There must be something there that wasn't there before

Chapter four


Okay i realize i mixed up the character plot with the second chapter.

Tristan IS with Serenity but is not living with her, she is also 18 and well doing things with Tristan that Jonouchi does not yet know about :D
I will continue to call Tea, Anzu and Joey Jounouchi, however it may be a little late to change Tristan, duke and serenity's names to their japanese ones or else readers will start to complain and the forever changing names of the characters, also Jounouchi has a bit of money left over from the Tournament and Yami is in Egypt with his girlfriend Mana.

i also wanna continue this fic i am enjoying it XD

Chapter four

Let me love you tonight

When Anzu and Jou reached the apartment, Jou was carrying Anzu, who had fallen asleep on the way home.

Tristan was sitting next to Serenity on the main couch, rubbing her back. Serenity was looking ashamed and had tear marks on her face.

"Someones tired" Tristan said, looking at a tired Anzu in Jous arms.

"Uh yeah, she danced herself sick" Jou replied.

"Im gonna put her in Serenitys guest room, if thats all good with you Sis"

Serenity did not look up she just nodded her head and clasped onto her cup of cocoa.

Jou noticed Serenitys behavior but agreed that first he had to take care of his friend, so he placed her gently in one of the double beds in the guest room. Anzu breathed softly while Katsyua put her into bed, he removed her black shoes and threw the duvet over her. He sat on the edge of the bed for a few seconds....

"Whats she talkin about?" "How can she think she's ugmo?" "She's....." He almost blurted out those thoughts but instead he held in a deep breath and patted Anzu on the head.

"Sweet dreams"

Once he was back in the lounge he slumped on to the couch beside his little sister.

"Ah women" he sighed, looking over at his weeping Sister quizzically.

Serenity turned to Jou and burst into tears.

"Jonouchi" "Its all my fault" she cried.

Jou wrapped his arms around his sister, he then gave Tristan a stern look.

"What did you do?"

"woah woah, hold up its not what it seems, well okay so it is but..." Tristan fumbled over his words and backed away from the couch slowly.

"Yeah, you better start gettin your story straight buddy or Ima gonna.."

"Jou, no please dont be mad at him" Serenity pleaded.

She then looked over at Tristan and held out her hand. Tristan placed his palm in hers and they both looked at Jonouchi.

"Ah Im guessin ya not sick sis?"

"No jou, not exactly, its worse than that..." Serenity clasped a tighter hold of her boyfriends hand.

Tristan did not sit down beside her, he feared what Jou would do next.

Jonouchi felt his face heat up, his fists clenched and he stood up.


He lunged toward Tristan, but a blubbery Serenity, got in her brothers way.

"Jounouchi Im pregnant" she screamed.

Naturally the sound from the lounge woke up Anzu in the guest room, she stirred for a bit then realized where she was.

"Jou must have..." She said to herself, putting two and two together. This made her smile, the thought of her friend putting her to bed was rather sweet.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Jounouchi crying out "NOOO"

Anzu pressed her ear against the door to see if she could hear what was going on, there was no way she was about to walk into this battlefield.

Jounouchi knelt on the floor and threw his fists in the air.

"Why?" "God why me?" "why her?" he looked over at Tristan and pointed fiercely.

"WHY HIM?" he bellowed.

Tristan folded his arms. "Hey watch your mouth Jou, I am not carrying any diseases like you say and another thing"

Serenity advised her boyfriend to stop talking, as Jonouchi was twitching in rage.

Kneeling beside him, Serenity cupped her brothers face.

"I love him, we love each other"

jou looked at his sister and put his hands on her arms.

"You do?"

Serenity nodded.

He looked over at his friend, Tristan nodded repeatedly "What do you think man?"

Jou knew Tristan adored Serenity and had never actually thought someone like her would ever go near him, so for her to be pregnant to him was the best thing ever for him.

Jonouchi helped Serenity up.

"Well you'd better look after her" "Treat her good and all that" Tristan listened as the blonde laid down the law.

