This is the scene in City of Glass where Jace yells at Clary from his point of view

hope you enjoy it :]

Jace POV


The door slammed shut. Aline and I pulled back at the same time turning to see Clary standing in the doorway. Wearing shadowhunting gear none the less.

What is she doing here?! My thoughts screamed at me in horror and confusion. Her face! She was staring at me with astonishment and horror her eyes wide.

Aline's voice quickly cut through my confused thoughts. "Excuse me. Who are you?"

I couldn't even look at Aline, disgust for what Clary had just seen flowed through me. I stared at Clary incredulously and felt the blood drain from my face. No! She couldn't be here! It wasn't possible. I quickly pushed the thoughts away trying to find a way to get Clary home and away from here.

"Aline." I said in a flat voice barely hiding my anger. "This is my sister, Clary." I hated the word. Sister! If there is a god he loves to tourture me with that word.

"Oh. Oh. Sorry! What a way to meet you. Hi, I'm Aline" Aline said clearly embarrassed but holding her hand out anyways.

Clary's eyes were still shocked but I know her well enough to see the disgust in her eyes. Clary wouldn't touch Aline, not now not ever.

I grasped Aline's shoulders and whispered in her ear, "Go. trust me." Aline was surprised but left without a word.

I let the mask on my face drop so she could see my thoughts clearly. My worst nightmare had come to find me in the waking world. To be alone with her was a blessing and a curse, but now it was just a curse.

"Jace." She said coming closer to me. I backed away longing not to.

"What in the name of the Angel, Clary, are you doing here?" I spoke roughly concealing my true feelings with anger.

She looked hurt and the sight cut me to the heart but i couldnt let her see that. "You could at least pretend you were glad to see me. Even a little bit." she said in a hurt voice.

"I'm not glad to see you." I lied i did want to see her. all the time i did, but i couldn't bear the thought of her being here and in danger. "Not even a little bit." I hated the words as they left my mouth but i couldn't take them back not now. i have to make her go home and hurting her is the only way to do it.

i clenched my thin wrist feeling the rough edges of my bitten nails. Worry for Clary and her safety had me eating less and constantly biting.

"This isn't you, I hate it when you act like this-" She said and i agreed i hate it too.

"Oh, you hate it do you? well, id better stop doing it then hadn't i? I mean, you do everything i ask you to do." I snapped being cruel and sarcastic. I hated myself for it.

She started snapping at me then instantly furious. "You had no right to do what you did! Lying to me like that. You had no right-"

"I had every right!" I shouted at her surprising myself with actual anger. Some small part of my mind registered that i had never shouted at her before. "I had every right, you stupid, stupid girl.I'm your brother and i-"

She cut me off with anger of her own. "And you what? You own me? You don't own me, whether you're my brother or not!"

Alec chose this moment to appear flinging the door open incredulous. "What in all possible dimensions is going on here?" Alec asked in amazement. "Are you two trying to kill each other?"

I instantly fixed my face into the icy mask, deceptively calm. I said in a icy voice trying to look uninterested. "Not at all, Clary was just leaving."

"Good" Alec said, "because i need to talk to you Jace." giving me a meaningful look.

"Doesnt anyone in this house ever say, 'Hi nice to see you', anymore?" Clary demanded in irritation.

I knew from experience how easy it is to guilt Alec so i didn't surprise me when he said, "It is good to see you Clary, except of course for the fact that you aren't really supposed to be here. Isabelle told me you got here on you're own somehow, and I'm impressed-" OK well that last part surprised me so i cut him off.

"Coulkd you not encourage her?" I asked him sharply.

Alec continued ignoring me. " But i really, really need to talk to Jace about something. Can you give us a few minutes?"

Clary wasn't going to have that. "I need to talk to him too about out mother-" The words our mother stabbed me like a knife. I didn't consider Clary's mother my own. She abandoned me regardless of Clary saying she thought i was dead.

"I don't feel like talking, to either of you, as a matter of fact." I said cooly.

"Yes you do. You really want to talk to me about this." Alec said earnestly. I pretended not to consider his words but they struck curiosity in me.

Ignoring Alec i turned my cool gaze to Clary. " i doubt that. You didnt come here alone did you?" I said slowly horror sinking in once again as i realized how much worse this could get. " Who came with you?"

Clary seamed guilty but realized there was no point in lying, as i would figure it out eventually. "Luke." Oh no. "Luke came with me."

