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Lauren's POV



"Hey, LAUREN!?" Oh what? That was my name. I opened my eyes to find myself being stared by two very bright brown eyes.

"W-What is it? Are you alright?" I said, coming to my senses, seeing Claudine lying in a hospital bed with her little green silky pyjama's on and noticing that I too was in my pyjama's – except mines were orange and white, with little ducks on the long trousers!

"I'm fine. Christ, go across the hall and go to bed if you can't stay awake Lauren." She pouted, playing with her nails.

"No, no it's fine honestly, I'm awake now." I managed, but she gave me an unconvinced look. "Look, I'll go get some coffee yeah?" and I stood up making my way to the doors.

"Lauren?" Claudine questioned as I reach the door.

"Mmhm?" I turned around on my heels to face her.

"Make it a hot chocolate will you." She smirked, and I sighed and made my way out the door.

Claudine's POV

"Are you actually allowed to stay in here all night?" I questioned as I Lauren handed me the hot chocolate she had managed to get from the nurses lounge.

"I just told them I couldn't sleep"

"Well that's like the total opposite from the truth isn't it" I teased, and we both laughed together. Luckily I had a room to myself because of my not so lucky condition, which meant we wouldn't wake anyone up with our giggling.

"Just drink your bloody hot chocolate Claudine eh – or I will go to my bed" Lauren laughed.

I slurped my drink and Lauren did the same with her coffee. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was watching me lay my head pack on my pillow, the sharp pain at the right side of my head searing through me.

"Are you-"

"I'm fine" I interjected. I knew she would ask that the moment I screwed my face at the pain. She really does worry too much, after all the doctors told me it might to be too serious, and that the pain might just be because of the swollen part of my head, and that the fracture might not even be serious at all.

I saw Lauren rub both her bare arms with her hands. "Cold?" I asked her.

"A bit" She said. "I'm alright though"

"You could, y'no..." I hinted. I could feel myself blushing, but for no reason at all. She looked at me questioningly. Maybe she thought my brain was affected and that's why the words weren't coming out; let's just hope that's what she thought.

"You could always ... come in here-" I patted the bed I was in "- I mean it's a really big one for one person."


"Hey it's fine I mean you don't want to come in here right? I mean I don't care it's just really warm in here. Maybe you should just go to your own bed now if you're that cold." I don't know where that came from. All I mean she was gonna reject my offer right? This was obviously because of the fact that she knew I liked her, and she didn't want to share personal space with a loony lesbian like me.

"uhh. I was just gonna say that I don't want to hurt you, I mean the beds big for a reason, it gives you room to make you comfortable..." She said, confused. "But I'll go across the hall if you want me to." And she got up to leave.

"Wait!" Christ I sounded desperate.

She spun on her heals and questioned a look at me with her brown eyes.

"I want you to stay" I cringed. I'm not used to this stuff. "And you won't hurt me, I'll scoot over"

"You sure?-"

"Positive." I cleared.

Lauren moved slowly towards the bed and I tried my best to move my right leg with the huge bloody cast on it. It hurt, but I didn't let Lauren know that.

"Here lift your head and then move, I'll get the pillow" Lauren offered and I gave her a smile. I moved over to the right a bit, so there was enough room for her to just fit and she moved the pillow behind my head to where my head was now and I lay my head back on it so I was sitting comfortably up.

"Right here goes nothing" Lauren laughed as she slowly got in beside me, her scent quickly rushing to my head as she got closer. She brought another pillow form the seat she had been in, and put it behind her, and then she put the covers over her too.

"Comfy enough?" She smiled, and I attempted to nod my head. I wasn't really comfy, a bit tense from her close presence actually. And the bed may have been bigger than the usual, but it was still a single bed.

A few seconds went by and the silence was deafening. I felt her hand brush against my bare leg and I jolted myself away a little too quickly (Damn I knew I shouldn't of wore pyjama shorts!).

"Sorry" She said blushing "I didn't mean that"

"It-it's ok. Your hand was just-just cold" I tried a smile.


20 minutes later

Both of them don't know how they did it, but they had managed to keep in conversation for the past 20 minutes and they were feeling much more comfortable than before.

Both girls were now slouched down a bit so that they were nearly lying down, and Lauren had moved over slightly to give Claudine more space, and despite this she hadn't noticed that every time she moved away, Claudine moved closer.

Lauren's POV

"Oi! Just cause your ill doesn't mean I can't hit you y'no!" I propped myself up on my elbow to look down at her and give her evils. Claudine made a joke about how oblivious I'd been about Danny liking her; after all I'd forgiven and forgotten all about it, so I didn't take it to heart.

The way she was smiling at me with those big brown eyes made me blush a bit. She looked cute even with that bandage around her head. I didn't know what was happening to me, why was I acting this way towards Claudine for Christ sake?! I was starting to get lost in those brown eyes of hers for the first time, and I felt like I couldn't move.

I didn't notice her hand reaching out for me until I felt her soft fingers against my cheek. I watched her face as she tucked a piece of my wavy hair behind my ear. It started to get hard to breathe, watching her face like that, feeling her hand like that. Her finger then traced down my cheek to my jaw and I knew I was drawn in too far.

I slowly reached for her hand with my free hand and tried to guide it away from my face. But the touch, it was weird; I couldn't feel this way about a Claudine could I? Instead of doing what I thought I was going to, and just put her hand down, my actions rearranged and I was leading her hand in a different direction.

I led her hand to the back of my neck and she automatically held me there. I leaned down breathless and slowly planted my lips to hers, my kneeling arm changing positions on the bed, and my free hand sliding down Claudine's shoulder.

Out lips moved in sync for a couple of seconds and then when my hand mindlessly guided its way to her waist she pulled me in deeper and her tongue was soon tracing my bottom lip, begging for entry.

I obliged and we were soon in the most passionate kiss I imagined. Except we were in a hospital bed that is.

I pulled the slightest bit away when I heard Claudine moan, I wasn't quite sure if I'd hurt her or if it was purely out of pleasure. Quickly, she pulled me back in and I was sure that my second opinion was the right one.

Within a couple of second we were moving in sync again and I moaned when I felt Claudine's other hand reach up and wrap around and under my hair with the other one.

My mind took over and I was soon guiding my hand under the hem of Claudine's silk pyjama top, and she gasped when my hand touched her bare stomach.

Sliding my hand around her stomach and trying to catch breaths in between kisses, we almost didn't hear the loud interrupting cough at the door.

I jumped off Claudine and sat on the bed, both of us looking at the figure by the door with wide eyes.

"Claudine, love. It looks like you're feeling much better than I thought." A harsh womanly voice came from the middle-aged woman at the door. By her looks, you could clearly see it was Claudine's mother.

I heard a gulp coming from Claudine's throat beside me and I immediately got out of the bed and stood up. "I'd best head to bed." I stated as I rushed to the door. "goodnight." I looked to Claudine and then her mum.

I then rushed out of the door and down the hall, but before I got a quarter the way down I heard that "was it?" was Claudine's mother's bitchy reply to my wishing a goodnight.

As soon as I found my room, I scurried under my covers and it became clear to me what had just happened – and worrying about that, and about what Claudine's mother would be saying to her now, I knew that I was never getting to sleep tonight.