Chapter 4

Bill laid his head down on his pillow, Tom asleep on the other side of the aisle. He stared at Tom, watching him breath slowly. His heart pulsed.

'The look he gave me tonight…' Bill said to himself in his mind, turning over to lie on his back. 'Could he really feel the same way…?'

He looked back over when Tom stirred and sat up, rubbing his eyes. Bill sat up too when Tom looked over at him, a small smile coming to his face.

"Can't sleep?" he whispered to Bill who nodded. Tom crawled out of the bunk and landed silently, He stuck out a hand. "Come on." Bill took it and got out of his bunk just as silently and followed his brother into the next room.

Tom didn't let go of his hand as he shut the bunkroom door behind them.

Bill felt like a criminal, grinning at Tom who grinned back just as broadly.

Tom led them to the couch and they sat down. He looked at Bill and Bill opened his mouth to say something but Tom stopped him by pushing his finger to his lips.

"I want to tell you something.." Tom whispered.

"Me too…" Bill said between his fingers. Tom blinked and smiled.

"You go." They both said together and laughed softly.

"I'll go first then." Tom said. He wrung his hands together after taking his fingers from Bill's lips. "Bill, I love you." He said and Bill smiled.

"I love you too. You're my brother and all so-"

"No…not in that way. I mean, I love you like a brother but…more than just that." He whispered. Bill fell silent and Tom looked up. Bill's eyes were watery and Tom's own eyes widened.

"No no! Don't cry, please d-" Bill cut him off, crushing his lips to his own, his hands on his legs.

Tom blinked and closed his eyes, stunned. He pushed his lips back and put his hands up, tangling his fingers in Bill's hair. They pressed on, breaking the kiss only to tilt their heads or to take a quick deep breath. Bill finally pulled away, his face just inches from Tom's.

"I feel the same way…"

"Well I can see that NOW." Tom teased and Bill laughed, a tear slipping down his face. Tom gently brushed it away and kissed his cheek. "Don't cry…" he said softly and Bill's smiled.

"I love you, Tom." He whispered.

"I love you too.." he said and leaned forward, pressing his lips to his firmly and caressing his face.

The next day, Tom woke up on the couch, Bill curled up in the chair with a throw pillow snuggled to his chest. Tom blinked against the light curling through the shades and sat up, feeling groggy.

Then what happened last night hit him like a rock to the back of the head.

They had told each other…and it had all worked out. A smile came to Tom's face and he put his head on his knees and sighed happily. He got up and went to the front of the bus, walking outside to the drivers tag along house and knocked on his door.

He answered and already knew that Tom was ready to go, and the others probably were too.

By the time they set off, Bill had woken up and was sitting next to Tom. He rested his cheek to his shoulder and Tom leaned over and whispered,

"I love you…" in his ear.