Author's Note:

Now, this is the last one. A heartfelt "Thank you" for more than 5000 hits so far (I've been posting here for more than four years now, and I have never had such a fast, enthusiastic response). That means a lot to me, as much as every single review you decide to give.

And though I don't plan to continue this, rumour says that there will be two sequels of the movie, and who knows? Perhaps I decide to "boldly go where I've never gone before" as soon as they're out. Until then - live long and prosper!


P.S.: Oh - and nakupenda means I love you. *smiles*



The lights in Nyota's quarters are dim. They lie skin to skin, his heartbeat close to her ear, his arm heavy on her bare back.

She has been right about Kirk, all the time. He has played dice with fate, reckless and unflinching, and now the day is saved and Spock is alive. Kirk has brought him back to her, and for that alone she will bless him forever.

"Nakupenda..." she whispers against Spock's shoulder.

Suddenly his breath is warm on her face. His mouth feels firm and demanding, and the whole universe melts and dissolves in his kiss.