There must be something there that wasnt there before

Anzu has had the biggest crush on Seto Kaiba despite all of her good pals warning her about him including her best friend Joey who happens to be crushing on Miss Mai valentine big time.
When they go to confront thier crushes, they are both shocked and saddened at what they see.
Turning to each other for support over a rejection that no one else but Jounouchi and anzu could possibly understand
The two crushed teenage friends and confidants are made to learn more about each other in ways they would have never imagined

Is it okay to kiss your best friend?, it does not mean anything or does it?


Dont own the rights to Yugioh or the title of my fic which is based on that wonderful song in the movie Beauty and the beast"there must be something there that wasnt there before"

LOL the song reminds me of Anzu and Jounouchi together for some reason and no i will not start randomely quoting things from episode 25 of the Yugioh abridged series where this song was made into a parody

Anzu mazaki is tea
Jounouchi is Joey
Honda is tristan
Kajaku Mai is mai valentine
is Serenity and Otogi is duke

The ages of the characters are all to be three years from the final of Yugioh, so if they were 16/17 when it ended that would make them all about 19/20 now except for Shizuka who was three years younger than the gang.

She waited with anticipation outside the entrance to the large and lavish Kaiba corp building.
It had been over 3 years since anyone had seen Seto Kaiba, who knows what he was up to. The last Anzu and her gang of loyal friends heard was that he was very bitter over his loss to Yugi in all four tournaments.

For the past three years in fact, Yami was busy touring, duelling and signing autographs, he indeed lived the high life and that suited him and his girlfriend Mana fine.
Anzu was never jealous of the Egyptain brunette, always so bubbly and happy and had a dress that when she wore to those fancy cocktail parties held in Yami's honor, that could make any man swoon.

Anzu had seen Yugi through thick and thin but out of all of the loyal subjects Anzu and Mana were the only two who had stayed by his side as he relaxed in the lucious lifestyle that was now his to own after you know saving the world and all. (A/N yeah you know a little respect would not hurt LOL )

Jounouchi had left soon after experiencing Yami's victory but had stayed in contact with his best buddy Honda and sort of friend otogi, however Honda and moved in with Jou's little sister Shizuka not so long ago and as much as it enraged him, he knew that his sweet little sister was safe with his best friend, oh not to mention the fact that when he had confronted them about it his little auburn haired sister politely informed him that she was no longer a child anymore (18 in fact) so with a heavy sigh of defeat the ashy blonde haired male went his own way, stopping in to see how things with his sister are every few weeks.

Jounouchi, Like Anzu had made sure that they kept in contact with each other, even if it was only by way of email or webcam whenever they could.

So this brings us to where we are now in this part of the story

Anzu has been anticipating for when she would get the all clear from Mokuba to go in.

The night air fell over the city of domino very faintly. The mocha haired girl, placed her white blazer over her pink baby tee and shivered in the cool air waiting for the younger kaiba of whom she was pretty good friends with
A/N how could you now be? seriously he is adorable

Outside in the cold air, Anzu practices what she is going to say to the blue eyed bishoneun when he lets her into his office on the last floor of the enormous building.

"Kaiba, hey its me Anzu" "I know this is completely out of the blue and crazy" She shakes her head in frustration. "Damn it, i cant tell him I'm crazy" "He'll think I'm...Crazy"
She paced the outside concrete in her sketchers (they are an awesome brand of sneaker shoe) and felt the denim from her flared jeans rub off on her hands. Probably due to the fact that she was rubbing her hands on her thighs for the past twenty minutes.

"Come on Mokuba" She impatiently whines. "Wait what am i saying?" she thinks aloud. "Its a good thing i got to know the little kid, if not then i would not be here now"
Try as she may, Anzu always attempted to see the good in every situation but she could not hide the fact that the night sky was growing more and more a navy blue.

Metres away from the KC building, Jounouchi is walking with his hands in his pockets. He smelt himself as he headed down the street. "Ah still smellin goooood" he announced to himself.

Jounouchi had been in love with a female for a long time, he knew, it his sister knew it, even little Yugi who is generally Mr Oblivious new it the only one who did not know was the woman herself.

The woman was off course the gorgeous Mai Valentine. Jounouchi had first noticed the alluring blonde seductress at duelist kingdom and could not keep his eyes off her, and he made it clear how hot he thought she was to everyone who knew him which annoyed them all the more.

Never the less Jounouchi was able to break down a few walls that this mysterious duelist had placed around herself and they two of them had kept in contact regularly since.
Jounouchi was there when Mai broke up with Valon, the motorcycle riding leather wearing hot rod who had made a large impression on the feisty blonde and Jounouchi was not all that pleased about it.

"He's gonna hurt you Mai" he sternly warned her.

Mai being the stubborn girl that she was, told her blonde friend that she was a Big girl now and knew how to handle herself.
If there is one thing Mai kajaku hated it was being told what to do or how to do it and she did not repeat NOT need a man to protect her.

To Jounouchi Mai was it, i mean sure in high school he had a few flings, that never lasted longer than a day, he had experimented with the odd drug and the first time he ever made love to a girl left him feeling ashamed (mainly because the girl he made love to was Vivian Wong two years ago now) but he had moved on from then, and now, almost two years after Mai's break up with Valon who returned to wherever it was he came from,
Joey felt it was time to tell her which worked out great because Mai had arranged to meet him and tell him something of her own.

All the hard work was done, well thats what Jounouchi thought anyway.

Wearing a sexy pair of tight jeans, black hoodie and sweet smelling cologne Jounouchi was ready to meet his girl and hear what she had to say.

