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Fate Happened;
Chapter two/ 'Heart's Desire'
Rated; M/ L

Adam was humming as he walked through the backstage area, down a nearly vacant hallway. Work had resulted in the temporary splitting up of him and Jeff. Adam raised his left hand up, twisting the silverish colored band around with his thumb and index finger on the right, admiring the diamonds and how they shined when the light reflected off of them. Adam had nearly tackled Jeff to the hotel room floor last night when he said 'yes' to Jeff's proposal. And it took him a minute before he was able to utter the word, 'yes', not that he didn't want to, it just had taken his breath away. It wasn't expected and he really hadn't been prepared for the shock of it. Adam was happy. More than that; he was excited. He couldn't of been happier if it started raining money right there in the hallway. He was engaged to his heart's desire. The absolute love of his life. The man he had fell for all those years ago and had spent so long chasing, till finally Jeff gave in and gave him a chance. And somewhere, Jeff had fallen for him too.

Adam had thought Matt would be hard to convince. Hell, he was as bad as a shot gun wielding father on his only daughter's prom night when it came to who Jeff dated. The older Hardy brother's words simply were, 'You hurt him, Copeland, I'll kill you.' Good ol' Matty. But, Matt knew he didn't have to worry much, he knew Adam would soon stop breathing than dare hurt Jeff. Adam stopped short in the hallway. Randy Orton had just exited a room, pulling the door closed behind him. He was still studying some kind of paper. Not looking up. Adam was still curious as to why his old friend never talked to him anymore. Shit, they used to be closer than 19 to 20. Closer than brothers. Almost as close as Adam and Jay were and still to this day are. At least Jason still talked to Adam and they still hung out. Shit, they didn't live too far from one another. And when they all had some time off it was always good for Adam and Jay, and his husband Chris Irvine/Jericho, to get together and watch a hockey game. But, Randy was a sudden mystery. He was colder towards him. Always rushed and hurried. Maybe he hated hockey? Nah, that was stupid. Everyone had their own things. Adam knew that. Him and Jeff didn't always agree on the same things. Hell, Adam was from Canada and Jeff was a sweet southern boy from North Carolina. But, they loved each other and that's what mattered. Not where they were from or what things they liked.

Adam slowly crept up to Randy. The younger man was paying no mind to the rest of the waking world. No. He just kept studying that damn paper as if it alone contained all the answers to life's most burning and important questions. Randy finally glanced up as he sensed another human being was present. He nearly jumped when he saw Adam, grinning wryly at him.

"Heeey, Raaandy? What'cha doing?" Adam asked. His voice was at a cute, playful tone. Randy loved that tone.

Orton swallowed. "Nothing, Adam. I have to go."

Randy stared past him vacantly as he began to walk off. Adam grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back.

"What, man? I'm very busy." Randy asked, looking into Adam's eyes. They appeared blue in the hallway.

"Why do you always run from me when we see each other? What happened to us?" The blonde asked bluntly.

"Us?" Randy countered.

"Well.. yeah, we used to be good friends. Did I do something?" Adam pondered, perplexed and somewhat frustrated.

Randy shook his head. "Shit's just been hectic, Adam. Makes it hard to catch up when we're on different brands."

"Well, I've been at Raw a lot for my feud with Cena. You've been on Smackdown for your feud with Hunter. I know things haven't been so hectic that we can't chat." Adam replied.

"Look, Adam, I'd love to, but I have to run. Cody and Ted are waiting on me, man. They are depending on me to help them get rooted in the company." Randy stared into Adam's blue eyes, scanning them over.

"You mean like I helped you?" Adam pointed out. He didn't really mean it rude or arrogant.

"And Hunter and Ric helped out me and Dave." Randy retorted.

"Bullshit, Randy. I helped you out a lot more than Hunter did. It was your feuding with me that helped propel you to greatness. I stood by you and worked with you when no one else would. I stood by you in that hotel controversy. Or, have you forgotten?" Adam's eyes seemed to dull down to a grayish color as he got more irritated at Randy. Mainly just because he felt like Orton was acting like a snob by ignoring him and making excuses not to be near him.

"Look what that caused. We got seperated." Randy looked away for a bit, hating that his eyes had turned that cold. Adam's eyes were like a mood ring. They changed with what he was feeling. Room lighting like the hallway they were in usually aiding in that effect.

