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'Seriously looking back... I think getting kidnapped was a handy thing.' Penelope said as she sat with JJ, Emily, Austin, Elle, Jane and strangely Erin Strauss, the woman they never truly got along with. Everyone was so much more closer than before, the tragedy and threat posed to them all made them realise life was too short to waste on grudges and hatred.

'I think I'd have to second that notion.'Every other woman agreed as they watched the men running around playing ball.

'Em you look really big for only being 4 months gone.'

'All fluid apparently. All fluid and small baby.' She responded rubbing her stomach. 'Is the pregnancy worth it?'

'Yes!' JJ, Austin and Penelope all said at once. Then through the baby monitor began the wails of a baby.

'I think that's time to check in.' Penelope said as she stood, Austin and JJ stood and followed her into the Morgan house. There in the front room was Henry wide awake playing happily, JJ reached into the play pen and picked him up. Austin found hers and Reid's son Callum still in slumber and Penelope heard hers and Derek's daughter Sophie crying before seeing her, she leant in and scooped the up the 5 month old and began to soothe her.

They all headed back out and took their seats as the men rejoined their respective others. One year had passed since the dreadful day that they were taken, one year had lapsed and life thrived. Penelope and Derek had achieved the child they both yearned for, Hotch and Emily were expecting much to the excitement of Jack Hotchner, JJ and Will were planning a little brother or sister for Henry, Reid and Austin were ticking along nicely with their son. Kevin and Jane were newlyweds and as for Strauss and Rossi and for Elle and Gideon, lover's life couldn't get better.

'I think I'd have to say thanks to Staying Alive.' Gideon said as he sat down next to Elle.

Everyone looked around and remembered everything that had happened, the scars left on their bodies, the scars left in their memory. 'To Staying Alive.'


The odd building that was an odd shape, an odd shape that was in an odd area. Which maybe wasn't an odd shape if the area was odd now stood once again dark and haunting. The occupants of the odd building and odd area from a year ago, now safe and sound after getting through the rooms behind the seven locked doors.

However, even though they had made it, would the new occupants make it out in relative health? Or would more blood be spilt?

Behind all odd buildings, and odd areas, there are odd masters that control the rules, masters that can bend the rules to their own desires, masters that can sit back and watch as horrors unfold and nightmares become 14 people's realities. Even if one master is caught, another is sure to come along and take the place as sadistic and so far unravelled that the same intent is craved and hankered for.

Can the 14 new occupants of the odd building whose names are pinned to the same wooden beam gather the same strength and courage as the ones from a year ago?

How will they cope with staying alive?


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