Laurens POV:

I couldn't believe what i had just witnessed, although I could tell it was real. I could feel the soft paper under my finger, and i could read the bold words without any problem whatsoever. I was confused.

Just 5 minutes ago i had snuck into little miss snobby Claudine's room, and raked into her drawer to find my White Gold necklace that she 'mistakenly' took from my room a couple of days ago. I was unprepared for what i was actually going to find.

I read the words over and over again. Searching for any sign that it was a mock. There was none. But then that didn't explain why Claudine had just left her Diary unlocked, like she wanted someone to find it. Or maybe she forgot to lock it?

The last seven words of that page made my heart miss a beat. In Claudine's neat, girly, squiggly handwriting, there were seven words that i though i would never ever hear in my entire life. It had never crossed my mind before.

"I think i'm in love with Lauren"

I gasped one more time as i read it for my 100th time. Them seven words followed two upper case character words - "HELP ME!"

I laughed inconditionally. This had to be a set up, right? Well, that was my thoughts at the time. Just at that moment though, i head footsteps up the stairs, and a wonderfull, high pitched angelic voice singing their way into the room. I panicked and shoved the Diary back in the drawer carelessly and dived over to the hidden side of the bed.

I heard the door creak just as I pulled my feet in to make sure they were invisible. Claudine stepped over to the half-open drawer with a quiet sigh. Making sure i wasn't seen, i reached my head up just above the bed, in order to see her reaction to whatever state i'de left it in.

"Fuck" Was all Claudine could say.

Sharply, she suddenly shot round and faced my direction. Obviously my head was still peering over the bed and i just looked straight into her fuming eyes. She stood there, face flushed, Diary open at the "I think I'm in love with lauren" page and stared right back.

I had been staring into those same eyes for roughly 10 slow seconds by the time drew her eyes away. I tensed, getting ready for a fairly bitchy comment, and a laugh about how the set up had went VERY well.

I got the exact opposite. She slumped down, back against the drawers which were obviously digging into her boney little back. She hid her small pixie like face in her free hand, Diary exposed in the other. I thought i heard a muffled cry, but then when i stood up, there was only silence.

"Cl..Claudine, Wh- Whats wrong?" I asked, confused "Your usually giggling your head off by now?"

She stared up, eye's red and wet. "You think this is a joke?" She spat. "Lauren. Christ. I'm not out to get you alright?!"

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say, or whether to believe if this was genuine. But something in those red puffy eye's made me believe her. And on the other hand, she had always hated me, so it never made any sense at all. She had stolen Danny from me, several times. She had made me feel like i was to fat to dance, and she was always critisising my fashion sense. Christ indeed.

"I don't understand?" was all i managed to say.

"Fuck sake Lauren, how did you achieve all them A-Grades when you can't even read?" She looked down at her Diary, and then looked up again.

"Are you serious Claudine?! You hate me. Always have always will? Remember?" I shook my head "You stole Danny from me Cl-" I was cut off

"YES! " She stood up ubruptly and was only about a foor away from me "Only because of this. I hated seeing him with you. I was..."

I looked at her and shock crossed her face once again. "You don't believe me do you?" Claudine stared.

"How can I?" I managed, feeling my brain twist at all this wierd information.

She threw the diary at my feet and walked towards the window, only to stare out of it. I turned around and walked over, pacing my steps slowly. I didn't know if i was expecting a slap when i placed my hand on her shoulder, but i tensed my face anyway.

Her body Turned rigid, and i was suddenly aware of the tension she had on me. I didn't get it. She swiftly turned around and i lost my balance as her shoulder had been taken from beneath my hand. I fell forward, only an inch. and put my hands on each side of her, onto the window ledge she was leaning against, now staring at my face. She had her arms on the ledge too, only she was leaning backwards, away from my body.

"What's it gonna take to make you believe me?" She questioned, staring into my eyes.

"Lie detector?" I teased, unkowingly.

She sighed and i spoke again - "If you are genuine about this, then why have you been so bitchy to me all this time?" I asked, moving away from her and sitting on the edge of her bed.

"It's the only way i could hide it." She cringed, looking away.

I sighed then, and she walked slowely over to me, and sat beside me on the bed, keeping a small distance between us.

"It's true Lauren, like it or not sweetie." She stated, easing a glance in the other direction as she regretted saying anything. This sounded more like Claudine, but then again, Claudine had never ever admitted to anything along the lines of this, had she.

"You're gay, then?" I asked, still catching up with what was happening.

Claudine turned around and smirked at me, "either that Lauren, or you're a man in drag. Might explain some of your fashion disasters. "

We laughed together, and I placed a hand on hers, which was lying on the bed. She shivered then, just as our skin touched, and looked deeply into my eyes, questioninly. Her black hair glinted as the sun coming through the window caught it.

"Believe me then?" She looked unsure.

"Give me time" I smiled. She sighed and lay back on her bed and probably wished she was somewhere else, i could imagine.

"Get comfy Lauren. I'm going to let you into my head for half an hour, and then, your lie detector won't be necessary honey" She sighed again.

I folded my legs as i faced her and she began her story of the first day she came to Britannia High, and the first time she lay eyes on all of us. Me, Danny, Jez, BB, Lola and Ronnie. She let me into her past where she had kissed a girl in her Gym class at school, and how she had been nasty then, to any girl who she had liked. She let me into placed in her head that some people never knew existed, and it made my heart pound fast as she admitted that she had never felt this way about anyone before.

After a couple of hours of talking not only about that, but about me, and my life. About dancing and singing, and about laughing over stupid things that Jez and BB had announced on the radio yesterday, Claudine fell asleep. I lay there thinking, wondering if she would be the same vunerable, less of a bitchy Claudine in the morning. I liked having her talk to me like this. Lola always used to just talk about the latest hot celebrity, or the latest gig to go to. Ronnie was always going on about how her and Jez went shopping and how she made him try on make-up or whatever. And the guy's, well, thats what they were, guys.

I watched Claudine sleep for the next couple of minutes, wondering if my new friend was going stay my friend or be the bitch she usually was. I wondered if i was going to wake up and this have all been a wierd dream. But most of all, i wondered whether i felt something for her, or if it was just ther fact that something loving me again, pulled me into wanting them.

5 minutes later, i fell asleep, 3 inches away from Claudine. Tomorow, was going to be eventful. And i, was happy.