Chapter 1


As I walked away from the academy and Lissa I didn't look back. I knew I had broken her heart but I was doing this for me. I owed it to him. I knew lissa had people who would take care of her but Dimitri was alone I was all he had.

I started out for Missoula; I needed to get to the bank. I heard a car coming and stuck out my hand. Crap! I said as the car went by. I really hoped that I wouldn't have to walk the whole way. About 20 minutes later another car came; again I stuck out my hand. The car stopped and I got in. the driver was in about his mid thirties and he didn't look like a creep but I knew from experience that looks could be deceiving.

"Where you goin?" he asked.


"cool I'm on my way there I can give you a ride if you want." He smiled.

"thanks." I said.

We didn't talk much during the drive he seemed to sense that I was in no mood for conversation.

"Well here you go." He said as he dropped me of.

"Thanks." I said and managed to give him a little smile or the closest thing. I entered the bank about fifteen minutes to closing and was received by an annoyed secretary.

"How can I help you." She snapped.

"My name is Rose Hathaway, I'm here about an account set up for me by Adrian Ivazhkov." She looked through some papers and instantly her mood brightened.

"Oh yes I just need you to sign a few things and show me your ID." I signed and showed my ID and she handed me a debit card to me.

"That should do it." Out of curiosity ii asked how much was in the account.

"50,000 and Mr. Ivashkov said to add more if you ever run low." I balked, geese Adrian really went overboard. I thanked the lady reluctantly and left. I still had a few hours of sunlight left so I got on the next bus to Spokane and sat back to relax.