Dammit. I don't know how this could get any worse. The blood that had just recently returned to my face left again. "But Luke is a downworlder. Do you know what the Clave does to unregistered Downworlders who come into the Glass City- who cross the wards without permission? Coming into Idris is one thing. but entering Alicante? Without telling anyone?" I couldn't believe how stupid she could be sometimes.

"No" Clary whispered like a child who got caught doing something they knew was wrong. " but i know what you're going to say-"

"That if you and Luke dont get back to New York immediately, youll find out? This is what i want i reminded myself i want her to go back to New York and stay there. I was desperate and defeated there is no way it could get any worse then this. She read the sadness in my eyes and it shocked her. After all i was the one threatening her.

"Jace." Alec said panicky, "Haven't you wondered where I've been all day?"

i had wondered but i played it off, "That's a new coat you're wearing. I figure you went shopping. Though why you're so eager to bother me about it, i have no idea."

That angered him, "I didnt go shopping, I went-"

The door opened once again and Isabelle cam in with a smug expression looking at Clary. "I told you he'd freak out didn't i? She said shaking her head.

the interuption gave me a chance to add to the tension with a sarcastic joke, "Ah the i told you so, Always a classy move."

Clary stared at me horrified her voice a whisper, "How can you joke? You just threatened Luke. Luke, who likes you and trusts you. Because hes a Downworlder. Whats wrong with you?"

I had never seen her so disgusted with me before.

Isabelle jumped in with horror. "Luke's here? Oh Clary-"

"hes not here. He left- this morning- and i don't know where he went. But i can certainly see now why he had to go." her eyes couldn't bear to look at me but she did. "Fine. You win. We should never have come. I should never had made that portal-"

Isabelle cut her off but not before my knees went weak. "Made a Portal? Clary, only a warlock can make a portal. and there aren't very many of them. The only portal here in Idris is in the Gard."

"Which is what I had to talk to you about." Alec hissed at me but i barely heard him. "About the errand i went on last night- the thing i had to deliver to the Gard-"

i cut him off desperately feeling like i was about to hit the floor. "Alec, stop. Stop." I could only look at Clary then and i forced the words out choking on them. "You-re right, you should never have come. I know i told you its because it isn't safe for you here, but that wasn't true." I hated myself and the words i forced out of my mouth but its the only way. "The truth is that i don't want you here because you're rash and thoughtless and you'll mess everything up. Its just how you are. you're not careful, Clary." I lied to her in desperation i didn't mean what i said. that is how i think of myself not her. i could never think of her that way.

Clary looked as if i had struck her. "Mess... everything... up?"

"Oh Jace." Isabelle said sadly acting asif i was the only one hurt. I didn't look away from Clary.

"You always just race ahead without thinking." I said. "You know that, Clary. We'd never have ended up in the Dumort if it wasnt for you."

She managed to get enough air in her lungs to shout at me again. "And Simon would be dead! Doesn't that count for anything? Maybe it was rash, but-"

I cut her off my voice rising. "Maybe?"

"But it's not like every decision I've made was a bad one! You said, after what I did on the boat, you said I'd saved everyone's life-"

If there was any color left in my face it was definately gone now. I couldnt let Isabelle and Alec know about Clary's power. It would get back to the Clave and they would use her as a weapon. That was the only fear i had for in Idris and she just made it reality. "Shut up, Clary, SHUT UP-" I shouted at her viciously.

"On the boat?" Alec looked between Clary and I bewildered. "What about what happened on the boat? Jace-"

"I just told you that to keep you from whining!" I lied shouting at her ignoring Alec and everyone but Clary. No matter what i was furious now. "You're a disaster for us, Clary! You're a mundane, you'll always be one, you'll never be a Shadowhunter. You don't know how to think like we do, think about what's best for everyone- all you ever think about is yourself! But there's a war on now, or there will be, and i don't have the time or the inclination to follow around after you, trying to make sure you don't get one of us killed!"

She looked at me shock and hurt plain on her face. she couldn't say anything. i had never spoke to her like this before and i wished i didn't have to. The pain in her eyes i felt a thousand times more.

"Go home, Clary. Go home." I said sounding exhausted even to myself. Every one of the words i had just said to her running through my head. Killing me again and again. hurting her hurt me and drained me.

She didn't say a word or even hid her pain she just left unable to look at me or the others. She turned her head one last time and spoke the only words that could touch me now. "When you told me the first time that Valentine was your father, I didn't believe it. Not just because i didn't want it to be true, but because you weren't anything like him. I've never thought you were anything like him. But you are. you are."

