Part 2: the one with the happy ending!


I gave myself a present on my eighteenth birthday; the day I was legally old enough to decide anything I damn well pleased without anyone's interference or approval.

I have it to this day.

Cherish it, as a matter of fact.

It's art both in design and in its expressiveness.

A wolf - symbol of power, surviving in a hostile environment, self-sufficiency and solitary pride.

Receiving it was probably the closest I've ever come to understanding what religious rapture is.

It's a tattoo.

Just keep guessing where, I'm not telling.

I was drunk on pain, excitement, and reverence for the moment, while the needle burned through my skin, marking me forever.

It was mine in a world where little was.

For four years, every time I got out of the shower and inspected my body in the full-length mirror in the bedroom before I dressed, touching my fingers to the painted skin, I knew that I wasn't ready to sacrifice what it stood for.

No matter how badly at times I wanted to stop being the lonely wolf; its double-edged sword a scourge sometimes.

But now, as Booth traces the shape of it with his tongue and makes me shiver with something entirely different than fear, I know. I know.

Four years of dancing an age-old dance has brought me to this point.

And it doesn't seem like a sacrifice anymore to give it up.

It feels more like an investment.

One that I know – with an irrational certainty I didn't know I could possess and without any basis in cold, calculated hard facts from a shiny prospectus – will be an investment with a long and wonderful return.


In a way, Booth and I have been making love for a long time.

We finally get to do it for real.


I promised a more optimistic second part of the season finale speculation project: I hope you liked it – and won't hesitate to tell me if you did! ;-D