Shamus is glaring at dylan who is still looking up from the floor in fear " im going to teach you and your friends a little lesson in pain"

Back at the speed boat

"Alex Dylan's taking too long, we have to go back for her" panic just starting to set in Natalie's voice

"i agree, we'll move fast and get the hell back to the agency, Charlie will know what to do. I hope"

With this the two girls exchanged glances with the intention to go back to the agency to find a way to save their lost angel.

Back in the warehouse

Dylan looks up, he eyes hazy from where she was out cold. She can hear the buzzing from the lights around her. As she goes to get up, she realises sha can't. She is unable to move her hand or feet. She is once again the one tied to a chair...alone.

"Hello Helen... it's about time you woke up, after all, you need to be awake for the fun to start" he smiled evily at Dylan, he had a murderouse look in his eyes. The power behind that look would be her death.

"shamus you ass! Let me go!" there was a slight tremor of despiration in her voice, after all she knew what her captor was capble of. She closed her eyes and looked at the floor. Was this really the end? Would she ever see Alex or Natalie again? Would she ever meet Charlie? The outcome didn't seem very promising. Well if i'm going down, i'll give him hell before he goes himself! She opened her eyes and looked shamus in the eyes. She had that look in her eye. The look that indicated that she had a plan to save herself. The look shamus knew all too well.

*THWAK* a spray of blood emerged from Dylan's lip.

"Wakey wakey Helen, can't be drifting off and giving up on me now. I know you, you won't go down without a fight and i don't intend you too. Whatever plan you have, don't forget you're alone... they're never coming back. Ever." With that he started laughing. It was the laugh of a maniac hell bent on pain...