Endless Dawn

Summary:"See if I understand. You go to school with five vampires, you have classes with two of them and one of them – the BOY – is your Mate, however he's already chosen somebody else for himself" Perhaps on the first time in his life Severus's face mirrored his emotions: pure shock.

"Yes" he murmured then spooned a little mashed carrot into Teddy's mouth.

"Congratulation, Potter! You proved once more it doesn't matter where you go, because the disasters sure enough find you!"

Two and a half men move to the always boring Forks and the things in the rainy little town almost immediately become ensnared. They only want a peaceful life, but with the Boy Who Lived on the board the total destruction can be booked.

Genre: Crossover (Harry Potter/Twilight), AU, Slash, H/C, a little angst and humour

Warnings: (male/male relationship), mentioned torture, abuse, creature! Harry, threesome, bashing! Ginny

Ratings: M/NC-17

Pairing: LM/HP/EC, BS/JB

Disclaimer: Nothing mine sadly... I don't get money either which for I feel sorry, but hey I can play with these gorgeous boys and put them together.

This the unbetaed version, so please don't flame me for my mistakes, I only translated from my mother language which is really tiresome and I don't speak English perfectly, so sorry for every mistakes. My beta already works on them.

A/N: Well, this is the translation of my Hungarian fan fiction and my current pet project. The original plot is a little clichéd, as I already told this on my profile. However I couldn't resist the urge to write a Harry/Edward fic, which in Harry is a creature (nundu) and after he get fed up with the Magical World and the Weasleys pressure he pack his godson and the half-dead Potions Master and run away… to Forks. However you'll see he and Edward don't hook up the moment they meet firstly because Edward already has Bella secondly because Harry is too generous and a little martyr.

A/N2: I say this now: I don't like Bella. I know she has a mass fan, but I think she is simply plain and disgustingly obsessive plus boring. The fact Meyer made this kind of failed Mary Sue the main character of her book is really sad. I can see her thoughts: she wanted the readers to could identify with Bella the pretty but clumsy and actually special girl who fall head over heals for the dangerous and beautiful brooding boy who never ever before found any girl interesting…

However I didn't turn her into a hateful harpy (that role will be Ginny's who I hate with a passion XD) Ron and Hermione are a little more difficult. They aren't positive characters and don't get much role in the story, they are Harry ex-friends who were attention seekers and fame-addicts…

Deviating onto Harry, yet I lay it down before somebody thinks that I manufactured a Super strength, invincible, perfect main character from him, that no. It's a fact, that he stopped ageing though his inheritance and he is stronger than most wizards, but he can be defeated and he thinks his inheritance more is a curse than a blessing.

1. A new life

Actually he didn't have a clue, what he was doing in this little town at a distance of an ocean from his home, with the most loathsome teacher of his pupil years, who was barely alive and an infant in cream coloured blanket, who lost his parents barely a month ago. As an extra he wasn't in the best state either, although his pains were spiritual rather than physical origin.

He could barely believe, that not exactly thirty days earlier he was fighting in the Final Battle with a snake faced monster, which in the peak of his craziness lived only for the destruction and wanted to conquer the world just to later destroy it too. The pool of blood, the pain, death seemed only strange images as well as the betrayal which followed the victory longed for a lot.

Yes, he fulfilled the prophecy. He completed his task and killed the creature which threatened the world, but it seemed he could never do enough for those many faceless people, who were never flexing their little finger towards him, just leant back in their homes and waited for the redemption with a little terror and excitement.

They waited for his announcement about his engagement with Ginny Weasley, as the perfect woman for him hardly two weeks after the bright victory. The people didn't care about the real sacrifices, the dead people, his orphaned godson or the officially dead but in fact yet alive Severus Snape, who was ready to give up his life for him.

And when these things didn't happen – because he rather has seen after the adorable small baby and nursed his professor who was floating between life and death –, the Wizarding Society turned its back on him again, the redhead family continuously yelled at him or expressed their profound disappointment, whilst Ginny gave endless sobbing interviews about his insensitive behaviour and ranted about her misery, because her only true love doesn't see that she is the perfect woman for him, although she wasn't more than a sixteen-year-old chit.

Soon he was called the next Dark Lord none the less he almost never left Grimmauld Place which he inherited from Sirius. The thread tore then however, when the Ministry tried to freeze his Gringotts accounts and to reserve the estates bequeathed by his parents to him, because his so called best friend was so nice and give an exclusive interview to Rita Skeeter mentioning the nundu blood which graciously manifested in his veins on his seventeenth birthday.

The Wizarding World of course flared up as a man and called after a killer, though except his instinct became sharper with his senses, his canines changed little fangs, his fingernails transformed into claws which could be pulled back and his coccyx wasn't a plain bone anymore, but a pretty black cat tail, nothing changed. He didn't feel the urge to rip off humans' heads or murder dozens of people, he hadn't got super strength – though his magical core was much brighter and stronger then an average wizard's – and couldn't move with invisible speed – though he got a little more advanced speed and grace.

