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Ash: 15

Misty: 17

Brock: 20

A Pokémon Fic by LittleTiger488


She glanced back in the direction of the campsite, the glow of the small fire just visible beyond the brush. She hesitated, knowing very well she shouldn't leave. Her loyalty tugged at her conscience. He'd worry and she didn't like seeing him upset with her. But the potential of getting in trouble was minimal. He rarely yelled and he never stayed mad for very long. It wasn't in his nature. Especially not with her.

Still... she should just go back, curl up next to him in the sleeping bag and spend the evening basking in the comforting body heat he shared with her every night. It was where he thought she was right now. Why ruin his trust like this? How he thought of her meant everything to her.

But what could it hurt? It wasn't like she was leaving and she wandered off every now and then anyway. She'd be back. But what if he woke up and she wasn't there? What would he think?

Just as she was about to take a step back in the direction of her traveling mates, she heard movement behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she couldn't help but feel guilty at the look he was giving her. Head tilted in confusion, he made a move to follow, but she shook her head. The last thing she needed was him being seen by them. She winced slightly at his disappointed expression. She hadn't meant to make it look like she was leading him on.

Far from it actually. Ever since she had caught a small glance of him following them a few days ago... it was tempting to say the least.

And it wasn't like it was such a bad thing. They hadn't noticed the first time she had wandered off, and it was just for a minute. He had thought she had gone to forage; a decent alibi. But no, the stranger behind the bushes had beckoned to her and she found that she was just too curious to pass up a short meet and greet. That's all she assumed it would be even though his intentions were very clear from the beginning.

She expected nothing less really, she'd just never been approached with the offer. Full of confidence in himself and the fact that he had no other competition around for miles, he'd made his advances. She of course made it clear that it wasn't going to be that easy, that he'd need to prove himself. What kind of girl did he think she was?

That only seemed to entice him more. She was playing hard to get, but didn't appear to be disinterested. If she had been, she wouldn't have split from her group. She was indeed more than just good looks. A fiery strong attitude was proof enough that he had chosen well. He once again made an advance only to get bitten.

It went on like that for a few more minutes, his persistence and her reaction of, "You'll have to do better then that." But then she had heard him call her name. She detected the worry in his voice immediately and was off in a flash without a second glance at her admirer.

Later she had been disappointed in herself. That she might have passed up an opportunity that would never arise again. Being close to him helped calm her woes, filled a void, but it wasn't the same. It would never be the same. She loved him, there was no doubt of that. but it was a different kind of love. He could never fill that role, nor did she ever want him to.

He could tell she was upset, he could always read her so well. His gentle comforting distracted her enough that she decided to just put the random encounter out of her mind. But the next night, her admirer returned, watching them from the side of the road and once again trying to get her attention. Apparently the bruises she had dealt to him hadn't been enough to deter his courting.

She had been a mix of emotions. Excitement. Worry... worry that he'd find out about this. He wouldn't like it, she was sure of that. But it wasn't like it was his choice. It was her body, she could do what she wanted.

And so she indulged her admirer in another secret rendezvous. This time he was more inclined to go at her pace, but surprisingly, she had been thrown off by that. He couldn't help but be amused. That she actually preferred the fight. She was testing him, and he approved of that method. And so he showed off.

He was strong. Stronger then her? Probably not, but still strong. She definitely approved.

But before anything further could transpire, she was once again distracted by the sounds of her friends calling for her, this time worried something had happened to her. She gave her admirer an apologetic look and took off running towards the sounds of their voices.

And now... here she was. Once again abandoning her companions for a while to answer an urge that had recently been bubbling up within her.

With a deep breath she turned to him, his quizzical expression lightening as he watched her walk back to him. Pleased with her decision and with his own wooing skills, he led her deeper into the brush. Where they could be alone.

