Star Trek Voyager


Chapter 1


It started as a dull pain in her leg, but it grew worse as she woke up. It made its way up to her waist and then even approached her lower back. The slightest movement gave her agony She moaned and her eyes flickered open. She heard a scuffle next to her, but wherever she was in right now, was too dark for her to see anything. There was though, the smell of smoke. The air was crisp and cold, which gave her the shivers through her wet uniform. "Hello," She asked her throat terribly dry, "Is there anyone here?"

"Captain," She heard Tom say as he sat up looking at her in the darkness. "You are awake."

"Where are we?" Janeway asked trying to sit up. She cried out when pain shot through her leg and up to her waist.

"I am not sure exactly," Tom said standing up. He approached a large stone and pulled out his phaser, firing it until the stone grew red hot. It also lit up the room a bit. "This will help with the temperature of the room." Tom paused as he replaced his phaser and then he approached Janeway. He neeled next to her and scanned her with a medical tricorder. He placed the tricorder away and then gave her a sedative before continuing, "Your leg was in pretty bad shape when we got here, I wish I could have healed it. But we are kind of limited here."

Janeway looked at Tom confused. "My leg?" She asked looking at her leg noticing the shredded and stained uniform. She glanced at Tom's uniform and was surprised that she didn't notice how dirty it was before.

"What is the last thing you remember?" Tom asked softly as massaged his arm that was previously burnt. Even though he healed it already, the area was still sore and felt as if the burn was still there.

Janeway sighed and scratched the back of her neck. She winced when pain shot up and down her back. Tom gave her a concerned look, but Janeway dismissed it. She knew had to be the strong one here. "The last thing I remember," Janeway said thinking back. "I remember cursing out my replicator because it burnt the dinner Chakotay and I were supposed to have."

"So you don't remember the Gintar and the Elmar?" Tom asked leaning against the cave wall. It was rigid and cold, but that didn't bother him too much. He enjoyed roughing it and with all the running he did back on Earth, this was just a picnic for him. "You don't remember how they attacked us?"

"No can't say I do," Janeway said looking at the fire and then at Tom. There was something in his eyes, that gave her the chills. It was like a kind of dark hatred that she had never seen in her usually calm helmsman "Who are they?"

Tom shook his head and then began, "Oh where to start." He paused and took a deep breath looking Janeway in the eye, "It all started about three days ago....."