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Somewhere in Japan

Mahora Academy

Class 3-A


"All right! It's decided!" the 10-year old homeroom teacher of Class 3-A, Negi Springfield said out loud to the entire class. "The destination of our class trip will be the country of Lycia! Everyone has voted on that place, so any objections?"

"As long as you're happy, we're happy to go there!" most of the class replied.

"Heheh! Thank you! Now let me share to you some information on Lycia!" Negi opened up a book that was on the table and started reading out the contents from a certain page. Lycia is most populated country of the continent of Elibe. It is one of the few countries in the world that still keeps its ancient traditions, so you can expect to see lots of historical architectures in that place. It is also one of the few countries where the usage of magic is common knowledge and widespread."

"I guess that's why he suggested this location in the first place," said Asuna, looking rather bored. "He is a mage after all, so it's natural that he would be attracted to a country that is populated with mages."

"And he likes old and historical artifacts, doesn't he?" Konoka, who was sitting next to her, added. "That place is a perfect place for him!"

"That country goes by the monarchy system," Negi continued, "Meaning that it is ruled by a king rather than a president. The Pherae family has been the rulers of Lycia for centuries and the current king of Lycia is named Roy Phearae. He is the youngest to be crowned king in the history of Lycia at a mere age of 17."

Hearing that the king of Lycia was only 17 years old, this made the whole class (well, almost the whole class) interested and the girls all started talking among each other about this young king.

"Wow! 17 years old only? No wonder he looked so young when I saw his picture!" Sakurako said.

"He's pretty handsome too! I'm willing to bet lots of girls are after him!" Yuuna said. "The girl that he married should consider herself lucky to have such a good-looking husband!"

"And they say he's also a very strong!" Misa added. "Sounds like the perfect kind of husband to have!"

"You know, there's also a rumor saying that his ancestor is a dragon," Kazumi told everyone.

"Wow! Really?! You're not kidding, are you?!" Sakurako said.

"Maybe that explains why he is strong!" Fuuka said. "Maybe he can actually breathe fire and even fly!"

"But he looks so handsome and cute that you won't believe that his ancestor is really a dragon!" Makie said. "Though I still think Negi sensei is cuter!"

"Of course, nobody can beat Negi sensei in term of cuteness!" Ayaka claimed. "He is the sweetest and cutest little boy I've ever met in my life!"

Negi looked up from his book and saw that everyone became busy discussing about Roy, so he tried to quiet down everyone. "Hey class! I'm still taking! Mind piping down a bit?"

Suddenly, the bell out in the hallway rang loudly and the girls shout out loud, "Class is over! Yay!"

As they began rushing out of the class, Negi said to them loudly, "The trip will be three days from now, so make sure to get ready by then!"


Class was over and the students were returning to their dorm rooms. Negi was looking extra cheerful as he walked down the hallway humming happily to yourself, and Asuna, who was behind him, said, "You sure are very excited about this trip, aren't you?"

He turned his head around and replied, "Of course! I've always wanted to go to Lycia! They have lots of cool things that I'm very interested in!"

"For you at least…"

"It would be nice to visit a country like that!" Konoka said happily. "You don't find medieval castles and architectures like that very much nowadays, so being able to see them in present is something very rare!"

"Yep, so that's why I'm very excited about this trip! Lalala!" Negi sang happily.

"He sure acts like kid," Asuna said with a sigh, but with a smiling face.

"He is a kid after all!" Konoka reminded her. "It's normal for him to act like that."

"Yeah, and I still find it hard sometimes that he's our homeroom teacher. You don't see 10-years old teachers like him everyday."
















Eien no Toki we Koete

Surpassing the eternal time…

Wings clad in miracles race endlessly
Stars that shine in that sky, c'mon, stop the time
If you extend your hands
Then even the faint sin engraved in your chest will certainly turn into love

If you prayed upon the unfinished truth
Then you'll release even the painful darkness to the heavens

Surpassing the eternal time, I tread upon the hot earth
Opening the door of destiny, now, I want to flap my wings
Raising infinite dreams overhead, I want to meet a burning life
The heartbeats of peace had been waiting, look, embracing the future

If you look back, then the memories of the bygone days will revive
The road that continues to that rainbow; c'mon, raise your hands toward it
If we overlap our hearts
Then even the sorrows and fears that approach your chest will turn into more love

While wishing upon the twinkling stardust
I'll make my thoughts echo toward the everlasting Milky Way

Surpassing the eternal time, I encounter a hot surge of blood
Shaken by the breath of destiny, now, I want to take off
An unknown power will be born at the far side of the universe and gush
The definite courage for seeking each other, that's right, indeed now it overflows

Even the tears that trail down my cheeks and irreparable wounds
I'll change everything into the strength to live, Far away…