The night air was cool and crisp and she loved how it felt against the warmth rising up in her face, a steady blush filling her features. The ache she felt was nearly unbearable as she followed him, examining him from every angle as if to make sure he was suitable, one last time. There was really no contest, he would be more than adequate for her needs and a good specimen worthy of her.

He nudged himself under a thicket, a perfect place for the two of them. She nodded at his choice of location and crawled under after him.

From there it was another game of back and forth. He'd circle her. She'd nip at him in warning. Eventually though she allowed him to get closer, enjoying the sensation of his tongue running across the back of her neck and behind her ears. She couldn't help but admire his persistence. Unlike her, this obviously wasn't his first time.

But she didn't care too much. She had proven that she was no easy catch and her pride wasn't damaged in the exchange. She purred as he nibbled at the base of her neck, the two of them so close together. She liked the way their colors contrasted from one another, her lights and his darks. It relaxed her enough to finally grant him power over her. Being dominant in nature, it was an odd feeling, but she ignored it, tensing her body and digging her nails into the soft earth as he had his way with her.

It was short, but satisfying. Her breath was heavy and rapid as she waited for feeling to come back to her limbs. It was taking her longer to regain her composure than to complete the actual act itself. The smell of musk was so thick, she'd need to leave their location soon just to get a good breath of air.

At the moment her mate was attempting to get her attention back on him, but she wanted none of his gentle nudges and licks, suddenly annoyed at his presence. A quick nip put him in his place and he backed off. Taking the hint that his job was done and he was no longer wanted, he simply regarded her with a pleased grin and squeezed out of the thicket.

After hearing him scamper off and happy to be alone with her thoughts, she allowed herself a few long moments to just bask in the aftermath. It had been worth it for the fact that the nagging urge within her was now quelled and she could go back to focusing on her career instead of annoying hormones.

Eventually pulling herself to her feet, a little shaky at first, she shook out her body and exited the thicket back into the night air. She'd be back at camp and beside him in his sleeping bag soon enough and no one would be the wiser.


Ash parted the bushes at the edge of their campsite, a worried look adorned his features. He bit his lip as he scanned the wooded area that surrounded them. Seeing nothing but nature in the immediate area he stepped into the tree line.

Waking up from an unsettling feeling that something was a miss, Ash found that indeed someone was missing. Frantically pulling on his sneakers, the dark haired teenager was wide awake now.

He was hoping he was just overreacting, but there was always that chance that something was very wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

Weaving his way through the trees, Ash called out his best friend's name as he searched, desperately waiting for a response. Disturbing a bush to his left, he jumped back in surprise as a blur of brown darted out in front of him.

Craning his neck, Ash caught sight of a rather large raichu scurry off into the night, long tail whipping around behind it. Distracted for a moment, Ash raised a curious eyebrow as he watched the wild Pokémon disappear into the foliage. He was brought out of his stare though when he heard a voice behind him.


Whirling around at the sound of his name, Ash smiled in relief. Pikachu bounded lightly towards him, hopping up onto his knee as he bent down to his Pokémon. Wrapping his arms gently around the creature, he held it to his chest.

"There you are, buddy. Had me scared there for a minute," he spoke gently, standing up and propping Pikachu against his shoulder as the Pokémon purred and nuzzled against his neck. "What'd I say about running off like that, huh?"

Pikachu responded with a mournful, "kaaa-chu," attempting to butter it's trainer up a bit, licking his cheek as it kneaded it's claws comfortingly into his black t-shirt. Ash smiled, running his hand down it's ears and back.

"No worries, just glad you're alright," he laughed as his Pokémon rubbed it's red furred cheek against his own, tiny sparks tickling his skin. So used to the electric flow, he never minded that Pikachu treated him as it would another one of it's kind with little spark filled greetings. Scratching his yellow Pokémon under it's chin, just where he knew it liked it and happy the creature was safe, Ash started back towards the camp. "Atta boy..." he cooed softly as Pikachu settled into his arms.

Pikachu nestled just under Ash's chin, closing it's eyes with a content smile on it's features.

To be continued...

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