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Watching over you

Chapter 1

A young woman was walking alone in the white, from the snow, streets of New York. She was walking slowly, a suitcase in her hand. Her head was lowered, looking at a piece of paper her fingers were holding. She looked up and green eyes searched the street carefully, looking for the right house. She stopped to clutch her coat tighter around her body before her eyes settled on a large white house in front of her. A small smile grazed her lips and she started walking towards it once again, her nose slightly red from the snow.

"Okay…God it's cold…I ask for…for…Mrs. Crane…all right…" the woman whispered to her self as he stopped in front of the door and raised her hand to knock gently. She did and waited patiently for it to open. A few moments later the noise of the door unlocking was heard and a petite blond woman appeared on the doorway, a kind smile on her face.

"Yes? May I help you?" came the soft spoken question and the young woman smiled back.

"Hello…um…I am Christine Mathews? The new maid?" Christine said and the blond woman's eyes widened.

"Oh! Of course! Please come in." she said as she opened the door wider to let her pass.

"Thank you…I hope I'm not too early here…" Christine said as she entered and the other woman closed the door.

'No, you are not, miss Mathews. Please come in. You must be freezing with all this cold. Oh! I am Katrina Crane." The now introduced woman said with a smile as she outstretched her hand for a shake. Christine placed her bag down and quickly reached for her hand to shake it softly.

"Nice to meet you." She replied as Katrina gasped at how cold her hand was.

"My God, you're cold. Come in. I have tea ready." Katrina said as she placed a hand on her stomach as she walked. That was the first time Christine realized that the woman was pregnant. A smile came to her face as they walked further into the warm house, which was rather large.

"I always have tea ready, Christine…if I may call you by your first name…" Katrina said as she turned her head to smile at her.

"Of course." The younger woman said as they entered a large parlor.

"My husband usually wants a cup after he's back from work. Please sit down." Katrina said as she poured two cups of tea and handed one to the woman situated in one of the chairs of the room.

"Tea is nice." Christine commented even though she wasn't very fond of it. At the moment she wanted something to warm her self though. Katrina smiled and sat across from her.

"So…you live here?" she asked and Christine nodded after swallowing the tea.

"Yes…my mother lives here but she's not well. My father recently passed away. I had to find a job. It appears the only thing I'm good at is housework." Christine said with a chuckle.

"Nonsense. I'm sure there are other things you can do just as good." Katrina said with a wave of her hand.

"You're very kind, Mrs. Crane." Christine said softly as she finally felt her hands getting warm.

"How old are you? If it's not too bold to ask." Katrina said smiling at her as she leaned back in her chair.

"It's not. I'm twenty."

"You're younger than me." Katrina laughed.


"Yes. I'm twenty three."

Christine smiled, already liking her mistress.

"All right I suppose I should tell you about your responsibilities." Katrina said as she placed her cup on the small table in front of her.

Christine nodded and stole a glance around the room. It was really well kept and decorated.

"I need help with the cooking…in your letter you said you can cook."

"Yes, yes I can."

"That's great. I also need help with the washing…lately I can't seem able to do it." She said laughing, patting her swollen stomach.

"Yes, it's reasonable." Christine said smiling.

"Well…that's all…oh, I have a garden in the back of the house. It's winter now but I have a few trees that need care."

"Garden? I loved gardens. I can mend too…um…I used to do it for my father…and my mother now."

"What's wrong with her?"

"She's not very well…she's ill. We're not in the best terms…um…not since my father died. So, I wanted to go away. She lives with my father's money…" Christine explained nervously and Katrina nodded.

"Of course. Come on. I'll show you the rest of the house and your room." Katrina said as she stood up and motioned her to follow. Christine stood up quickly and followed her around the house.

The kitchen was near the parlor and a long staircase led to the upper floor where the bedrooms and bathrooms were.

"Wow…" Christine commented as she was showed her room. Katrina laughed and patted her back.

"Hope you like it…Ichabod helped me put those curtains." The blond woman said and Christine blushed at her own excitement.

"Thank you. It's too much though."

"Nonsense. I also want a friend." Katrina said with a wink. Christine nodded and took of her coat, placing it on the bed, her eyes scanning the pretty large, in her opinion, room.

"When do I start, Mrs. Crane?" she asked, turning around to face her only to find her gone. She frowned and walked out of the room, noises coming from downstairs.

"Um…hello?" she called.

"Down here, Christine!" came Katrina's voice and she walked down the steps towards the hall. She stepped into the bottom step and looked around.

"There you are. Come." Katrina said as a male back became visible in front of Christine's eyes. She swallowed, ready to meet some sort of rough, rude master but when the back turned a couple of gentle, almost black eyes met her own green ones and she was frozen on the spot.

"Ichabod…this is Christine. Our new helper." Katrina said cheerily, avoiding the use of the word maid. Christine gulped and blinked as the man's eyes settled fully on her, a gentle smile spreading across his lips as he reached to shake her hand.

"Hello, Christine. I'm Ichabod Crane." He said softly and she clumsily took his hand and shook it.

"Christine Mathews, sir. Nice to meet you too." She said and the man grinned.

"Thank you for accepting the job. My wife really needed the help." He said, releasing her hand and wrapping and arm around his wife's waist before placing a kiss on her forehead, the soft smile still on his face.

"No, thank you, sir. I really wanted the job." Christine said as she folded her hands behind her back.

"Ichabod's a constable, Christine." Katrina said with a smile and Christine smiled back, tearing her eyes from the handsome man in front of her quickly, embarrassed.

"Oh…that's nice, sir." She said as she pushed her black hair behind her ear.

"I assure you it isn't so great, Christine." He said with a chuckle as he released Katrina from his arms and took off his heavy coat.

"What are we having for dinner then?" he asked as he hung his coat.

"Chicken soup. Christine, come and help me." Katrina said and Christine hurried after her, not daring to look back as the constable looked at their retreating forms before walking away towards the dinner table, a gentle smirk on his face.

End of chapter 1

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