As he approached the building he squinted his eyes to see who the female waiting outside shivering her ass of was.

"A..Anzu" He called out.


"Man what are you doing here" They both said at the same time.

Jounouchi scratced the back of his head. "Well uh funny story"

"Yeah well tell me about it later, right now i gotta meet someone inside" She pointed to the entrance.

The blonde male raised an eye brow. "Who?"

Anzu looked at the concrete sheepishly. "Ah you remember Seto kaiba right?"

Did Jounouchi remember Seto Kaiba? A/N (oh come on seriously?)

"Uh no Anzu i have no idea who Seto kaiba is" "He only tried to take me down every chance i got, kicked my ass in every finals tournament and generally made me and my friends feel like peices of white trash"

Anzu bites her bottom lip. "Uh yeah well he is not that bad Jounouchi"

Jounouchi throws his arms in the air. "Not that bad?" "NOT THAT BAD"

Just then Mai valentine walks out of the entrance and straight into Jounouchi tearing strips off Kaiba rather loudly infront of Anzu.

"That bastard also...." he stops talking and turns around. "Mai?"

The blonde haired female just nods her head. "What are you talking about?" she crosses her arms.

"Ah nuthin" "So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Jounouchi anxiously asks

He cant help but observe the way that black skirt and white blouse clung to her figure, her tights were wrapped around her legs as he longed to be instead and her make up was perfectly done.

"Oh uh well its very important so i wander if you would like to wait inside well i tell my boss I'v finished for the day" Mai explains.

She then looks at Anzu shivering in the cold air. "What are you doing here Anzu?"

"oh uh waiting for Mokuba" (not completely a lie)

"I thought you were waiting for Seto kaiba" Jounouchi questions.

Mai darts her purple eyes in the young girls direction fiercely.

"Why do you want to see Seto kaiba anzu?" she asks.

"Uh no offense Mai, but just cuz you work as his secretary doesn't mean you need to know everything" anzu's tone is rather harsh and cold.

Mai half smiles then folds her arms and looks directly at Anzu. "Well actually I..."

"Hey Anzu you can come inside and wait" Mokuba finally came downstairs to tell Anzu she could enter the buidling, when he saw Jounouchi.

"Mai why is Jounouchi here?"

Mai sighed and Jounouchi stood there not making head nor tail of what the hell was going on.

"why dont you all come inside and wait here on the ground floor?"

Anzu and Jounouchi look at each other, they both shrug and go inside where it was alot warmer.

Mai brings mokuba over to her and asks why that girl is here.

"I dunno she said she HAS to speak to my big bro" mokuba answers innocently.

Mai twirls her hair and stares at the blue eyed female with curiosity. "hmmm why though?"

Mokuba shrugs "Heaps of people wanna talk to my brother about something, you know that Mai"

"I suppose so Mokuba" She says, her eyes still fixed on Anzu.

Jounouchi sits beside Anzu and waits for Mai to finish work.

"Ah hurry up and let her go home already" he hisses to himself.

Anzu sits beside him anxiously waiting for that dreamy man to come walking down the stairs and approach her.

"So Jounouchi i take it you are not here to see Kaiba"

The blonde laughs and scratches his arm a little nervously. "Ah you know me so well Anzu"

The brunette laughs and looks at her friend for a second. "Mai had better not break his heart" she thinks

After what felt like an eternity, the man himself CEO and egotistical egotist extrodonaire Kaiba gets off of the elevator

His white coat trails on the floor as he walks with a staunchness, briefcase in hand and a sly smile forms across his lips when he sees mokuba.

"Hey big bro, Anzu mazaki wants to see you" Kaiba looks over at the familiar girl.

He then looks at Mai as if to say "what the **** is she doing here?"

Mai flicks her hand in the air and says "i dont know, she said she has to talk to you"

He narrows his eyes at Anzu and sighs when he sees Jounouchi.

"Have you told the mutt yet?" He asks.

"Its Jounouchi, and i am about to" Mai replies.

She twirls her hair in an extremely anxious fashion and heads over to where jounouchi is sitting with Anzu.

They both look up.

"Jounouchi, there is something i need to tell you" "thats why i needed to see you today"

The tatty haired male stands to his feet. "whatever it is, just tell me" "i promise it wont affect our friendship" (he thinks she is gonna tell him she loves him so you know)

Kaiba appears behind Mai and narrows his deep sapphire eyes at Anzu once again.

"What do you want Mazaki?" he cooly asks.

Anzu feels her palms start to sweat. She had so much she wanted to say to him but the words just werent coming out.

His demeanor was not helping neither was having Mai stand right in front of him, rather close beside him actually....

"Uh Kaiba, Seto I know this may seem a little..." her words are cut short when her eyes are cast upward at Seto's hand and where it was, on Kajaku's waist.

Jounouchi's eyes became red and his fists started to clench, what was this sleaze bag doing to his girl? Trying to cop a feel or what?

Anzu stands up and disregards what she was going to say instead she points at Kaibas arm movements around mai and asks whats going on..

"Oh the suspense is killing them" Kaiba whispers into Mai's soft ear.

Mai gives seto a devils grin before turning to face Jounouchi who looks ready to pounce.

"Jounouchi, uh Anzu" (Kajaku still did not know why she was here but she had a fair idea by now)

Dont say it dont say it Anzu's mind begged the next few words not to come out of Mai's mouth.

"Kaiba and Me are together, we have been for over a year now"

Before she could even look at the expression on both of the teens faces, Kaiba intercedes.

"Yeah and to add insult to your injury we are getting married"


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