Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, just borrowing them for a while, although I wouldn't mind having a Spike of my own. The story is mine, though.

Spoilers: The Pack

Notes/Summary: I have always been one of those people who thought that when the group de possessed Xander it just made the hyena weak . . . making it easier for Xander to control, since he was the leader of the pack and the strongest. I don't want to ruin it by giving too much info about the actual fic. So all you're getting is {Hyena's thoughts} and [Xander's thoughts]. Enjoy! :)

AN: This is another old fic. It was written to ring in 2005 new year. I just stumbled upon the disc with them on so I thought I'd post them for sentimental value.

Giles, Buffy, Riley, Willow, Tara, Spike, and Xander were gathered in Buffy's living room watching the countdown to the New Year.

They had taken the night off from patrolling and decided to have a small get together/party to ring in the new year.

Buffy, Giles, and Riley were seated together talking animatedly about a new demon or prophesy . . . or a shoe sale of some kind for all Xander could tell.

He wasn't really paying attention to Willow and Tara, who were talking about a new spell they wanted to try later, either.

No. The only one he was paying attention to was Spike, under his lashes and out of the corner of his eye of course so as not to draw any attention.

He didn't know when or how the 'Bleached Menace' had become part of his semi-happy little family.

[Guess it doesn't really matter. He is part of us now. Family.]

{He is Pack. Possible mate.}

If Xander listened to the little voice in his head [No, I'm not crazy. There really is a voice.] he'd say pack and possible mate but he didn't listen to that voice anymore. It only seemed to get him in trouble when he did so he pushed that little voice further back in his mind and then steadfastly ignored it. But if he were to listen to it [Not that I am or ever will] he'd have to admit that it was right. They were like his pack, protecting and taking care of each other. And Spike did have that special something. Maybe it was just the demon or maybe just Spike himself. Spike was pretty yummy. [So not having lusty feelings for Spike. Nope, no way, nu-uh, no how.]

He was pulled out of his thoughts by Willow squealing. He looked at the TV to see that the countdown was already in progress.

[Great, another New Year with no one to ring it in with. Pathetic much?]

{You have someone. Take him!}

[So not listening]

{Take him you pathetic human. He is pack. Therefore, he is ours! Now take him!}

[Oh what the hell? What have I got to lose?]

As the ball dropped on TV and everyone shouted "Happy New Year." Willow kissed Tara, Riley kissed Buffy, and Xander kissed Spike who, to Xander's surprise and the Hyena's delight, kissed back.

The End