"When it comes to Serenity, there aint no body I care about more" "Er no offense to you man its just ya know she's family"

Tristan smiled and nodded. "Yeah i know" he said, placing a had around Serenitys waist.

He kissed Serenitys tear stained cheek and gently wiped the stains away.

"You did say if anyone was gonna date your sis, its better that its me right?" Tristan said.

Jonouchi nodded his head. "Yeah I did say that"

He scratched the back of his head and walked into the kitchen.

"ah I just gotta get my head around this, so il see you two tomorrow yeah?"

Serenity kissed her brother on the forehead. "Thank you Jou" "You're the best"

"Yeah yeah" he sighed and gave her a hug.

Tristan gave Jou and one arm hug and thanked him for being okay about everything.

"Remember what I said though" Jou warned his friend just incase he had already forgotten.

Serenity and Tristan went into his bedroom to talk. "Hey Sis, does Ma know?"

Serenity turned around. "Uh yeah she does"

"Shes actually okay with it" Tristan added. "She kinda likes me" he said uneasily, knowing the tension between Jonouchi and his mother.

Jou stared blankly for a few moments.

"Our Ma, she thinks you're alright?" he could not come to terms with that.

Serenity hugged Tristan and giggled a little.

"Yes Jou, she likes him as my boyfriend, she thinks he is a nice guy"

Tristan kissed Serenity on the head and grinned.

"What can I say?" "Mothers love me"

"Yeah, yeah get outta here" Jou dismissed the two love birds and watched them enter Tristans room happy to be together.

Jou poured himself a strong cup of coffee. He placed both his hands on the kitchen bench and exhaled.

"My Sister..."

Realizing coffee would simply no suffice, Jounouchi reached for a can of beer in the fridge and cracked open a can.

"Can I have one?"

Jou spun around. "Anzu, you're awake"

Anzu rubbed her eyes. "Yeah, it was kind of difficult to sleep"

Jonouchi tossed a can of beer to his friend and the two of them went back in to the lounge.

"Can you actually believe all of that?" Jonouchi sighed.

Anzu clasped the can and rested her head on Jou's shoulder.

"Yeah, its pretty um..." "sorry Jou i dont know what to say" "Sorry I guess"

Jou leaned his head against Anzu's and sighed again.

"Yeah, but its gonna work out" "Tristan loves my sister, and get this"
He rose from his slouch. "My mom likes Tristan"

Anzu raised an eye brow and lifted her head off her friend shoulder. "No?" "Tristan?" "Really?"

"Uh huh, i know i didn't believe it either, but Serenity said so i guess she aint lyin"

Anzu took a large swig of her drink and slouched back into the couch.

"Wow, well at least their happy" Jou nodded, sitting on the edge of the couch deep in thought.

"Yeah, and I reckon i was pretty damn awesome about the whole thing"

Anzu started to laugh. "Off course you were Jou"

Jou turned to face her. "No I mean it, hell I could have tossed Tristan out on his ass and we'd neva see each other again but no"

Anzu smiled. "You're a nice guy Jonouchi"

"hmph" Jou replied, taking the last remaining gulps of his beer.

He threw the can on the carpet and slumped in to the couch beside Anzu.

"Mai doesn't think i am"

Anzu rolled her eyes.

"Jou she never said that" "She just dosen't wanna date you cuz she's know" Her voice lowered with a hint of sadness.

Jou put his arm around Anzu's shoulder.

"Yeah well you're nice to Anzu"

Anzu nods in agreement. "Yeah too nice sometimes"

Jou pats her on the head with his hand and sighs again.

"Are we the only good ones left?"

Anzu thought about that question for a minute. "I dont know maybe"

She then stretched out her arms and moved herself up of the couch.

"Come on, no more self pity" "We are still young and fun"

Jou tilts his head to the side. "Yeah I spose we are"but uh What do you plan we do?"

Anzu pointed in the direction of the kitchen. "You have some more beers right?"

