Disclaimer: B5 and all its characters are owned by the Great Maker and his associates. I just take them out for air every so often, for entertainment, not profit.


"John, wake up!"


"Wake up! David is making a strange noise!"

"Wha.... okay, um."


The audio monitoring system took that opportunity to be silent.

"Honey, I don't hear anything—"

"thbthbthbt!!! thbthbt! Bbbbbb!"

"That was it – what is that noise?"

"What, you mean this? Thbthbthbthbt! It's called a raspberry. Babies just do that."

"Human babies, perhaps. I have never heard a Minbari infant produce such a noise."


"And why do they make that noise?"

"Huh? I guess it's fun for them or something, I dunno. Look, can we go back to sleep?"

"Fun? Hmm... Thbthbthbt. Thbthbthbt!"