Authors Note: Hey guys. I've had this idea for a while, but it's been a rough start lol. Hopefully you can enjoy it anyway :-)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.

Warnings: This is slightly AU, in that Tony does have special abilities, although it it still set in the regular NCIS universe.

Chapter One: Out of the Closet

Tony pushed up the sleeve of his black button down and glanced at his watch before his eyes darted around, scoping out the highest level of the city parking garage. His fingers tightened around the straps of the duffle bag in his hand as he continued to wait for the target to arrive. "Three minutes," he thought to himself. "Man, sometimes I hate being the undercover go-to guy." It wasn't that he was nervous, per say. He had complete faith in his team to keep him out of trouble, no, it wasn't that at all. It was the waiting that got to him.

This left his boss, one Leroy Jethro Gibbs, both slightly amused and anxious as he watched him from his spot behind one of the empty vehicles, close enough to jump in if necessary but far away enough to not be seen. "McGee, what's our status?"

"Subject is approaching the garage boss," the young field agent responded, his eyes following the tracking beacon on his laptop screen. When Tim glanced up he caught sight of the taxi cab they had been waiting for. "He's getting out of the car now and....just entered the garage."

"You hear that Tony?" Gibbs says, slowly taking out his gun and getting into position. "You're up."

"Got it boss." And he did. They had gone over the briefs a hundred times. He knew them backwards and forwards. Hell, Tony probably knew more about the man than he knew about himself. The exchange would be a piece of cake. He hoped.

Hearing the click of the door handle, he turned around to meet the dealer who went by the name of Victor Hensen, who also happened to be their murderer. A petty officer was slain after discovering one of his fellow officers had been selling cocaine on board their ship. When it was discovered that Hensen actually had an entire network of buyers, it had been decided that catching him in the act would make the prosecution stronger. That was where Tony came in. Quickly looking over the man, Tony bit down on his lower lip, playing the part of the intimidated sailor. Hensen bought it.

"Haven't seen you before," his gruff voice came out, watching him closely. His seemingly black eyes caught Tony's, trying to get a good read on him.

"Yeah...I drew the short straw this week," the senior field agent answered.

"Well, it's simple enough. You give me the cash. I give you the merch. We all leave."

Tony raised a brow. "Do I get to see the stuff first?"

A smirk appeared on Hensen's face. "I see they gave you a few pointers. That's good." He glanced down to his own bag and unzipped it, tilting it just enough to give Tony a glance at the powdered, white contents. "I showed you mine, now you show me yours."

Tony held back an eye roll. 'Way to go with the most cliched line possible...' he thought. Regardless, he did as he was told and unzipped the bag to reveal the wads of cash inside. "Are we good?"

Just as Hensen opened his mouth to respond, however, his cell phone went off, and instead Tony was put on hold. As soon as the man answered the call Tony was put on high alert with a nagging feeling that something was about to go very wrong. So of course when Hensen's eyes flickered in his direction it was of no surprise when in the next instant all hell broke loose.

Tony barely had time to jump out of the way before the first shot was fired, wincing as the bullet grazed his arm. Gritting his teeth he ignored the painful burn and drew his weapon as Gibbs confronted their target.

"NCIS," he yelled. "Lower your weapon Hensen." But the other did not listen, and Gibbs was then ducking for cover as well.

Bullets were flying from both parties as Gibbs radioed for backup and ordered McGee to call the paramedics. When he looked out from his position once more, however, he caught sight of Hensen weaving his way through the lot, using the cars to shield him. The two NCIS agents caught sight of one another briefly, just enough time for them to confirm one another's movements. Guns raised, they followed behind him, ducking for cover each time a shot went off.

It wasn't until finally the sound of an empty round hit Gibbs's ears that he spurred into action. Weapon in hand he tackled the suspect, knocking away the gun in the other man's hand, which Tony quickly grabbed. What hadn't been expected was the strength hiding in Hensen's seemingly lanky body which refused to give in to the older field agent. And the next moment would be one Tony would never forget.

Whether it was a slip up on Hensen's part or he had planned it all along, before Tony could blink both their murderer and his boss were going over the edge of the parking garage. His eyes widened in horror as he watched the form of the man he had come to see as a father disappear over the edge. Racing over to where the two had been standing Tony dove to the edge, his arm flying out in front of him as his green eyes locked onto their target. It was a decision he hadn't even had to think about, the only thing on his mind being to save his boss's life.

In that instant Gibbs and Hensen's tangled bodies ceased to fall, coming to a complete stop in midair. Choosing to ignore their shocked faces Tony concentrated solely on bringing them back up towards the flat surface, the fingers of his free hand pressing against his temple. It had been a while since he had to move anything heavier than a few household appliances and it was taking a tole. His head was pounding and he was vaguely aware of the droplets of blood coming from his nose, but he ignored it.

Just when the two were close enough to touch he heard Ziva yelling his name. It was just enough of a distraction to break his concentration and suddenly he was grabbing onto Gibbs's hands, screaming at the weight that yanked down on his arms. Tony briefly remembered he had been shot. "I could use some help here!"

As soon as the words left his lips, the mossad agent was at his side, grabbing onto their boss as well and within moments the four of them were back on solid ground. Ziva instantly had Hensen on chest, arms yanked behind his back as she cuffed him. She glanced at her fellow agents as she pulled him up from the ground but barely had time to part her lips before Gibbs spoke up.

"Get him downstairs," Gibbs ordered, his voice tight with anger as he glared at the main he had almost killed him. "And keep his mouth shut until we get back to headquarters."

Through weary eyes Tony glanced up at his partner, offering a faint smile when he saw her worried look, waiting until she was dragging the dealer away before collapsing to his knees. His arm burned from the bullet graze and his head was pounding while blood was still coming from his nose. Closing his eyes for a moment he tried to focus on breathing. In and out. In and out. Just like he had been doing all his life. When he finally opened his eyes again Gibbs was beside him, watching him with an unreadable expression that made Tony sigh. 'I knew this was too good to last,' he thought to himself, a huff of sad laughter escaping his lips. 'Just like every other time...there's always something.' With weary eyes he met his boss's gaze. "Boss...look, I-"

"Later Tony," Gibbs interrupted, his voice unusually soft. "You need to get checked out first." His gaze turned to the still bleeding cut in his young agent's arm before he stood and held out his hand, which Tony took gratefully. Before he could complain about needing help, however, he fell to Gibbs's scrutinizing glare. "Don't even think about it. You're going," he stated firmly, placing Tony's unharmed arm over his shoulders, taking most of his weight.

"But Boss...," Tony whined, only to feel the familiar sting on the back of his head He let out a dramatic sigh before letting silence reign between them. He supposed he should be thankful for the minor pit stop, even if it was to the ER. After all, it gave him more time to think of how the hell he was going to explain what had just taken place.