Surpassing the eternal time, I tread upon the hot earth
Opening the door of destiny, now, I want to shine
Raising infinite dreams overhead, I want to protect a burning life
The vow of peace had been waiting, look, let's depart toward the future




Chapter 1
Welcome to Lycia, Smashers! I am your tour guide sent over by King Roy! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

In a blink of an eye, three days had already passed and would you believe it? Class 3-A were all in Lycia airport already. This is one of the conveniences of stories where you can change around time as you want! Next we move over to 1000 years later… Just kidding…

"All right! Here we are at the airport!" Negi said to his students. "I'll be going over the roll call to see if everyone is here." He got out the paper containing all the students in his class and read them out loud, and the girls would respond with a yes whenever he said their names. "Akira, here… Ako, here… Asuna, here… Ayaka, here… Chao… Wait, she's no longer in school… Chisame, here… Chachamaru, here… Chizuru, here… Evangeline, here… Fuumika, here… Fuuka, here… Haruna, here… Kaede, here… Kazumi, here… Konoka, here… Ku Fei, here… Madoka, here… Makie, here… Mana, here… Misa, here… Misora, here… Natsume, here… Nodoka, here… Sakurako, here… Satomi, here… Setsuna, here… Sasuki, here… Sayo, here… Yue, here…Yuuna, here… Zazie, here… Okay, it looks like everyone is here!"

"Negi sensei," Ayaka said, raising her hand. "I have a question."

"Yes, Ayaka?"

"Yes is this guy... here with us?!" Ayaka then pointed to Kotaru who was standing next to Chizuru. He gave her a look that seems to imply something like "You got a problem with me?"

Chizuru patted the dog demon on the head and said, "He got special permission to come along, and he's also my younger brother (which is not true), so why can't he come along?"

"Yeah, he got special permission from the principal, so it's all right," Negi told Ayaka.

Asuna took a look around the place and said, "They weren't kidding when they said this place keeps this ancient architecture very well… The entire airport looks a medieval castle!"

Sure enough, the walls of the airport were all made from gray pieces of block to give it an ancient feeling. If one were to look at the entire building from the outside, one could see that it was built to resemble a medieval castle.

"It really gives this place a unique feeling!" Konoka said cheerfully. She turned to Setsuna who was behind her and said, "I hope we can have a fun time here together, Secchan!"

"Um, yes… Ojou-sama…" she replied.

"All right! I've arranged for the tour bus to come pick us up," Negi said. "It'll be taking us to our hotel, so everyone go up ahead first!"

The girls happily walked up ahead of their teacher with their luggage in hand and headed for the exit before them. Negi counted his students as they walked by to make sure that everyone was present. The last student to walk past him was Evangeline, accompanied with her walking doll Chachazero, and he said to her, "It's great that you are able to come on this trip! Usually you are forced to stay behind because of the barrier."

"Yeah, that old man finally got smart and decided to come up with something useful," Eva said, holding up a card that was hanging around her neck. "As long as I carry this around me, I am still considered inside school grounds and can therefore leave for anywhere. Though I still do not get my powers back…"

"I think that's for the best…" Negi thought to himself. "Who knows when you'll go into a bad mood and then… I don't want to think of it…"

After the entire class had exited, Negi hurried to catch up with them onto the bus.

After the bus the left, we now focus on another guy that was standing in the background the entire time. He was a very pretty young man with neatly trimmed hair and was dressed in a fine-looking suit. Gripping a flag with some writings on it tightly in his hand, he said to himself, "This is my first time acting as a tour guide ever since I got my license, so I must try and best and not fail to impress my tourists! Speaking of which, where are they anyway?" He looked around for his tourists and the writing on the flag was revealed as: Welcome to Lycia, Smashers!

As he looking for them, a familiar plumber in overalls popped up further in the background and when he noticed the writings on the flag, he called out to the tour guide and waved his hand. The tour guide noticed him and believed that he must be the one of people that were supposed to attend to. "Hey! Are you the Smashers?"

"Yes we are!" the plumber replied.

"Then come over here! I've been waiting for you people!" the tour guide said.

The plumber turned to his friends who had just stepped through the gate and told them to head over to that tour guide, and they all did. "Sorry to keep-a you waiting!" Mario said to the tour guide.

"It's not a problem!" the tour guide said. "My name is Toor Gyde, and I will be your tour guide for your stay during Lycia! I am sent here in the name of the King of Lycia, Roy Pherae, to guide you!"

"How nice of him to send us a tour guide!" Captain Falcon said.

"So is that the all of you?" Gyde asked. "His majesty said there might be a large number, and I only see around 10 or so…"

"There are some that-a cannot-a come," Mario explained. "Of all da people invited, we are da only ones who came."

