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The memories hit me hard the second I saw that street sign. Stupid Forks. I wanted to be here now about as much as I did the last time I came. However, I was no longer silly-sweet-fragile-Bella. I quit being that person one hundred and twenty six years, six months, and nineteen days ago. Of course, then I went to broken-blank-catatonic-Bella. Then I found out I have several very diverse, easily distractible personalities. In six months I went on to become kill-the-redheaded-bitch-who-killed-my-father-and-damned-me-to-this-loneliness-for-eternity-Bella. I so did. Ripped her shred to shred as slow as possible . Then I sat there laughing while she burned. Then I got bored and reverted to live-in-the-meadow-for-twenty-six-years-like-an-insane-lunatic-Bella. It was nice.

"Thinking about Idiot? Or narrating your own life again?" My oh-so-subtle sister asked as she popped my little crazy Bella bubble.

"Eh, a little of both I guess. How about you, twin? All excited you get to bust out the slutiness without Uncle catching on to everything?"

She just giggled. Knowing her I was right. So I giggled back.

Nico is my best friend. I owe all too much to my baby sister. She found me as crazy-meadow-Bella and without her I would've never found my family. Maybe eventually, since it was my idea and not hers, but not before another fifty years or so of crazy-meadow-Bella. Without her it would've have been a much less pleasant experience. Lucky us, Daddy was impressed by our charm, our bond, and our resemblance to his late wife. Uncle was impressed with our abilities. Jerky was just amused with the entire situation and found the story of crazy meadow Bella quite funny. They all thought our 'spunk' was pretty humorous too. We just kind of walked into Volterra one day and told the secretary we had a meeting with the brothers. She immediately accepted that her weak human mind simply forgot it and set up the meeting. When the time came we waltzed in there, smiles plastered on our faces, and told them we wanted their last name. They were nowhere near as amused as us and twenty times more confused. When we finally finished laughing we explained that we hoped to join the guard and demonstrated our abilities. Daddy, however, decided he wanted to keep us. Another round of confusion came and went and within an hour we became Isabella and Nicolette Volturi. Okay, more technically we became Isabella Marie Swan Volturi and Nicolette Isabella Dwyer Volturi, Princesses of Volterra.

We are true vampire royalty.

"True royalty about to attend freaking Forks High School." Nico grumpily stated.

Out of my head, Twin. Not my fault.

"I'm not the reason they had to get a new pool"

No. You're the reason they had to reconstruct an entire wing.

She giggled. "Who put the whoopee cushion under Jerky, Twin?"

Rearranging all the books in the library?

"So I organized them by scent, and? I never changed all the locks in the castle without giving anyone a key"

No you didn't, we did. I giggled this time.

And so the conversation went for a few more minutes as we drove through my hometown. We were in hysterics by the time we finally pulled into the drive of whatever Daddy had decided would be a suitable home for us. The second I looked up, however, I stopped breathing.




She squealed. "Daddy and I talked about it after we got to Volterra. He wanted to keep it for you. I believe you are now…" She thought for a moment, "Your niece's great, great, great, great granddaughter."

I was stunned.

Not a second too late, my cell started ringing.

"Daddy!" I squealed, "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!"

He chuckled.

"You're very welcome Isabella. This is for you and Nicolette both now. We, of course, had to make a few additions to make it suitable for my only daughters to live in. The original rooms are untouched though so you may do what you see fit there."

"Thank you so much. This is unbelievable! How come you never told me?"

"Well it was a surprise we had saved up for this very special day." He replied. Crazyoldvampiresaywhat? "Happy Birthday Isabella"

Oh. Yay.

It so wasn't even my real birthday. I have four birthdays. Yea, it gets confusing.

We wrapped up the conversation after I thanked him a hundred more times and we finally went inside to explore.

Everything was the same as the day I left. Well, except somebody was nice enough to clean up Charlie's blood from the floor. That was nice. I didn't need that reminder. Though I should have known when he said "suitable" he meant buying out both of our neighbors, adding two wings, a third floor, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a privacy fence. Go figure though, that is so Daddy.

It didn't take long for us to settle into the swimming pool and discuss our plans for the following day. We would start off as sophomores.

How unbelievably exciting.

"Oh, you're not going to do the sarcastic-emo-Bella are you?" asked Nicolette. Being nosy again I guess.

"Maybe for a day. I was thinking I would stick with there-are-too-many-Bellas-to-keep-track-of-anymore-Bella. That could work out amusing."

"Yes, indeed. We should try not to get suspended though. Daddy's already pretty upset about the two hundred and sixty seven tutors that quit."

"Not my fault they were all dumber than a box of rocks." I retorted.

Who's the baby daddy? You should be able to figure it out. If not, shame on you.