Title: Harry Potter: New Life

Chapter 4

Author: Natalie668

Warnings: This Fanfiction contains - Slash, Yaoi, Het, and Shanon-ai. If you happen to dislike the idea of Harry with another Male Character please leave now and save yourself from having to moan at me in a review about how you hadn't been told it was going to be MalexMalexMale pairings ;) see how I didn't just put MalexMale =) lol

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~*~*~*~*Chapter 4*~*~*~*~

Previously in Harry Potter: New Life

Jason knocked and Harry could hear people speaking behind the door, he could hear Jean-Claude and a female voice, she did not sound very happy.

'Great, just great; we haven't even met and she's already angry at me' was all Harry could think before the door opened.


Asher opened the door, a seductive smile graced his lips before he carefully pulled Harry into the room and placed his lips against Harry's; Harry was stock still, waiting for the explosion of shouts to come from Anita. However, none came, instead Harry heard everyone's breathe hitch, what the hell happened to make them do that.

Harry opened his eyes again as Asher pulled away, Asher seemed to be glowing before him, he seemed to be covered in a golden hue; Harry looked down at himself and he was glowing a golden colour too.

"Wow" Jason said as he slid past Harry and Asher and casually sat on the leather sofa.

"You can say that again" this comment came from Anita; Harry blushed awkwardly; Harry made his way towards her and he held his hand out to shake hers.

"The name is Anita Blake, Animator and Necromancer also Human Servant of Jean-Claude" She said smiling slightly; the moment there hands touched there was a bright red glow and flash and they both found they couldn't pull away from each other.

"Jean-Claude, what the hell is happening" Anita asked in a half-scared, half-worried tone.

Harry recognised the red glow, he had read about it in his seventh year; its name is Parental bond, only your Parental bond can trigger it. However, that could not be right could it?

"A Parental Bond" Harry spluttered out; Jean-Claude looked between the two of them.

He then began to speak carefully "And what Mon Emeraude is a 'Parental Bond' I have never heard of one before"

Everyone in the room was looking between Anita and Harry; some looked scared others looked at the two of them in utter awe.

"I-its not a very well known bond; some say fate makes them, others say it was chosen before both participants were even born; but to actually find that person who is to be your Parental Bond after your Bio-logical parents have died; is very unlikely. I read about it in school." Harry took a deep breath and said "To find your Parental, it means that both must be very powerful."

Anita looked at the long black haired boy in front of her; her Necromancer recognised him as hers, and so did her Leopard.

Shaking her head, "But how, and why me?"

Jean-Claude came towards them when the red glow died away; "Ma Petite, Harry just explained it, you were always going to be his Parental Bonded one even before you were born, it's just now you've met it seems to have set it in motion."

"But what does all of this mean now, I feel my Necromancer powers telling me to look after him and my Leopard, Wolf & Lion seem very protective of him, they see him as there childe." Anita looked worriedly up at Jean-Claude "Jean-Claude, I've never had to worry about anyone before, I'm just used to taking care of number one; I've never had any maternal feelings like this before."

Now that Anita and Harry had let go of each other's hands Harry moved over towards Asher, who automatically pulled him into his side; he must not have eaten yet as he felt cold to the touch.

Harry pulled Asher to the side of the room and whispered "Asher, why haven't you fed yet?"

"We were to busy to; when Anita and Richard arrived, my self and Jean-Claude was just about to feed when they both arrived. That is why Jean-Claude and I have not eaten yet, Mon Emeraude." Asher said this and placed a kiss on Harry's forehead.

Harry blushed, Asher could practically taste that warm blood; which filled his young Mates cheeks, and he could not help but wonder where the blush ended.

Harry hit "Oomph" Asher in the arm, by an ever-blushing Harry. Asher smiled seductively at him.

"I know your thinking dirty thoughts right now," Harry said with a half-hearted scowl on his face.