The moment the door shut behind her i slumped back against the wall my legs to weak to support me. I didn't know what my expression was like. was it horror? was it shock? was it relief that Clary might have finally decided to listen and go home? I couldn't say.

"Jace" Alec said taking a step toward me. "Do you really think-"

I spoke in a low voice barely concealing my pain and grief. "Get out. Just get out, both of you."

"So you can do what? Wreck your life some more? What the hell was that about?" Isabelle demanded.

I shook my head dizzily. "I sent her home. It was the best thing for her."

"You did a hell of a lot more than send her home. You destroyed her. Did you see her face?"

"It was worth it." I said. "You wouldn't understand." and I don't have the energy to explain it to you. not that i would if a i did.

"For her maybe," Isabelle said, "i just hope it winds up worth it for you."

I turned my face away so she wouldn't see the agony and despair on my face. "Just... leave me alone, Isabelle. Please."

Isabelle cast a startled look at Alec. i never said please, ever. "Never mind, Jace." Alec said as kindly as possible. "I'm sure she'll be fine."

I looked up toward Alec but i didn't see him I could only see Clary's devastated face. "No, she won't." I said, "But i knew that. Speaking of which, you might as well tell me what you came in here to tell me. You seemed to think it was pretty important at the time."

Alec answered. "I didn't want to tell you in front of Clary-"

My eyes focused on Alec the images of Clary finally leaving as suspicion settled in. "Didn't want to tell me what in front of Clary?"

Alec hesitated afraid of my mood. he had never before seen me so upset. "Yesterday," he said in a low voice, "when i brought Simon up to the Gard, Malachi told me Magnus Bane would be meeting Simon on the other end of the Portal, in New York. So i sent a fire-message to Magnus. I heard back from him this morning. He never met Simon in New York. In fact, he says there's been no Portal activity in New York since Clary came through."

"Maybe Malachi was wrong," Isabelle suggested, After a glance at my ashen face. "Maybe someone else met Simon on the other side. And Magnus could be wrong about the Protal activity-"

Alec shook his head. "I went up to the Gard this morning with Mom. I meant to ask Malachi about it myself, but when i saw him- I can't say why- I ducked behind a corner. I couldn't face him. Then i heard him talking to one of the guards. Telling them to go bring the vampire upstairs because the Inquisitor want to speak to him again.

"Are you sure they meant Simon?" Isabelle asked with no conviction in her voice. "Maybe..."

"They were talking about how stupid the Downworlder had been to believe that they'd just send him back to New York without questioning him. One of them said that he couldn't believ anyone had had the gall to try to sneak him into Alicante to begin with. And Malachi said, "Well, what do you expect from VAlentine's son?"

"Oh," Isabelle whispered. "Oh my God." She glanced at me. "Jace..."

My heart dropped to my stomach and i didn't think it was possible for me to feel any worse but I did. I clenched my hands at my sides. I couldn't think i was shocked. My identity was thrown in my face once again. Damn this was all my fault. "If it hadn't been me who brought him through," I said in a low rough voice, sounding as if i was reciting something, "maybe they would have just let him go home. Maybe they would have believed-"

"No." Alec said cutting me off. "No, Jace, it's not your fault. You saved his life."

"Saved him so the Clave could tourture him," I said. "Some favor. When Clary finds out..." I shook my head blindly thinking of how Clary would react. "She'll think I brought him here on purpose, gave him to the Clave knowing what they'd do."

"She won't think that. You'd have no reason to do a thing like that." Alec disagreed.

"Perhaps,"I said slowly, "but after how I just treated her..."

"No one could ever think you'd do that, Jace," Isabelle said. "No one who knows you. No one-"

I didn't wait to find out what else she would say. i walked over to the pisture window overlooking the canal. I wanted physical pain to distract me from my thoughts. I moved so quickly before Isabelle or Alec could tell what i was going to do and react. it was too late when Alec tried to prevent it.

There was a crash- the sound of shattering- and a sudden spray of broken glass showering in jagged stars. Sharp pain ripped through my left hand and i looked at it, the knuckles streaked with scarlet, with a keen intersest. The blood flowed and dripped onto the floor by my feet.

"Oh Jace." Isabelle said looking from the broken glass to Jace, her voice as soft as Alec or I had ever heard it. "How on earth are we going to explain this ti the Penhallows?"