"Okay, I'll go over the names of the people that have come," Gyde said as he looked at the list containing the Smashers's names and photo. "Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Pikachu, Red, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Kirby, Meta-Knight, Dedede…"

"Refer to me as KING Dedede, please!" Dedede said.

"Sorry… King Dedede, Captain Falcon, Marth, Lucas, Mr. Game and Watch, Pit, and ROB… That's 18 of you, right?"

"Yes, that's-a all of uz!" Mario said.

"19, if you count this guy," Luigi said as he held up a cage containing Parry, who waved his wings.

"20 actually," G&W said, holding up a small aquarium containing Blackshell.

He looked at the Smashers that were gathered before him and counted to see if everyone was there, but he noticed four of them missing. "Hey, it seems that Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Lucario, and Pichu are missing. Where are they? At the bathroom?"

"Oh yeah," Yoshi said. "I forgot about them!" He reached his hand into a small bag he was carrying around his neck and got out four Pokeballs and threw them into the air. The balls opened and in a bright flash, the four Pokemon popped out and fell onto the floor.

"We're here at last!" Pikachu said happily.

"Honestly speaking," Picuh said, "This is the first time I've been inside a Pokeball ever since I was born into this world!"

"Okay, it looks like everyone is here," Gyde said.

Lucas said to Pit, "So the others cannot come because of school?"

"Yes, Mr. Lucas," Pit explained. "Mr. Ness and his friends have school work to attend to and a big test is coming up."

"I see… Poor them…"

"Why did you not go to school, Mr. Lucas?"

"A boar rammed into the school and caused major damage, so the school building is currently under construction…"

"So I will go over our schedule for your one week stay here," Gyde said as he looked as a paper. Jigglypuff approached him and saw the large flag that he was carrying.

"I want that!" she said.

"Oh, you want to hold this? Sure!" And Gyde happily handed her the flag.

"Eez that-a all right-a?" Mario asked.

"Sure, it's no problem! I can tell that she's a playful one!" Gyde told him. "It's not everyday sight that you see a Pokemon capable of speech too!"

Despite being larger than her, Jigglypuff had no problem picking up the flag and waving it around. For whatever reason, she lowered the flag and then used the front end of the pole to poke Gyde in the butt over and over, making him make weird sounds.

"Hey! Don't do that!" Luigi said to her.

"Oh, that's quite all right!" Gyde said, trying to sound happy. "She's really a playful one, isn't she?" He turned to Jigglypuff and said to her, "You should hold the flag upright properly next time."

"I no want it now," Jigglypuff said, returning him the flag.

"Whatever…" He turned to the others and said, "Anyway, let us all go and head for the tour bus. It will be taking you to your hotel first before we go on our tour for the rest of the day!"

"We don't get to live at the castle or anything?" Red asked.

"If you're talking about the king's castle, then that cannot be done. There's a law in this country that says the royal castle cannot harbor visitors, and even the king himself must obey this law."

"I was hoping to live the life of a king in that place…" Wario grumbled.

"The hotel you will be staying at however is one of the finest hotels of Lycia, so I'm sure you will like it too!"


Soon afterwards, the Smashers were all on the bus as it made its way down the street heading for the hotel. Gyde was standing up in front of the bus speaking to everyone loudly using a microphone, "This bus will currently be heading to Royal Hotel of Rolan. It is named after the legendary hero and the founder of Lycia over several thousands of years ago. It was said that…"

However, nobody was listening to him at all as they were busy looking at the sceneries out through the window. "That car looks cool!" G&W commented.

"What a tall building!" Lucas exclaimed.

"They have a weapon store here," Marth said.

"I must try my best, even if I'm being ignored…" Gyde told himself. "So as I was saying…"

Suddenly, Jigglypuff got the flag from earlier and then used it to poke Gyde in between the legs for fun and it gave him an 'indescribable' feeling .

"Oooh… I… Oh… Roland… Ah…"

"Stop that already…" Pikachu said to Jigglypuff.

"Never mind… She seems to be very fond of me…" Gyde said, trying to look and sound cheerful.

"I no fond of you," Jigglypuff said blatantly. "You no handsome."

"Thanks for the praise… Hahaha…" Gyde said with tears, and then he told himself in his head, "I must be patient with tourists…"


The bus carrying the Mahora Academy students stopped at the parking lot of the hotel and the girls all stepped out of the bus and beheld the large hotel building that was before them, and they were all amazed at how splendid it looked.

"Wow! It's so beautiful!"

"It's the best hotel in this place, right? No wonder!"

"I can't wait to look inside!"

"Are we really spending the whole week here? Wonderful!"

Negi stepped out from the bus last and looked at the hotel building saying, "It sure it a beautiful place! Good thing we were able to reserve rooms for all of us!"