"Whatever do you mean, Mon petit?" Asher asked all innocently casually taking a piece of Harry's long locks between his slender pale fingers, Asher breathed in the scent of Harry, he smelled faintly of Lavender and Fields of freshly cut grass.

"Humph" was Harry's reply to that answer.

While Asher and Harry had been speaking Anita and Jean-Claude had been speaking to one another; Anita seemed to have come to the conclusion that Harry and herself were now Paternal Parent and Son. Anita did not appear to be uncomfortable with Harry anymore.

Obviously, she had to have some time to work on this and accept it but for now, Harry was going to take advantage of her acknowledging him for what he was.

Asher spoke up from the silence; "Mon Ami, should we not start the meeting, well Anita and Harry have been introduced" here he nodded towards the both of them, "But we have yet to introduce Mon Loupe,"

Richard looked straight at Harry, he seemed either really angry or really confused, Harry was hoping for the latter.

Richard held his hand out towards Harry, who immediately took it; "Hi, It's nice to meet you" Harry said politely, Richard simply nodded.

"Ah, well now everyone has been introduced, we shall proceed; Oui?" Jean-Claude took the silence as agreement and walked towards Harry who was still standing very close next to Asher.

Jean-Claude wrapped his arm around Harry's waist; and placed his delicate pale cold hand on Harry's warm rosy cheek; he bent down and placed his lips to Harry's; the moment they touched the three of them glowed gold; as all three of them were touching each other at the same time, as Harry was still in Asher's arms.

Another group of intakes of breaths happened again, but something different must have happened because the Gold had Green and Blue mixed into it.

"Mon Petit, are you okay?" Jean-Claude asked worriedly as he watched as Harry reddened even more; Harry placed a hand on both Asher and Jean-Claude's faces and caressed them softly.

"I am now," Harry replied.

A throat being cleared ruined the moment; it was Richard; "Sorry to ruin your; moment, but speaking for myself and probably Anita, we are very busy as we both have work tomorrow. Moreover, if all you have us here for is to watch the three of you make out I think I would rather like to return home. For I do not want to watch," Richard sounded grumpy and irritable.

"Ah Mon Loupe, I did not invite you to watch us 'Make Out' as you so eloquently put it, I did in fact invite you both to meet both mine and Asher's Soul-Mate; Harry" Jean-Claude said as he looked at Harry when he said his name.

"Ah, Ma Petite I forgot to ask you where Micah was?" Jean-Claude asked politely.

Anita seemed to come out of her own little world when she realized he had been speaking to her; Harry smiled slightly.

"He's at work, he probably wont get back until later on, I told him to just go straight home instead of coming here" She replied.

Richard stood up from the sofa next to Anita, "I'm sorry Jean-Claude but I have no time for this, I accept that you have a Mate, but what I do not accept is that he doesn't even look legal, and knowing you two you'll have him into your beds before he blinks. And I for one am not standing around just to be made a fool of, you know I don't like this," he said with a pained face as he waved his hands at the three of them. "Behaviour, and yet Jean-Claude you do it to annoy me" Richard looked to Anita and said, "Are you coming, or are you going to stop here with them?" he asked questioningly.

Anita looked towards Harry one last time, as she turned to look at Richard she said, "Yes, I will come with you but I want to have an answer to my question I'm about to ask you, My Wolf inside me is saying Harry is her cub, do you feel the same way? Is that another reason why you want to get out of here?" She asked looking at her old lover, who was also her Fiancé.

"Yes, my Wolf see's him as a Cub, but what does that have to do with anything?" Richard asked as his eyes glared at Jean-Claude who just stood there watching his Animal to call and his Human servant.

"Just what I thought, well we shall be off. Jean-Claude could you phone me before hand next time you want a meeting, and I'll make sure I'll bring Micah, that is if I'm not busy" She said as she walked towards Richard.

"Oui, Ma Petite, I shall phone you 'Both' in advance next time" Jean-Claude replied.

