A wonderful dream

I never knew what I wanted in life. I never knew the reason why bonds were so important. I never knew, and this is what made me naïve. Once I had a bond stronger then anything, but I didn't know I had it. Not until it was taken away from me. It happened so suddenly, and so quickly. I didn't even have a chance to grasp it, because it was taken from me. I couldn't forgive the person who took my precious bond, but that person is who I also adored. Before I knew that my dream had ended, someone was taking my place. I got scared, and decided to save myself so I could be with the person I loved…

"Oh mother… Thank-you so much…"

I looked at the little gift mother gave me, and then smiled. Suddenly I could hear a familiar voice that I adored the most. I looked over with a smile as he carried a cake towards me.


Suddenly a delightful song surrounded the kitchen. The song to celebrate my birthday, and I couldn't believe what a wonderful day it was. I looked around me seeing my loving mother, father, and my beloved brother Seimei around me.

"Why don't you make a wish Ritsuka?"

I smile and thought to myself for a second.

There's nothing in the world I could ever wish for. Not when I had everything I ever wanted.

I smile and blow out my candles. I felt so happy and safe, but there was this feeling inside that something wasn't right. I could feel the feeling slowing growing inside of me like a disease. But want could it be I wondered what would make me feel, like something wasn't right? I continued to ignore the feeling I was getting and enjoyed the company I had. What else could I ask for, but the happiness I felt now having mom, dad, and Seimei here with me. Suddenly a thought came to my mind whispering a name to me gently.


"Huh? S-Soubi…"

Suddenly as once I said the name my heart skipped a beat, and I could feel warmth from it. I gently touched my lips realizing I said a name I never knew or so I thought.

"What was that Ritsuka I couldn't hear what you said…?"

I looked up from my seat to find Seimei looking down at me. I smiled and told him it was nothing. It was nothing right? Then unexpectedly I felt this little bit loneliness, and a wanting desire to see someone, but I didn't know who.

Who was it that I wanted to see?

I wondered to myself to have my thoughts disappear within a whisper.

"Ritsuka happy birthday…"

I felt a tickle near my cat ear, and glance to see who it was even though I knew who it was. I smiled, and then jumped to embrace the brother I loved. Suddenly my loneliness disappeared, and I felt the uncontrollable happiness again. There was nothing I could ever wish for in the world, as I thought hoping that this feeling would last forever.


"Um Ritsuka… Are you sure about this?"

He whispers in to the little cat boy's ear, feeling unsure about what they were going to do. Soubi glances down at the little cat eared boy, while the little boy smiles softly.

"Yes Soubi there is nothing in the world that I could possible want… I'd rather it be you then anyone else."

The little cat eared boy lends up to kiss Soubi surprisingly on the lips. Soubi was somewhat confused, and at the same time a little bit happy. But for some reason he couldn't get the feeling that this person that seemed like Ritsuka, wasn't Ritsuka at all. Soubi started getting second thoughts about Ritsuka's request for getting rid of his car ears.

"Maybe we shouldn't Ritsuka"

Soubi gets up from on top of him, and sit beside him on the bed. Soubi doesn't make eye contact with the little cat eared boy how wondered to himself.

"Why not it's because I still seemed young? Is it? And here I thought you loved me…"

Soubi turns to deny to the little boy that he was wrong.

"Ritsuka I do love you, but you don't seem like yourself tonight. Plus don't you think you're rushing a little in to this a little. I know if your brother was-"

And as Soubi was about to mention Seimei's he stops himself, and looks away from the boy. The little boy sits up and goes to lean on Soubi's back.

"It's alright Soubi you can talk about him. I won't get mad, because-"

The little boy then steps out of the bed, and steps in front of Soubi that seemed to be confused. Soubi stares in to those eyes that seemed to be familiar, but for some reason he somehow knew that they weren't Ritsuka's eyes he was looking at but Seimei.

"Ritsuka I know you're his brother, but you are starting to look like… him"

The sensation feeling Soubi got as he stared in to the eyes of someone he loved. He soon realizing the words he was staying was totally crazy, because for a moment he thought that he was talking to Seimei. As if he had forgotten that he had died, and that he was standing right there in front of him.


The little boy leans down to whisper in his ear.

"I'll forgive you for betraying me, if only I'll forget Ritsuka."

Confusion and fear echoed inside Soubi's heart. He pulls about trying to figure out why he was staying this. But fear because that maybe Ritsuka was going to leave. A question crosses Soubi's mind as the little cat eared boy smiled gently.

