covered in chocolate and completely nude. Edward kissed on the inside of her thigh. Bella's breathing quickened. He kissed higher and higher until her reached where her legs met.

Bella let out a small exhale of breath. Edward continued his small licks between kisses. He felt the tenseness of her muscles. She ran her hand through his hair.

Bella was now emitting so many gasps and sighs that if someone were to walk in right at the moment, there would be no question as to what they were doing. Edward felt her start to shiver and quickened his tongue. Bella's nails were scratching relentlessly on the marble counter when she felt the tingle of her orgasm start. She let out a squeal as her orgasm hit her full force.

Edward kissed his way back up her body. Was that my name being screamed that I heard? he chuckled smugly.

Very funny. You must think you're God's gift to women now, but are you up for a repeat performance? Bella teased.

Repeat performance you want, repeat performance you shall have. Edward laughed as he picked Bella up once again and carried her over to the wide kitchen table.

She lay back and wrapped her legs around him. Ready? Set. Go. She ordered. Edward smirked and thrust into her quickly. She moaned at the long awaited sensation. Forget the build up, let's head straight for the finish line. Bella moaned; Edward obliged by setting a very quick pace.

Edward felt as if he were on cloud nine as he watched Bella's back arch repeatedly. Having been through medical school, he knew females had more nerve endings. If he felt like he was on cloud nine, Bella must be singing with the angels. She had her eyes screwed shut tightly, and was moaning breathlessly. He knew that she must be close to the tipping point.

Edward felt the first slight rumblings of his orgasm and knew that he had to get Bella overboard and fast. He reached his hand down between them to touch her. Bella arched forward with surprising pleasure at the gesture.

Oh! she groaned as she pressed her face into his bare chest. She shivered as wave after wave of pleasure shook her body. Edward cursed quietly as his orgasm finally arrived.

Edward wrapped his arms around her and held her, bare chest to bare chest. I love you so much. I'm so glad you're all mine, my wife. And your amazing sex ideas never hurt either.

He chuckled as Bella just nodded her head and muttered a response. Ditto. she said, breathing hard. He knew she was often reduced to one word sentences after such sexual rendezvous.

He was planting a small kiss onto her head when he heard the front door slam. He heard running feet nearing the kitchen and a surprised voice.

Oh man! Is someone baking brownies?! Emmett yelled.

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