Jou's brown eyes widened. "Anzu Mazaki, you never have more than like one drink ever"

"Well its time to cut loose" "Besides i dont have dance school til tomorrow night so we can sleep in"

She then realized what she had said. "Oops i meant I can sleep in, ah you can sleep in to, in your own bed"

Jo laughed, got up off the couch and patted her on the shoulder. "Its cool, i knew what you meant"

An hour or so later

The beers had well and truly gone by now, and the thoughts of warm and fuzzy were kicking in. Anzu started to feel a little dizzy, a feeling she had not at first experienced from alcohol. Jou however had been there before and was laughing at the look on Anzus face.

"Jonouchi you and me should go in to business" She slurred, standing up.

Jonouchi was sprawled across the couch enjoying the feeling of slight intoxication.

"Is that right Miss Mazaki?"

"Yes Jonouchi" "With your money and my dancing skills" "We could um... well we could..." Anzu went blank then fell on top of her best friend.

Jonouchi rubbed her back affectionately and she closed her eyes and smiled.

"Im feel sorta drunk" "do you think I'm drunk?" she looked at Jonouchi in the eyes while she lay on top of him.

Jou had never seen this side of Anzu before. Sure she could be fun but Anzu was usually the girl who cleaned things up, including everyone else's mess.

"You're alright Anzu" Jou warmly said, stroking her brown hair.

Anzu then rose herself up and smiled at her friend.

"I can dance too"

Jonouchi nodded and watched as Anzu started dancing on the lounge room floor in her uniform.

Her hair was messy, her make up had faded and the uniform was creased and stained, but in Jou's eyes she had never looked more attractive.

"Im a maniac, maniac on the floor..." she sang as she pranced around waving her hands from side to side.

Jonouchi got up and put his arms around her waist. She started to giggle.

"I think its time to get you to bed" He said feeling pretty light himself.

Anzu nodded and let Jonouchi lead her into the guest room.

Anzu stumbled into the room and tripped over a pair of Serenity's heels.

"oops don't tell your sister Jou" She pressed a finger to her lips and made a hushing sound.

Jonouchi nodded his head and laughed.

Anzu Flopped onto the bed while Jonouchi tried to find his bearings.

anzu laughed when jonouchi fell onto the floor beside Serenity's bed.

"I'm too tired to walk to my room, il sleep here" he whispered. "shhh dont tell Serenity"

Anzu curled up on the other bed and laughed. "I think she is with her boyfriend" "She will be.....kissing him and and..." suddenly Anzu stopped talking and started to cry.

Jonouchi staggered toward her and lay down beside her. "Whats wrong?" He asked, facing her.

"No one loves me" "Everyone we know is in love and I'm all alone" she cried.

Jonouchi shook his head in disbelief. "You are not alone" "you got me, besides I think that other guy, uh red head liked ya"

Anzu continued to cry. "He's going to that wedding, I dont want to speak to him"

She then looked at Jo with tear stained eyes. "And are..."

Jonouchi felt his stomach clench, was he about to be sick or did he feel nervous for some reason?

"I'm what?"

Anzu wrapped her arms around him in a giant hug.

"You're spectacular" "Everyone should love you"

"wow, she must be off her face" Jo said under his breath, happily returning the hug.

"Aw Anzu you are nice, everyone loves ya" "you have heaps a friends, more than Mai and Seto kaiba combined"

Anzu wiped her eyes, "and redhead?"

Jou nodded, "yes and Amelda"

Anzu then looked to the ceiling.

"What good is it all Jounochi?" "If you do not have someone to love?'

Jonouchi put his hands behind his head and lay on his back while Anzu sat up.

"Anzu" he began. She looked around.

"I dunno maybe Im a little drunk but I mean it"

"Mean what?" she asked.

He rose up and sat parallel with her.

"You are awesome" "You are an awesome dancer, an awesome friend" "'re smokin hot"

Anzu blushed and looked away.

"Jonouchi you are sweet" "But Im not that hot"

Jo rolled his eyes and cupped her face fiercely with his hands, Anzu froze in the moment.

"What do I have to do to make you see how beautiful you are?"

Anzu felt more tears fall down her face, this time they were not because she was sad, rather because she felt that someone right here and right now actually loved her....

