Konoka pushed open the door of their dorm room and skipped inside happily with her luggage in tow. "Yay! It's great to be back home again!"

"Back to our dorm at last!" Asuna said in a relaxed voice. She placed her luggage on the floor and reclined at a chair. "Boy… Never thought that coming back from trips can be very tiring, especially from a trip that involved fighting bad guys and saving the world."

"It was very fun though!" Konoka said while cleaning up her luggage. "I say this is one of the best field trips we've ever had! I hope all field trips are as exciting as this!"

"That's what you think. I was hoping more for a safe and peaceful trip without things like these happening. For now, I just want to rest…"

Negi then came into the room and said to them, "Asuna, Konoka! Don't forget about your homework. Write a report on what you did and what you think about this field trip, and make sure it is a whole page long!"

"Yeah, yeah, we got that, teacher," Asuna said to him in a rather annoyed face.

"You don't have to sound so annoyed. I'm putting the deadline three days later, so take your time! For the meantime, go on and relax! You all deserve it!"

As they were settling down and cleaning up their bags, Kazumi came into the room and said, "Hey everyone! Guess what I've got here! I'm sure you lot will like it! Tadah!" She then showed them the thing that she was hiding behind her—a one meter wide portrait of their group photo at the airport.

"Wow! You had it printed out and even got a frame for it! That's great!" Konoka said happily. "Let's hang it on the wall! That way we will always remember the great people that we became friends with at Lycia!"

"Thanks, Kazumi!" Negi said to her. "I was thinking of going to you and ask for it later, but then you came!"

"I knew you'd like it! I've still got copies, so ask me if you want more!" Kazumi said to him.

No sooner after this was said, the photo was hung onto the wall on the left side of the room, next to the door. "Pretty neat picture!" Asuna commented.

"Look at me holding onto Secchan's arm! She's even blushing! Heheh!" Konoka giggled.

"The angling could be better if you ask me," Kazumi commented.

"I think it's very good already! Gyde did a great job with this picture!" Negi told her.

"Well, all I can say that we've met people who are really something on this field trip," Chamo said. "It's not everyday that we run into crazy folks like them."

"Yeah, but they are great people!" Negi said. "I'm glad I got to know them! I really hope that someday we will be able to cross paths again! Maybe we can go on a trip to Eagleland, the country they live in, for a field trip next time and pay them a visit!"

"Yay! I agree!" Konoka said, raising her hand.

"I think I'll have enough field trips for the meantime…" Asuna said with a sigh.

"I'm just saying randomly, but it would be nice if we got to meet them again as well as seeing the rest of their friends which we didn't get to meet," Negi said. "One can always dream, right?"


Meanwhile, the Smashers had just returned to Onett and stepped into their mansion.

"Who are you?" Mario asked the short-haired girl standing before them.

"Say that again…" Samus grumbled in frustration.






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