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Murphy never wanted a mechanic onboard: he likes the miniature world of the Arctic Warrior to be simple and uncluttered. And nothing takes up more room than an unnecessary crew member.

Then one day, when they're a million miles from anywhere, the Warrior's engines cut out, leaving her at the mercy of the currents. The radio hasn't been working properly for over a week and now it refuses to work at all.

Under the strain, relationships start to fray and old arguments resurface. All the little things the crew have learned to live with start to grate and the metal walls of the Arctic Warrior seem to close in around them. Without much to do or much space to do it in, they are always under each others feet and they have plenty of time for resentment to simmer.

Epps and Munder are the first to crack: Epps becomes tetchy and defensive and Munder is in no mood to walk on eggshells. Disputes everyone thought had healed turned out to have been festering instead. Epps asks Munder acidly if it was necessary to use the radio to check the football scores. Munder replies that at least he's not using it to play her sort of music. Epps demands what that has to do with anything. Munder accuses her of being frigid. Things pretty much go downhill from there.

Once the argument has started it spreads like a plague. Dodge wades in to stick up for Epps and ends up under fire from both directions. Pretty soon none of them are speaking to any of the others and make up for it by attempting to corner Greer and Murphy. Greer locks himself in his cabin, turns his walkman up as high as it will go and refuses to come out. As the captain Murphy feels this is beneath him; not least because he doesn't own a walkman.

What he does own, hidden behind the loose panel in the supply closet, is a bottle of scotch. When the bickering gets too much, Murphy slips inside to retrieve it. Epps is waiting for him and she is not impressed. Epps screams at Murphy. Murphy yells at Epps. Everyone retreats to separate corners of the ship and simmers.

It is almost a fortnight before the Canadian coastguard picks them up and the minutes drag by painfully. It isn't until they are all back on dry land and pretty much speaking to each other again that Murphy is forced to concede that perhaps a mechanic qualifies as a necessary team member.

-The End-