Closing her eyes, she kissed him on the lips. The kiss was brief and Anzu was unsure how her friend would take it.

He returned the kiss with a longer more intense one, until the were laying intertwined in each others arms.

"Im not kissing you cuz I'm drunk" Anzu said, moving her arms all over her friends body.

"Na me neither" Jo replied, caressing her breasts.

He reached for her bra when she looked at him. "Will you?"

"Only if you're sure"

Anzu nodded "I am"

It was then in the early hours of the morning, Anzu Mazaki experienced Jonouchi Katsuya in a whole new way.

When the sun shone through the next morning, Anzu stirred and opened her eyes. She noticed Jonouchi lying asleep beside her. He did look cute snuggled up into the pillow, with his blonde hair hanging over his eyes.

It was then that reality had hit her. Anzu was no longer a virgin and now more than ever aware of the consequences of her actions.

She leapt out of bed and hurried into the shower....

Letting the hot water soak itself into her skin, Anzu contemplated her relationship with Jonouchi.

"He is sweet and we are friends" "Maybe we should give it a go"

She did not have to think to long, before she heard someone come in to the bathroom. She froze and turned the shower off.

"Why did I not lock the door?" "why did i not lock the door?" she repeated to herself.

Peering through the shower curtain, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw who it was.

Jonouchi had come in to check on her, he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

"He uh Anzu I was thinkin about last night and I thought if you wanna we could..."

Anzu jumped out of the shower and wrapped herself around Jonouchi, kissing him.

"Well okay then" He smiled, throwing a towel around her.

Anzu wrapped the towel around her properly and gave Jo a peck on the cheek before heading back into the guest room to change.

"Wait til the gang hear about this" Jonouchi smirks.

3 Months later

Anzu arrived home from work, after another busy day. She was looking forward to her dance class tonight, since she would finally get the results of her exam she took a few months ago, the same time her and Jonouchi got together.

Serenity greeted Anzu at the door, her belly was slightly swollen. Her long hair dangled almost down to where her stomach was.

"Hey Serenity" "How was your Mom?"

"Oh she was good, she wants to to take me out next week to look for baby clothes"

Anzu placed her handbag on the lounge floor and sat down.

"Do you even know if its a boy or a girl yet?"

Serenity walked out of the kitchen with two cups of lemon tea.

"No, but we will next month and Mom just wants to buy a whole lot of white and green clothes"

Anzu nodded "Just incase right?"

Serenity nodded and sat beside Anzu.

"Tristan will be home soon" She said. "Oh and Jonouchi is in his room, have you told him you're here?"

Anzu smiled. "I thought id surprise him" Anzu said sipping on her tea.

"I practically live here anyway"

"you and me both" Serenity added.

Jonouchi emerged out of his room, wearing a white t shirt and baggy blue jeans, he smelt pretty good as well and Anzu wanted to run her fingers through his hair.

Jonouchi leant over the couch and kissed Anzu. "Hey"

Anzu looked up at Jonouchi and kissed him back. "hey you, oh remember I get my results from my exam tonight"

"Yeah yeah I remembered" Jonouchi sighed.

"I reminded him" Serenity piped up.

Jonouchi slid in next to Anzu on the couch.

"Oh thanks sis now i look like an ass"

Anzu shook her head and rested her head on his chest. "No you don't"

Anzu closed her eyes and wanted to fall asleep but couldn't as she had class that night. Anzu had been extremely tired recently and run down, she put it down to the stress of both work and classes.

"Hey wake up" Jonouchi tapped her nose. "Im up" Anzu widened her eyes and sat up.

"I still dont know why I'm so tired" Anzu yawned.

Serenity looked at her friend with concern, as she headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Well you know Anzu Im tired heaps of the time" "but thats cuz I'm, you know pregnant"

Anzu paused. "And?"

"what I mean is, maybe you should go to the doctor to check it out"

Anzu thought about the prospect of seeing a doctor, but figured it was just tiredness and if Serenity could cope with it while being pregnant at the same time, then Anzu surely could.

"Il leave it for now" anzu said, resting herself on Jonouchi again.

