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Katou looked morosely at the leaden sky garnished with myriad blinking stars. No matter how much he had tried to keep himself either engrossed or entertained in anything for the entire day, he wasn't able to vanquish the miserable emptiness in his heart.

He was missing Iwaki and there was no end to his mourning.

He was lonely and the curse of solitude was eating him up from inside, and with every passing heartbeat, his longing to see Iwaki again was augmenting more and more.

'Iwaki-san I miss you.'

Katou was so immersed in his lonesome misery that he didn't notice someone entering the house and walk behind his back. Katou's face lit up with an innocuous and dazzling happiness when a pair of familiar and warm arms wrapped around him.

'I missed you too, Katou.'

Their lips met in an eloquent silence and they kissed each other hungrily trying to convey the mutual feel of all the loneliness they were feeling all day long, and they kept on loving till they were lonely no moreā€¦.


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