"That wasn't my fault. Creative decided to split Rated-RKO up long before you trashed a defenseless hotel room, Randy." Adam argued. His eyes completely gray now.

Randy sighed. "I know. I really am grateful for all you've done for me. But, I really have to go now."

Adam sighed that time. His shouders slumping a bit. Those eyes becoming more blue in color again.

"Well, let's all go out after the taping. Maybe grab a burger? Me and Jeff, Matt and Mor and Jay and Chris are all on board. You can bring Ted and Cody and it'll be like a family affair." The Canadian male offered.

"I'm not sure they'd go for it.." Randy stopped mid-excuse when he noticed the ring.

Before he could stop himself, Randy picked up Adam's left hand to get a closer look.

"Jeff popped the question. We're getting hitched." Adam quipped.

"You're joking?" Randy couldn't control his mouth either.

Adam stared at the younger wrestler, confused. Adam's blue eyes asking a million questions.

"I.. aren't you happy for me?" Adam asked, almost sadly.

Randy's heart was clinching tightly as he ran his thumb across the band, not looking into Adam's eyes as he gently lowered Adam's hand back down to his side. Reluctantly letting go of the blonde's hand. Randy smiled and forced a fake smile as he looked back up at Adam. His eyes looked dark blue in the hallway. They were always light blue when Adam was sad, dark blue when he was confused. And confusion was written all over his pretty face.

"Course I am. When's the date?" Fuck, he hated to ask. And he hated to act like he was okay with it and that he approved when he didn't.

"We haven't set one yet. Hopefully soon." Adam replied.

"Are you sure Jeff's the one you want to marry?"

Adam nodded. "I love him, Randy. I wanna spend the rest of my life with him. I wanna grow old with him."

Randy's heart wrenched tighter in his chest. He couldn't tell if he was still breathing or if he was dead. His heart just fucking broke again. Thought he'd buried this shit.

"Congrats.." Randy swallowed thickly, "But, I have to go."

Randy turned and walked off leaving Adam at an utter loss for his behavior. That was it. Randy knew it was finally time for him to get over Adam once and for all. Adam was engaged. Randy wasn't going to be a homewrecker. He had to force himself to let go of what he felt for Adam. After all, Adam was happy with Jeff. That was enough.. right? No. Randy shook his head as he stalked through the halls. That was enough. Adam was happy... He had to force himself to be happy for him. Randy collapsed against the wall after he was far enough from Adam. He took a deep breath, running his hands over his face in an attempt to banish his desires. The truth is, you can't force your heart to do shit. It wasn't his fault he loved Adam. Like it wasn't Adam's fault that Adam loved Jeff. Fate sucked that way. Fate stepped in and wrecked everything up. Fate just happened.

Sorry for ending this short, but character placement has set me back a bit. Plus, the way I wrote that last part, it sounded like the perfect place to end this chp. The next one will be longer, I swear. F.Y.I, Jay's married to Chris and Matt's dating John Morrison (I call him Mor, b/c I am lazy and to not get confused with Cena since they are both named John. I know his real name is Hennigan, we'll still call him Mor as a nick name)

Adam's eyes are hazel. I swear they are green, but they seem to change color in certain light. So, in this story, I made Adam's eyes work like a mood ring. I swear I watched Addy's eyes change from green to gray to a light brownish color one night on national tv, could just be me, or the cameras, I'm obsessed. In the JD '09 poster his eyes look brown, I have pics where the light is dead on them during the picture and they are green! I love Adam's eyes regardless of their color. Anyway, in here they change based on what he's feeling. Only Randy knows this so far. I haven't decided if Jeff does or not. When they are: Light Green; bored, determined. Dark Green; horny, passionate. Light Blue; sad. Dark Blue; confused. Brown; happy, content. Gray; angry, vengeful, upset but not sad. Goldish Brown; lonely. That's what I got so far. It's just a story. I'm not saying Adam's eyes in real life really do this, don't take it personal. But also in reading fanfics his eyes is described as every color there is, including gray.

The Cena/Adam teaser was for JoMo as well :P NeroAnne does me the same way with Adam/Jeff teasers. It's popular for writers to have Addy's boyfriends accuse him of flirting w/ John. Easy target. I did it a couple of times myself. Adam only bottoms for Jeff, Randy, and Matt only.. okay, I like him both ways with those three. Side note; Adam will not top or be with Matty in this story. Jeez, my A/Ns have been long.