"Why would you want me to forget about you…? Ritsuka"

"I'm sorry Soubi I know you're probably confused, but once I explain. Then maybe you'll be more obedient. Oh how much you let your guard down, and here I thought you were my perfect fighter."

"Why are you talking to me like that? It's as if you completely changed. It's as if you're-"

Soubi feared the name he wanted to say. The name he loved as much as the person himself. But he could bring himself to compare the two, because that would mean he was still in love with Seimei.

"Yes, Soubi say my name because that name belongs to me, as much as you do…"

In that moment Soubi then said the name that he never would say in front of Ritsuka. But for some reason he couldn't help himself, as if the little boy's words grasped him. Soubi whispered the name that would control him once again.


A delightful smile crosses the little boy's face as his embraces Soubi rapping his arms around his neck.

"You remembered me! Soubi now we could be together. I know what I did in the past was wrong, but that's that and this is now."

Soubi that still seemed a little confused pulled away from the little boy. And then he thought to himself that this couldn't be happening, and that it must be all twisted dream. He stared at the boy with confusion, and felt a little bit disturbed. Soubi grabbed on to the boy's arms and held on to them gentle ready to question the boy. The boy's smile faded away, and the look of an empty angry looked at Soubi. And this made Soubi feel uneasy.

"Ritsuka you must still be upset with me. After finding that box and I'm sorry for calling you by your brother's name. I don't know what came over. I just know that you're the only one for me now. Ritsuka…?"

The little boy's cat ears drooped as the feelings of despair surrounded the little boy. The little boy wasn't lying, but because of Soubi's words the little boy knew that Soubi had fallen in love with little Ritsuka. And this depressed him the most, because he wanted Soubi to be still in love with him. The little boy walked away from the man he wanted to hate, but could dare to, because of the word love.

"Soubi after I tried so hard to stay alive for you. I knew I should have killed… No destroyed Ritsuka when I had the chance. I love my little brother, yes, but I love you too Soubi…"

The boy looked up at him not with the expression of sadness, but a deep look of emptiness of despair. Soubi didn't know what to make of this, but that maybe the little boy was telling the truth. And that's what brought fear to him the most, because if this person is who he says he is. Then where was Ritsuka, and had he fully disappeared from the world that is reality?


Soubi goes to reach out and touch the little boy to comfort him, but to only be rejected.

"Don't touch me. And don't you dare call me by my little brother's name, for it's not mind. I Am Seimei the one you loved, and I'm your true partner. I will Not be Forgotten!"

"Ritsuka… I'm not going to deny who you are. Your Ritsuka, and nothings ever going to change that!"

Soubi embraces the boy he thinks that's gone insane, but oh how wrong Soubi was. And the more he denied the little boy the more he becomes engulfed with darkness that once controlled him to do the unthinkable. The little boy forcibly pushes away from Soubi, and runs out of the room. Soubi calls but he is ignored, as the little boy fades away.


Soubi races after him afraid to lose someone else again. He calls out his name as he exits the room. Soubi goes and turns on the lights to find the little boy in the kitchen. Soubi steps forward with fear that Ritsuka might run again.


He whispered gently as if to calm himself.

"I told you I'm not Ritsuka. I'm Seimei Aoyagi… How many times do I have to repeat myself for you to understand? Is it so hard for you to accept that I have come back? Or maybe it's better off to deny something should have never been there in the first place… Soubi…"

Soubi couldn't say anything as the little boy turned around with something in his hand. And what Soubi seen made feel the feeling of fear.

"Don't remember what I said before you killed me. I said…"

The little boy held a shape knife in his hands that he slowly cut through his wrist.

"It's alright as long as I'm here Soubi… Soubi you'll never forget me…It's true that I lo-"

Soubi stared in shock and hoped that this was just a nightmare, and hoped the maybe someone would save him. But he couldn't run away not anymore, because he had to be strong. He walked towards the little boy to grab the knife from him.

"Ritsuka stop your bleeding!"

The little boy walked back wards making the blade imbedded in to his skin.

"Soubi… it's true that I love you."

And with those words Soubi was stopped in his tracks, because of a memory that only Seimei could have possible have knew.

"You remembered that time? Seimei…?"

Soubi said towards the little cat eared boy. The little boy dropped the knife, and felt the tears drip down his face. The little boy then walked towards Soubi, and embraced him gently. The little boy looked up to only be embraced by the man he loved.

"Seimei… it's really you… I've missed so much"

"I know Soubi, I know…"

To Be Continued…