He really didn't expect the people would understand him, though he didn't count on he would be stabbed on the back after the first false accusation. Fortunately the goblins in Gringotts didn't obey to the order of the Minister of Magic and Ragnok, the Head goblin of Gringotts personally wrote him a letter in which he warned him about Arthur Weasley attempt.

He wouldn't be able to tell how or what he felt. In fact he acted without had really thought about the things, just ordered Kreacher to pack all of their belongings, then with the help of the goblins chose a town, where nobody would look after The Boy Who Lived To Be Trodden Into The Dirt.

His accounts were frozen to everybody who didn't belong to the Potter family, preventing that anybody tries to tap his property with his alleged permit after his leaving. In turn he got Teddy and the half-dead Snape, and then disappeared from England and the Wizarding World with a portkey.

Naturally he didn't want and couldn't give up his magic, not only it was more comfortable, than the muggle methods, but as a magical creature the Magic became his element and he didn't want it either Teddy – who was a metamorphmagus from his birth – to grow up without the knowledge of his inheritance. And he was sure the Potions Master wouldn't be willingly to live as a muggle after he recovered.

So the goblins chose the most secure home for him in a little American town, namely Forks that lied on the Olympic peninsula in Washington, where it was almost always raining and everything was magnificently green, which didn't seem so different from Britain although there were only a little more than three thousand people in Forks and everybody knew each other, which naturally made difficult to settle down imperceptibly.

He was already sought out on the first day in the supermarket, when he and Teddy were shopping for the week, and from then there wasn't any halt. The human nature didn't belie itself, and the people openly or with terrible disguise stared at him anywhere he went. They were whispering behind his back share their opinion about his father yet high school student status and he thought his former professor became gossip matter too, because nobody had seen him in the one and a half week since they lived in the town.

The reason of Severus Snape 'invisibility' was, the man only spent four or five hour awake in a day and then he just took his potions or whispered some almost nonexistent words. However for him this was already a huge progress in term of that he thought the ex-spy wouldn't survive Nagini's bite in the first three days after the Final Battle.

Finally as the fruit of endless attempts he managed neutralizing the venom in Severus blood, although Fawkes was the most helpful part in the process as he stopped the deadly snake venom with his tears. He would be really happy, if the amazing bird remained with them, but he only affectionately rubbed his head to his chin, and then with a joyful thrill disappeared in thin air.

Snape condition was progressing since then, though he only could hope, that when the school started in two months – he decided to enrol in the local high school, so he wasn't attract more attention – the Potions Master would be good enough to look after Teddy, whilst he's away for studying a lot of useless stuff.

If he wanted to be honest, he really enjoyed raising the little baby as well as caring for his morose teacher and he didn't regret for a moment that he only concentrated on them not caring for the expectations. At least it came to the light that his so called family and friends what kind of people in fact, even if his heart shattered into pieces due to the recognition. Nevertheless the scrawny little boy with toothless grins and constantly changing hair colour and the man, who hadn't stopped cursing in his awaken moments about he was the person who had seen him this miserable position were able to smuggle happiness into his lonely weekdays.

Severus Snape wasn't the greasy haired bastard in his eyes anymore, who hated him for wounds, which were committed by a man who he'd never known, but a hero, which could sacrifice himself for him, though he didn't show his feelings with other than a murmured Thank you. Every time the Slytherin started grumble in annoyance, he barely could suppress the smile that wanted to sneak onto his face, because that meant his professor was slowly but certainly healing.


He was awakened by loud wailing that night, which could only mean: the little imp, who slinked into his life, demanded his late dinner. Cursing inwardly he dragged himself into the adjacent room where little Teddy was screaming his tiny lungs out signalling he would starve to death if didn't obtain his due portion immediately.

"Unbelievable what a wilful little you are" he said with affection rebound in his voice as he picked up the baby, who became less loud almost right away.

He shook his head with a smile and he went to the kitchen to heat up some baby formula for the little one and gave his thanks to Merlin because he was born as a wizard and learnt the silencing spells which constantly kept Severus from awakening. And for that was enough to wave his hand and the liquid was already warm too.

Teddy was contently slurping the milky fluid, which gave him the necessary nutrient. The petite hands hold the bottle strongly while his tuft hair changed to bubblegum pink that caused his heart to churn in regret. He wasn't able to take in Tonks and Remus death and their child only helped abate the pain and remorse he felt.

After his cub emptied the bottle he waited till he heard the telltale burp and then he quickly changed Teddy's diaper and finally returned him into his crib. However the demanding little devil had other ideas and once more started whimpering. So he picked the baby up again and vertically turned the cunning tiny toddler to face with himself and in a voice that intended to sound serious started berating him.

"Do not think I will always do what you want, is that clear, young man?" he asked with a pretended irritated face, but he only got a happy laugh for answer. "Honestly, what am I going to do with you, when you become older? Okay, you can sleep with me tonight, but only tonight! From tomorrow you remain in your crib. Do you understand?"

There was one more bubbling giggle and he sighed tiredly then went back his bedroom with the little body snuggle against him. He put up some child protecting charm and lied down on his comfortable bed. Soon both of them slipped away to Dreamland.