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Warning: This story will contain Slash, Shanon-ai for a little while but then it will get all hott and sweaty Smut ;)


The cold wind cut deep into Harry's skin as he walked through the endless forest which he found himself walking in; truth be told he couldn't remember why he was in them in the first place.

He just needed to have some time alone; less than 2 hours ago he had defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, sure he was happy about that fact but also within those 2 hours he had lost everyone he cared for dearly. No one was left, no one but him.

Well all but one person and he didn't exactly want to think about that person right now. Okay he was mourning the loss of his friends and those he considered family, they were all gone now, without taking notice of where he was going he got further and further into the deep mass of trees which were smothered in moss which grew up from the roots so they looked like they were covered in green fur.

Finally noticing his surroundings he turned and looked towards where he could feel strong magic coming from it was about 100 feet away it buzzed through his ears and mixed with his magical core it sent shivers down his spine.

He had not felt that much power for a long while now well not since he was head deep in battle. The mixture of pain, death and pleasure mixed together on the battlefield people were dying everywhere he looked it was not a very nice thing to remember but he couldn't help it.

He needed a new start he needed to go to somewhere other than England he needed to get away from it all, the pain of the losses were breathtakingly hard on Harry he still couldn't believe everyone was dead, dead and gone.

He would no longer hear the Weasley's arguing among themselves or Hermione telling both himself and Ron to study more or to listen more closely in History of Magic with Professor Binns.

There would no longer be any hint of wild bushy hair hugging him and telling him that they shouldn't be doing something stupid. It was all gone now even Dumbledore he was gone.

Hugging his arms against his chest Harry contemplated what Remus had told him about the many properties and money he was left by both his parents and Black Family.

When they both went to Gringotts together they found that Harry was a very rich person indeed; he was probably one of the richest person's in the wizarding world, not that he cared very much; money didn't matter to him.

Thinking upon it now he remembered seeing all the numerous properties in America. He had always wanted to visit America because America was meant to be a place where Supernatural beings such as Vampires, Were's and Witches and wizards were accepted himself and Remus were going to go live in St. Louis after the war if they both survived.

There was no more Remus he had been one of the last to go, he was killed by Fenrir Greyback he had his throat ripped out right in front of Harry's eyes, and he could do nothing but watch as his Godfather was taken away from him.

That had been one of the things that brought the anger, rage and pure hostility to bubble up and overtake any of Harry's thoughts or actions it was Kill or be killed and Harry decided then and there that he would NOT die he would kill every last one of them.

Going through the onslaught of Death-Eaters and fellow Light Wizards who had fallen to there death he noticed the bunch of Red heads who were lying dead among other Order of the Phoenix members. It was a horrible sight to see and he remembered having the feeling of bile makings its way up of Harry's throat.

It would not do any good to let Voldemort see how much this was hurting Harry; No he would not allow him to have that on him; he would kill the son of a bitch if it was the last thing he did.

And that's exactly what he did he killed him, ripped him limb from limb and incinerated every bit of the disgusting bastard.

That's what Harry was remembering as he was growing nearer and nearer to the onslaught of magic he could faintly feel panging through his veins; the once irrevocable wards of the school were now easy enough to break down with a simple curse of two.

A hollow look appeared across Harry's face, everything he had ever known and loved was gone; took away from him everyone and everything he held dear to were gone

He snarled angrily at where the wards were and broke them down and apparated to the front of Gringotts Bank it was time for him to have a change and he was going to take that change right now.


To Be Continued

Authors Note: This is my first try at Anita Blake / Harry Potter crossover and I love it dearly and decided that because there just are not enough of the sexy slash with the two series I decided I would make one or more of my own.

Hope you liked it so far remember this is only the Prologue.

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