Chamo, who was sitting around his shoulder, said to him, "It's pretty expensive, I bet? It's a wonder that we can afford to live in a place like this!"

"Yeah, I had to use up almost the entire portion of my salary too… Sniff…"

"Hey, cheer up, bro! At least all the money invested into this trip paid off in the end! I'm sure we can have a great time here!"

"Yeah! Look on the bright side more! As long as everybody will enjoy this trip, there's nothing to be sad about! All right, let's go in now!"

Negi went to join his students at the entrance of the hotel, and shortly after they went inside, another bus pulled up next to their bus. The door opened and brown gas immediately came pouring out and the Smashers, including Gyde and the driver, rushed out of it and gasped for air. "Gah! Fresh air at last!" CF cried. "I was almost dying in there!"

"Parry doesn't look like he's breathing anymore!" Luigi cried, holding up the cage to show a seemingly dead parrot inside.

"My father is not showing signs of life!" Lucario cried, holding a seemingly dead Yoshi in his arms.

Wario stepped down from the bus laughing to himself and saying, "Ah! That was a great relief! I feel much better after passing some gas!"

"And we don't feel any better!" the others shouted at him.

"Anyway… Everyone, here we are at the Royal Hotel of Roland!" Gyde said to the Smashers as he pointed in the direction of the building.

The Smashers gazed at the building and beheld its wonderful architecture. "Looks neat!" Pikachu commented.

"I can't believe that we're going to live here for a week for free!" Luigi exclaimed.

"Roy sure prepared everything for us," Marth commented.

"I bet they have lots of delicious foods too!" Yoshi, who came back to life, said.

"I hope they give pets like me special services!" Parry, who also came back to life, said.

"I thought it was going to be a towering skyscraper or something like that," Red said, "Looks like it's more of width rather than height."

"Allow me to share with you a brief history of the Royal Hotel of Roland," Gyde said. "It is one of the oldest hotels in Lycia as it was built back in the 1800s. It started off as a small and humble inn but it was said that the king of that time, who was disguised as a commoner in order to tour the world without arousing attention, stayed there once and was amazed at the inn's service. He was very satisfied with it that he eventually invested in rebuilding the hotel under his name and made it famous like it is today. The hotel consists of only five floors, but each floor has at least over a hundred rooms. There are several services such as…"

"They all left already," the driver, who was washing the bus, said to him. Gyde looked at the hotel and saw that the Smashers had already went over there without listening to his explanation at all.

"I must try my best…" he told himself while in tears.

And thus began the Smashers' one week trip in Lycia…


I hope this is all right for the first chapter. Hope you can stay around until the next chapter or so when things start to get exciting. I'll try my best in this crossover, so wish me luck!

Parry, Blackshell, and Toor Gyde are my OCs and the latter made his debut in this story.

1. Evangeline is normally confined to the school campus because of a curse barrier that is set up and it also restrains her powers. She can only leave the school campus under the circumstance that the principal stamps a set of special documents every five seconds, and the curse on her will be temporary broken for her to go anywhere and use her powers. For this story, I came up with the concept of that card that she had to carry with her in order for her to stay out of school. It's going to a week long trip, so I have to pity the old principal, shouldn't I?

2. Sayo, who is a ghost, is also normally confined to the school campus because she is supposedly a type of spirit that cannot leave the place that she died in too far. However, Kazumi has a special kind of doll that could be used to store Sayo and take her to other places without a problem. This same concept is used for her here.

3. In my past stories, I made the mistake of saying Roy is from Etruria and is the king there. Everything is corrected now, I hope...


List of reasons the other Smashers cannot come:

Ness, Young Link, Ice Climbers:
Had to attend school and the exams are coming up at that too.

Peach, Zelda:
Thought that there should be caring adults to look after the kids.

If Peach doesn't go, he doesn't go. "Someone needs to stay around to protect her," he claims

Not very fond of trips apparently.

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong:
Went back to Congo Bongo to celebrate Cranky Kong's birthday. He'll get even crankier if they don't go back and they definitely do not want that.

Dr. Mario:
Work as a doctor doesn't go easy on him, you now.

Fox, Falco, Samus, Snake:
Tired of slacking around home all day, they decided to go looking for jobs and found one recently, and therefore had to go for job interviews.

Didn't feel safe leaving Zelda alone at house, especially when Ganondorf isn't going, even though he (Ganondorf) claimed that he has no interested in Zelda anymore.

"If I have time to be fooling around, I'd rather train myself to be stronger," said the psychic Pokemon.

He already had plans to go somewhere for vacation with his friends.

Unable to contact him.

Olimar, Wolf, Toon Link:
Roy is unfamiliar with them and therefore never invited them.