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Chapter 18. Heartfelt Goodbyes

Bobby left the next morning. Dean had also decided it was time to move on; he'd seen more than enough of this town, and he wanted to see it in the review mirror.

Sam had other plans.

"Come one, Dean," he said, pulling his brother towards the outskirts of town. "There's something I need to do."

"But," Dean sputtered. "The bags…my car!"

"Quit complaining. It's not far."

"Where are we…? Oh."

They stopped in front of a large log cabin, Conner's cabin if he wasn't mistaken. Yellow crime scene tape surrounded the place, which Sam was lifting up now and going under to get to the door.

"Sam, what are you doing?"

"Just give me a minute!"

Dean frowned at his sibling's harsh tone and followed him. The moment he stepped through the door, he could instantly smell the musty decay of the stuffed animals. "Son of a…"

Conner and Hank had certainly been busy. Dean swallowed hard at the sight of a large cougar looming over him from a mantle high on the wall. How could people do this?

Then again, he could ask the same thing of the Benders, who'd wanted to stuff him.

"Sam?" Why did his brother want to be here?

Sam wasn't listening, his gaze focused on a gray pelt stretched above the stone fireplace. He reached his hand up, running it down the fur. It answered Dean's unspoken question.

"Someone you knew?" Dean asked softly.


"I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Sam muttered. "You're not the one that shot her."

Dean gave a short nod. It was quiet for a moment. "Do you want help?"

Sam looked at him quizzically.

"Salt and burn."

Sam's dark eyes softened. "Thanks Dean."


Sam let the patch drop on the small pyre, watching the pelt light up, sending sparks into the evening sky.

"Anything you want to say?" Dean asked. He didn't know the wolf. She probably would've taken his hand off actually if he'd gone near her, but if she had meant something to Sam…

Sam nodded and turned his head upwards. He took a deep breath, his voice quiet. "With the sky as your hunting grounds and the stars as your guide, may your spirit soar and be at peace."

The flames crackled, the only sound to be heard.

"That was…" Dean searched for the right words, "lame."

Sam punched him in the side. "Shut up."

Stupid, Dean reprimanded himself. Why'd you say that? "Sorry."


Dean rummaged through his mind, searching for something to say. "She, right? What was she like?"

"Her name was Pepper."

Dean blinked. "She was human?!"


Dean let out a relieved sigh. "So what's up with the name?"

"She reminded me of salt and pepper, so Pepper it was."

"Not salt, huh? Cool."Sam and names. How…interesting… "But I meant was, what was she like?"

"You would've liked her. She was stubborn, but sweet…and pretty."

"That's…wait, you didn't." Dean looked between his brother and the pyre. "Did you?"

"What?" Sam stared at his brother when he realized what he was asking. "No. Just…no, Dean. We were just friends."

Whew. Dean relaxed. "Good, 'cause I really don't want to know what would've come out of that."

Sam rolled his eyes skyward, the corner of his lips twitching into a smile. Well, it wasn't like he remembered everything...


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