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Before the Warrior came Murphy. He'd worked in the salvage business for twenty odd years and knew the sea like the back of his hand, which isn't to say it didn't surprise him.

He'd worked in salvage for twenty years and had seen some strange things. He's seen a ship's cat disappear halfway through a voyage, hundreds of miles from anything, and reappear when they get back to land. He'd heard a woman crying at night on a ship that carries only men. He'd even seen the flash of an emerald green tail playing in the ship's wake, which he always kept quiet about unless he was really paralytic. And even then he knew to keep quiet about the hair.

Eventually he saved enough so he could afford to talk to a man about a boat. It was old, it was going to need a lot of work and it'd be a risk even if it was brand new. Murphy took it. All he needed was a crew.


Next up: Greer.