OOTORI CHOUTAROU All for one, one for all.

10 musical minutes ago

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February 14

Team (7) [see all]:

Kabaji Munehiro

Shishido Ryou

Hiyoshi Wakashi

Fans [see all]:

1000 – Hyoutei Gakuen students

200,000 – non-yaoi

1,000,700 – yaoi and cosplayers

Rivals [see all]:

Oishi Syuichirou and Kikumaru Eiji

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Actors who have acted as me [see all]:

Date Kouji

Seto Yusuke




Ootori has joined the Perfect Pitch for Music, not Baseball group. Comment. Like

Ootori has thrown a tuba at 41 friends using Superpoke! Comment. Like. Superpoke!

Ootori became a fan of Claude Debussy, Joseph Haydn and Maurice Ravel. Comment. Like

Ootori became a fan of Roderich Edelstein (Austria). Comment. Like

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Ootori Choutarou wishes to thank everyone for remembering his birthday, and hopes everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well. For those who had received more chocolate than the others, please don't gorge yourself and fall sick!

at 12.00am – Comment

.: 41 people like this

~Atobe Keigo at 12.01am

Of course oresame has received the most number of chocolates today

~Sanada Genichirou at 12.05am

Such things are unnecessary for development of oneself. Which is why Rikkai Dai will be the ultimate winner!

~Atobe Keigo at 12.06am

I noticed you didn't use "is the ultimate winner". That's because everyone knows Hyoutei IS the champion!

~Karupin at 12.08am


~Kaidou Kaoru at 12.10am

The cat said, "I beg to differ." Fshuu......

Akutagawa Jirou Happy Birthday, Ootori! ^^

at 11.01pm – Comment

~Ootori Choutarou at 11.02pm

Arigatou gozaimasu, Akutagawa-san.

Yukimura Seiichi I heard that you like sketching too. Perhaps we could meet up and sketch the sceneries together someday?

at 11.00pm – Comment

~Ootori Choutarou at 11.12pm

*flustered* Ah, hai, Yukimura-san! Whenever you're free!

~Yukimura Seiichi at 11.13pm

Excellent ^^ How about after the U-17 camp?

~Ootori Choutarou at 11.15pm

Um, sure, Yukimura-san.

Konjiki Koharu has sent Ootori Choutarou a love letter using Superpoke! And Shishido Ryou has torn it to pieces! Play Superpoke now!

at 10.04pm – Comment

~Shishido Ryou at 10.07pm

Geki dasa daze! Superpoke should be banned for such ridiculous pokes!

~Konjiki Koharu at 10.08pm

Kyuu~ So cool! 3

~Ootori Choutarou at 10.30pm



at 10.00pm - Comment

Ishida Gin is no Buddha despite looking like his reincarnation. I am yet to be enlightened in the prospect of why Valentine's Day is so popular among people. Too much chocolate and sweets will give them severe stomachaches and diarrhoea.

at 9.35pm - Comment

Tsuchiura Ryoutarou Ootori, the concur contestants will be having a concert in two weeks, held at our school's auditorium at 7pm. I have complimentary tickets. Will you be able to make it? I think Tsukimori invited Oshitari-san too.

at 9.30pm – Comment

~Noda Megumi at 9.58pm

Mukya!!! Ootori-kun must attend Chiaki-senpai's concert! Chiaki-senpai's first concert in Japan! Ah, senpai's shirt smells so good~

~Ootori Choutarou at 10.14pm


~Chiaki Shinichi at 10.30pm

Nodame! *blushes furiously and snatches at his shirt*

~Noda Megumi at 10.31pm

GYABO!!!!!! Senpai, how can you do this to me?! I want to play in a concerto conducted by you someday! Ah, the dinner was delicious as always. Gochisousama.

~Chiaki Shinichi at 10.32pm


~Ootori Choutarou at 10.40pm

A-a-anou…please don't spam my wall... -.-

~Tsukimori Len at 10.45pm


~Tsuchiura Ryoutarou at 10.46pm

Why did you suddenly appear? O.o

Atobe Keigo Ootori, oresama's present was the best, arn? Valentine's Day or not, birthday or not, Oresama's popularity will never diminish. Oresama is the best!

at 8.45pm – Comment

~Oshitari Yuushi at 8.50pm

Oya oya, that line was unnecessary, Atobe. I'm sure there are girls out there who will run away from the sight of you...

~Atobe Keigo at 9.00pm

Then those girls must have sinned so much that they cannot bear to look at my glorious presence. Na. Kabaji?

~Kabaji Munehiro at 9.01pm


~Echizen Ryoma at 9.10pm

Che, Monkey King never changes...

~Atobe Keigo at 9.12pm

Oresama no bigi ni yoi na!

Kikumaru Eiji has given Ootori a bear for his birthday today! Send Ootori a birthday gift now!

at 8.00pm – Comment. Like. Send a gift

~Ootori Choutarou at 8.10pm

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Kikumaru-san! For the real bear that is.

~Kikumaru Eiji at 8.11pm

Nyan~ ^^ Doubles is fun, ne? Let's play again, the Golden Pair vs the Silver Pair!

~Niou Masaharu at 8.31pm


Shishido Ryou Oi, Choutarou, when we third years graduate, you must continue to work hard in tennis. Ah, and happy birthday to you too.

at 7.45pm - Comment

~Ootori Choutarou at 8.12pm

Hai, Shishido-san! Thank you for your guidance!

~Hiyoshi Wakashi at 8.15pm

Gekokujou chance.

~Mukahi Gakuto at 8.20pm

Don't be complacent, Ootori! Hyoutei is the best!

~Ootori Choutarou at 8.21pm

Hai, Mukahi-san. Thank you for all your presents

Ootori Choutarou Ikyuunyuukon!

at 7.00pm - Comment


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Ootori Choutarou is my favourite Hyoutei character because he's also a musician, though he's probably better than me. ^^

His reaction to Yukimura is because Yukimura is the Child of God, and with Choutarou a Christian…=)

Niou had to be added because of his Valentine Kiss. =D And Karupin too for being such a cute cat.

Thanks to all who are following this fic! Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, those who celebrate the Lunar New Year a Happy New Year, and those whose birthdays coincide with Choutarou, Happy Birthday! ROAR!