The two of them went out the door, but before it closed Anita spoke out, "Jason are you staying to feed Jean-Claude or do you want to come back to my house?" she asked.

"I have to feed Jean-Claude, seeing as I am his Pomme de Sang." but if you wait for me I'll come back with you" he said in his usual happy manor.

"Okay, well when you're finished meet us outside" she said as she walked away. Looking back she said, "Oh and it was nice to meet you Harry" she said with a slight smile.

Well Mon Petite, if you will excuse me and Jason for a moment" Jean-Claude said as he led Jason through to the bedroom area.

Harry looked at Asher, "Asher, who's going to feed you?, would you like me to?" he said looking into Asher's beautiful blue eyes.

"There's something you have to know about me feeding from you, if I were to do that it would bring you to orgasm, and as much as I would like to do that I would also feel bad about it only being myself to bring that to you. I think we should keep that for later on, I also think that we should take things slow, seeing as we have forever to do things like that." Asher said as he kissed Harry on the lips, it made him gasp as his lips were covered by Asher's.

His lips began to move on there on, Asher's tongue gently slid across Harry's bottom lip and Harry obligingly opened his mouth to let Asher's wandering tongue fight against his own, Asher won the short battle of dominance which was there kiss and he submitted fully. It seemed like forever had passed before he realised he needed to breath, breaking the kiss he heaved in a deep breath of air. Asher chuckled and gently kissed Harry on the top of his head.

"Ah, Mon Petite, so young, so Innocent" he said as he smiled down at the Emerald eyed beauty before him.

Jean-Claude and Jason soon came out of the room and Harry automatically noticed he looked a lot rosier than he did before he fed off Jason.

Jason looked at Harry and winked, "Well, I'll be off, see ya Harry" he said as he opened the door and went to go catch up with Anita and Richard.

Jean-Claude swept down and captured Harry's lips with his own, this only lasted a little while before he ended it and placed himself down on the sofa, which Asher and Harry had found themselves sitting on.

"So Mon Petite, what did you think of Anita and Richard?" Jean-Claude asked interestedly.

"Well", Harry began taking in a deep breath of air he continued, "Anita is lovely, she may be a bad ass bitch but she seemed nice, I was worried that she'd hate me, but it turned out that was the exact opposite!" Harry leaned back against the sofa, "It's so hard to believe that she's my new Parent Bonded, It's just, and I've never really had anyone like that before. Well not really anyway, I don't think I'll know what to do" Harry said as he began to fidget.

"Don't worry about it, didn't you hear what Anita said, she's never had to worry about anyone else but herself all of her life, and now you come along and suddenly she's going to be a huge part of somebody's life, somebody who she's only just met!" Asher said as he took hold of Harry's hand to make him stop and listen to what he was saying.

"I didn't really think about that… do you… do you think she will want to see me when I'm not with you two?" Harry asked looking between his two mates who were smiling down at him.

"Of course she will, just don't worry about it for now, worry about it when she calls you or something." Jean-Claude said as he kissed Harry on his forehead.

"I don't know about you but I actually have to get to Guilty Pleasures, so if you want I could drop you off at your house?" Jean-Claude offered.

"If that's okay with you two." Harry replied, Asher nodded, and Jean-Claude just said he wouldn't have offered if he didn't want to do it.

So Harry gave Asher one last kiss and soon he was following Jean-Claude to another huge car, which he owned, and they were driving back to Harry's home.

Before Harry could, even attempt to open his car door Jean-Claude was already there with it open.

"Well, goodnight Jean-Claude" Harry said as he leaned in to give Jean-Claude a kiss, it soon turned into a kiss like the one with Asher back in the Circus. It also left Harry gasping for air. Jean-Claude smiled and kissed Harry on the head before returning back to his car.

"Goodnight, Mon Emeraude" Jean-Claude said as he drove away towards Guilty Pleasures.

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