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Insatiable (Wed. Feb. 24)

Tumbling over the climax into the peak of pleasure, my body fell on top of hers, covering her small frame nearly completely with my own. I gasped for breath, utterly spent from our love making. Our naked chests pressed together with hearts hammering away in near unison. Her hands, once grasping at my sides, and her legs, once squeezing around my hips, fell with a soft thump against the mattress. I breathed in her scent, tasting the saltiness of her skin as I placed a kiss on her shoulder.

"Am I too heavy?" I softly panted.

"No," she breathed.

We lay like that until our hearts started to calm and our breathing returned to near normal. After a few minutes, my lips found her neck, her ear, and her shoulder again. I sipped at her skin, enjoying the feel of having her beneath me and wondering how in the name of all that is holy I had ever managed to live without her.

She moaned, which brought my attention to her face. I rose up enough to see her closed eyes and her lips turned up in a satisfied, barely-there smile. I kissed the corner of her mouth and mumbled, "You ok?"

She chuckled, "Why do you always ask that?"

"Because I don't—"

She cut me off with a slap on my rear. "If you ever hurt me, I would let you know. So stop asking."

We kissed. Again. And again. The lazy post coital kisses of two people who simply couldn't get enough of each other's kisses. Until the kisses deepened and intensified. Until passion began to flare yet again.

"Ummmm… God…" Lois groaned against my mouth. "You are seriously insatiable."

"Is that a bad thing?" I grinned.

"Hey, I'm not complaining, just stating the obvious."

I kissed my way down her throat to her collarbone and lower to her chest. I worshiped the rounded swell of her breasts with my mouth and nuzzled against her cleavage, listening to her heart rate as it started to pick up speed once more. "This is my favorite part of your body," I said, my hand lightly grazing the side of her breast.

"Men are always so fascinated with boobs," she stated.

"That's because we don't have them." I kissed each breast and then looked up into her dark eyes. "We're fascinated with everything that's different about women." I emphasized my point with a small push of my hips against her center.

"I see that," she sighed. "I have to tell you, in all honesty, I have never had this much sex. Ever. Even when I was a teenager."

I furrowed my brow. "How old were you when you first had sex?"

"Sixteen. And it was horrible."

"My first time was amazing," I said, kissing her breast again. "So was my second time. And the third."

She laughed. "So you've never had bad sex?"

I looked up at her and didn't say a word, which only made her laugh more.

The vibration of her laughter sent a shock wave to my groin, and I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue suggest the action I wanted to take with other parts of my body.

"God, you're just ravenous when it comes to sex!" she exclaimed.

I rose up on my arms so I could look down at her. "You say that as if it's hard to believe."


"Well what? I spent years without you. I'm not wasting another moment."

"But that's just it. You spent years without any sex."

I frowned. "What's your point?"

"It's hard to believe."

"What is?"

"That someone with such an unquenchable sex drive would go for so long without sex."

"I swear to you, Lois, I have never made love to anyone but you."

"But did you have sex?"

"I just said I didn't."

"No, Clark, you said you didn't make love. That's different from sex."

I smirked. "No part of my body has ever entered another person's body. How about that?"

She tilted her head from side to side. "Ok. But it's still hard to take in."

"Why?" I kissed her mouth. "Why is it so hard to believe…" I kissed her neck. "…that I loved you so much…" I kissed the other side of her neck. "…that I didn't want…" I kissed her shoulder. "…to be with anyone else?" I kissed her breasts.

"Because it was so long. Decades. We make love two, three times a night. It's hard to comprehend how a man with your sexual appetite went that long without an orgasm."

The kisses to her chest and mid-section never faltered. "I never said I didn't have an orgasm."

I could feel the change in her body. "What?"

By now I was kissing her stomach and swirling my tongue around her belly button. "You don't have to have intercourse to have an orgasm, Lois."


I stopped and smiled at her. "It's called masturbation, Lois. I'm sure you've heard of it."

She blinked, gaping back at me. "Of course I've heard of it, I just… I mean… I never thought… I mean… you? You did?"

I couldn't resist laughing at her now. "What did you think? I mean, come on." I curled up next to her side. "I'm a man, Lois. I'm not human but I still get turned on the same way. And it gets frustrating. There's only so much a man can take before he has to relieve some of the frustration of not being able to be with the woman he loves."

"But you're so… so… good. Decent. Moral."

"Yes, I have morals. That's why I never slept with any other woman. Which is why I was frustrated. Which is why I would take care of things on my own."

She shook her head, an astonished smile on her face. I figured she needed some more convincing.

"You wear the sexiest clothes to work. Tight skirts with slits that show your whole leg. Plunging neck lines. And that one silk blouse. Oh man." I rolled my eyes back into my head. "That peach silk blouse was always torture. You wouldn't wear a bra sometimes, and if the air conditioning hit you just right, well… a man doesn't need X-ray vision to see what's going on underneath. It was pure torture."

She rolled onto her side, looking at me in shock. "You're kidding me? I never knew that my clothes turned you on."

"Lois, seriously. Everything about you turns me on. Always has. I just… couldn't show it. And flying with you…" I crumbled back against the bed. "Having you in my arms with you holding onto me. I always had to take a moment after flying with you."

She gasped. "You mean you would take that kind of a moment… after flying with me?"

"No," I grinned. "Well, not every time. It was more like a moment to um… calm myself down. You know."

She smirked. "Talk yourself out of a raging erection."

"Yes," I chuckled. "Exactly."

"Well, what do you know/"


"I thought I was the only one."

"Only one what?"

"To get turned on by flying. You fly all the time, every day, but it was a rare experience for me. And it always left me… wanting… more."

I slid against her, pulling her leg over my hip and settling myself against her center. "You weren't the only one. I've always wanted more when it comes to you. And I always will." I kissed her slowly. "I didn't think this would surprise a forward thinking woman like yourself."

"I guess I thought that since you were raised very conservatively that you would see such behavior as inappropriate."

"You mean as Clark or Superman?"

"Ok, wait. I never thought of you – Clark – in that way until a few years ago when I found out you were one and the same."

"Ouch. But fair enough."

She smiled. "And Superman has always been conservative. Such a boy scout. Doing the right thing. Not putting a toe out of line."

"Right, because having premarital sex which resulted in a child being born out of wed lock is the conservative way of doing the right thing.

She smirked at me.

"I'm just pointing out the facts," I explained.

"And I'm just saying that I thought of you differently."

"Sorry to burst your bubble."

"You didn't. Knowing the reality is so much better than the fantasy."

I smiled. "Really?"

"Absolutely. Because that goody-two-shoes version of you would never do the wicked things the real you does to me in bed."

"I am always happy – and willing – to oblige all your wicked desires in bed, Lois."

"And I'm always happy – and willing – to be on the receiving end of any of those wicked maneuvers."

"Good," I grinned mischievously. "Because I have a whole list of scandalous things I'd like to try eventually."

Her hand stroked me intimately. "Like what?"

"Well…do you like… acrobats?"

"Only if you're the one taking me for a tumble," she purred.

And I proceeded to test out something I'd heard described a few years ago.