Serenity sighed and went back in to the kitchen.

Jonouchi kissed Anzu on the head..

About half an hour later, Anzu stirred, she woke up to find that she was the only one in the lounge. She figured she must have fallen asleep on the couch. Anzu could hear Tristans voice, and heard Jonouchi and Serenity talking about something or other in the dining room.

"Wow did i miss dinner?" she said aloud, getting up off the couch.

She then headed toward the bathroom to pee first.

When she got their she looked in the bathroom draws for a couple of pain killers. Anzu had been getting headaches recently and had become good friends with asprin.

while she rummaged through the first aid supplies and empty parectomol boxes, she stumbled upon a pregnancy test, unused and unopened. It must have been Serenity's.

"Man how many did she need?" Anzu thought, as she observed the box and its markings.

"Takes 30 seconds all you need to do is..."

Suddenly a crazy thought entered Anzu's mind.

"Should I?" "Its not like I am or anything" "Jou and me are always careful" "Besides we've only been together for three months"

by the time Anzu had managed to convince herself of all the reasons why she could not be pregnant, she had torn open the test and proceeded to take it.

She waited impatiently for the line to turn either blue or double. "Two lines means Yes" "One blue line means no"

She saw a blue line appear and mouthed a large "Phew"

She then saw another line appear, and dropped the test onto the bathroom floor.

"No, no NO" she panted. Her face was heating up.

She suddenly stood still and remembered her and Jonouchi's first time, it was unexpected and unprotected.

She gasped and quickly threw the test in the bin, washed her hands thoughroly and ran to get her clothes.

Before Serenity could even head out of the kitchen to see where she was, Anzu was out the door.

"Anzu" Serenity called. She peered out the window to see Anzu running down the street with a bag full of clothes and her handbag.

"Ah Jo, Anzu's ran away"

Jonouchi sprinted down the stairs and ran down the street as the night sky fell.

"ANZU" he called. He panted as he ran but did not stop calling her name.

From a distance Anzu could hear her name being called, she knew it was her boyfriend.

Thoughts were racing through her mind, and she could not bare to tell Jonouchi, She could barely take the news herself.

"Do I keep it?" "What will happen to my life?" "what if Jonouchi is angry?" all these thoughts were swimming around, she could not concentrate.

Anzu came to a small alley way where a large brick wall was standing before her.

She fell to her knees and the concrete grazed her skin.

She then felt a voice telling her to "listen to her heart"

Anzu knew jonouchi for years, Even if they were in a mess he would never bail on her NEVER

Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you
Listen to you heart, theres nothing else you can do

At the end of the ally by the street lamp Jonouchi stopped, he leaned over and put his hands on his knees. He was still panting, but kept calling.

"ANZU" "An..." he had found her, metres in front of her, kneeling on the ground.

He slowly walked up behind her. Anzu could feel his steps.

She turned around and looked up at him. He looked confused and bewildered.

Anzu went to speak but she found herself frozen with fear, it was in that moment she knew exactly how Serenity must have felt when she told Jonouchi she was pregnant, or how she must have felt telling Tristan...

Tristan loved Serenity and was thrilled, Anzu was so fearful of how Jonouchi would react that her mouth would not move.

And there are voices that want to be heard
So much to mention but you cant find the word

The thought of the night they spent together and the nights ever since, were pretty good. Jo had let his guard down, Anzu had given herself over to Jonouchi and although it scared the hell out of both of them, it felt right too.

The scent of magic, the beauty thats been
When love was wilder than the wind

Her eyes watered before him as Jonouchi knelt beside her and put his hands around her shoulders.

"Whatever it is, you dont have to run from me" "We're friends too you know" he said with a warm smile.

Anzu wiped her eyes and gulped.

"Jonouchi I'm pregnant" ....

she took another breath in and out and said.

"To you"

She quickly stood up but her knees had been cut up pretty badly from when she slammed herself against the concrete, that she fell to the floor.

Listen to your heart, before you tell him good bye

Jonouchi did not stop to think of what Anzu had said, he scooped her up and led her back into his apartment...


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