Black and Blond

Author's Note: I haven't written fanfiction for about two weeks, so I decided to take up that old RoyAi 100 themes on TouchStone; you know the one. Some'll be sort, some'll be long; first one's here, see if you like it. EDIT: 10.11.2011 I've decided to go back and edit this first chapter. I mean, when I compared it, it was really low in quality compared to my later themes. -covers face- It's like an old shame. But I'm really glad people still liked the old version of the theme enough to check out more of my work. I hope this re-haul doesn't ruin that, but only makes it better.

He's finally standing here. Finally.

After all those years of struggle, the Fuhrer's uniform seems ridiculously light on his frame. He almost feels like he should be wearing an eye-patch, or humming some eccentric ditty. Expectation. Shoes to fill.

Roy Mustang. Fuhrer. He used to talk about it with such determination and bravado, but now that it's come to it, he's standing in front of the pedestal, facing a country, and his mouth feels so very dry.

How out of character, he thinks, swallowing.

But it's just for a moment.

He's both strong and weak enough for it to last that long. (Because he knows that Feury is with the Security team, switching wires and talking into his mic. Because he sees Falman in the first row of the military, shining medals and blue uniforms, saluting with his lips curved wide. Because Breda and Havoc are right behind him, on their feet, eyes sharp and pistols in their holsters. And because just a little behind him, there's...)

He glances at her, out of the corner of his eye.

Back straight, chin tilted up, blond hair cut ruthlessly short. She's made to be a soldier, really, except-

She glances back at him, and he sees soft words and quiet loyalty and everything that makes her so much more than a soldier.

Their eyes do all the talking. Just for a moment.

And then they are both looking forward again, his shoulders a little bit straighter.

Dry mouth? Him? Ha.

He didn't have any shoes to fill. He was going to make a new path, a new future. He was going to re-establish democracy, get rid of the military's power, and make this country and its people be safe.

Safe from conspiracies, safe from cover-ups, safe from genocides.

He was going to do it all, and she and they and everyone- they would be all right behind him. Supporting him.

"Citizens. I address you today as your Fuhrer..."