Chapter 1

"Tom, wake up!" Bill Kaulitz growled in his brother's ear, his hair straight today other than the huge poof he usually had. Tom ducked deeper under the tour buses bed covers and mumbled a,

"Go away…" Bill put one hand on his hip then reached out, his black and white tipped nails gently grabbing one of Tom's dreadlocks and pulling hard. Tom sat straight up and hissed an, "Ow!" he glared at Bill who laughed and then took the covers and pulled them back.

"I told you to get up. We're almost in Seattle." Bill turned around and Tom swung his legs over the bed. He watched Bill swish away and out of the bunkroom before falling onto his back. Georg peered over the top bunk, his long hair falling over the side.

"Bill's going to kill you if you don't get to it." Tom jumped and sat up, tilting his head to see Georg's face. Georg waggled his fingers in a hello with a toothy grin and Tom groaned, hopping down. His big white night shirt hung over his sport shorts and he grabbed his hat, pulling it over his black bandana and pulling his dreads through the back. He sighed and walked out of the backroom up front. Gustav was messing around on their new Wii and Bill was hovering above the built in stove, staring at the bubbling macaroni. He walked past Gustav and to Bill, looming over his shoulder. A small smile came to Bill's face.

"I'm guessing Georg woke you up?" Tom sighed in his ear and Bill tensed up.

"Yeah. I didn't want to be killed." Tom teased and turned, walking over to Gustav and slouching beside him on the couch. Gustav glanced at him and continued playing tennis. He wasn't much of a talker. Tom tilted his head back and closed his eyes, dozing off.

He opened his eyes again, still in the same place but Gustav was gone. Bill was still hovering the stove and turned around, his eyes settling in with his brothers. Tom felt a ripple go through him and Bill sauntered over, sitting in Tom's lap. Tom knew it was wrong but he got a boner from his brother, every time… Bill leaned forward and placed his lips right on his, making Tom stretch his arms around his brothers back. It was so wrong, but it felt so right. Bill's tongue pressed against his lips and he opened them, his own fighting with Bill's restlessly. "Tom…" Bill muttered, repeating it over until he snapped awake.

"Tom!" Bill was snapping his fingers in front of Tom's face, Gustav still playing tennis by his side, and macaroni was in the pot that Bill was holding. Tom let out a sigh and him and his brother locked eyes before Bill completely turned away from Tom.