This is the first of a series of drabbles about the (rather surprising) relationship between Spock and Uhura in the brand new Star Trek movie. I guess I thank this to the shining performance of Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana (Mahawara is Swahili and means "lovers").


First Contact

"Wrong dialect."

The voice startles her. From the corner of her eye Nyota sees the symbol of the Starfleet on blue fabric, and a strong chin with the hint of a dimple. How long has he been standing there?


"Wrong dialect, Cadet Uhura. If you don't change that syllable, you get bean instead of bee. Which would give this extraordinary Romulan Spring poem a very different meaning."

From any other man this might have been an ingenious joke. But from this man?

For the first time she meets his gaze.

His eyes are smiling at her.